Pastor Thabo Motau on the issue of Bishops in the Charismatic Church Part 2

Below is a continuation from a previous teaching from Pastor Thabo Motau from

In 1517, Martin Luther spearheaded what is now known as the Protestant Reformation. Yahweh used Him to challenge the works based gospel of Rome. The movement birthed and recaptured the truth of Salvation by Grace and some other issues. Since then, various restoration movements have sprung up including the Baptist, Charismatic and Pentecostal movements. Each of them was again used by Yahweh to restore some important truths.

But one fundamental error of all the Protestant movements was in the very fact that their root was Rome. By accepting Rome as root, all the protestant movements make themselves children of Rome! This accounts for these things:

-Why in spite of all the truths that were restored in each of them, certain strains of Rome persisted in their spiritual DNA. Among them was manifestation of the concept and practice of the Levitical priesthood with a tiny professional clergy which ministered to a dormant or partially active laity

-Where there was also consistent greater emphasis and investments on buildings of brick and mortar than in building up of saints who constitute the true habitation of Yahweh by the Spirit.

-Why generally, Protestant denominations are in a near permanent state of the moral equivalent of ‘Civil war’, ever fighting, quarrelling and unable to agree on many Biblical Truths but each clinging to humanistic interpretations of same.

-The way Rome has become an attractive proposition again for Protestant leaders both in the Pulpit and in the Market Place. With the mutations, strife, contentions and extreme individuality of Protestants, the stage has been long set for prominent Protestants to begin the journey back home, so to say. With the mystery of ecumenism stepping up the gas pedal, the stage is thus set for emergence of the Religious arm of the One World Government. Because the greatest majority of those called Christians are not schooled in and are therefore not functioning as the Royal Priesthood, they will swallow hook line and sinker directions by their Religious leaders when they begin to declare visions of ‘Church Unity’ based on various ecumenical rallies. This will foster emergence of the False Prophet of Revelation Chapter 13. This tendency will validate emergence of the man of sin!

Our True Root is heaven, not Rome! We are not Protestants but Citizens of the Kingdom!

Reality therefore is that the roots of the New Creation is not Rome but heaven via what happened at the Place of the Skull in Jerusalem when Yeshua gave His life as a ransom to deliver us from the hand of Satan, sin and the world! The day we receive Him, is the day our names were etched in gold in the Lamb’s Book of Life. That is the day that the power to live the Kingdom Life was imparted as John 1:12; John 3:16 and Romans 10:8-12 clearly show! We become the citizens of heaven in a split second. We are owned by Heaven, not a Protestant denomination which came out of Rome! To understand this liberating truth is to resolve a major issue that bred identity crises for countless Protestants both in main stream denominations as well as independent Charismatic and Pentecostal circles!

Ultimately, the power of the New Creation and its victory over flesh, sin, Satan and the world will provide indication if one is a saint or a religious zealot.

The concept of ‘Clergy Vs Laity’. This is one of the things Rome borrowed from the Old Testament that is still operative in many forms in the Protestant Movement. It sets apart a tiny professional clergy that is well trained whose job is to essentially mediate between people and Yahweh. The truth is that Yahweh has no ‘grand children’ neither does He need any mediator between Him and His children than Yahshua, Jesus. This concept is back of the elaborate costume system that was taken out of the playbook of Aaron and Rome. That protestant ministers need to wear different types of costume before they can minister to the saints is telling enough! It fosters their images as an exclusive professional clergy who have better access to Yahweh.

The true Remnant Church is called to throw this anachronism away. We are called to the Royal Priesthood after the Order of Melchisedeck, not the Levithical or Aaronic priesthood. The Royal Priesthood is one where all in Yahshua, Jesus are called to find their place as members of His organic Body (1 Peter 2:9; 1 Corinthians 12:1-32).

Popish tendencies. Many Protestant groups still have the concept of a super Pastor or leader who has all the gifts and callings which he uses to feed the Sheep. In the New Testament Kingdom Church, the paradigm is that Yahshua, Jesus works through the five fold – Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers – to feed and perfect the saints for the work of ministry. Ephesians 4:11-16. Wherever any or some of these offices are shunned, ignored or not utilized, the DNA of Rome is present!

Rejection of the Five fold model or embrace of specific offices/gifts. Closely aligned with the above is the reality that a very tiny proportion of the Body of Yahshua, Jesus on earth today believe that Ephesians 4:11-16 is the Kingdom model of Church governance. In some parts of the Protestant movement, the foundational offices of Apostle and Prophet are deemed to have ceased. In many, the office of Pastor is elevated to mean a Chief Executive who employs In many, the office of Pastor is elevated to mean a Chief Executive who employs Evangelists and Teachers as religious civil servants. This is part of the DNA of Rome at work.

1Timothy 3:1-7 lists qualities for the bishopric:
(i)”Blameless” – The level of integrity should be high which gives no room for doubt as to the character of the minister to believers and unbelievers alike.
(ii)”The husband of one wife” – This speaks of faithfulness in marriage and having high moral standing.
(iii)”Vigilant” – The grace to be watchful over self and the flock – Proverbs 27:23.
(iv)”Sober” – In the face of all things and events ministers should keep their heads above water.
(v)”Of good behaviour” – A minister must be well behaved, having good character.
(vi)”Given to hospitality” – Interestingly, the King cares for the welfare of the flock in the city as well as brethren in transit. Ministers of the gospel should have the caring heart of Yeshua, Jesus.
(vii)Apt to teach” – Feeding the sheep with the sincere milk of the Word is the primary focus of the bishopric. Ability and willingness to teach is therefore imperative.
(viii)”Not given to wine” – The Lord expects those who will represent Him to abstain from all potentially intoxicating substances so that the Holy Spirit alone will have sway of their lives. See Ephesians 5:18.
(ix)”No striker” – Ministers must be above affray and not given to pugilism or tendency to violence whether domestic, in the congregation or in public.
(x)”Not greedy of filthy lucre” – As in Exodus 18, the Word decries covetousness.
(xi)”Patient” – The ability to wait out storms and tempests attests to faith and maturity.
(xii)”Not a brawler” – This speaks of abhorrence of a strife filled, quarrelsome and riotous life.
(xiii)”One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity” – This speaks of a diligent quest to put domestic affairs in order and not allowing the family to suffer as a result of ministry. Ultimately, every individual soul must stand to give account before Yahweh for how life was lived. However ministerial parents must do all in their power to exercise discipline, in love, so that children grow up with godly fear and respect for authority.
(xiv)”Not a novice” – A minister needs to be seasoned and mature. Novices have a tendency to attribute the workings of the Holy Spirit to themselves. This will of course lead to pride and self reliance.
(xv)”Must have a good report of them that are without.” – This quality adds flavour to a minister’s witness amongst those of their mission field


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