Grace to Relate

The highest of all graces. This continues to challenge me. Bless you


This morning my son pulled this lesson out of my old notes I taught them. Then I thought it is maybe for all of us to have. Bless you.

The Grace to Relate.

I have walked the path of faith.
I have heard of the greatest miracles.
I have seen some.
I also have a father who walk in the high grace.
But the Highest of the Graces is Relationship.
Relationship is the Highest Miracle.
I have stayed with prophets that can tell the color of your underwear but leave the same prophet to
solve a relationship problem with a fellow brother they fail.
Though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries; and all knowledge; and though I have
faith so that I remove mountains and have no Love (Relational Grace); I am nothing 1Cor 13:2
We sing this verse but we don’t see through it.

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