The Best Businesses inthe World

I do not like to be the bearer of these realities. I desire to be a prophet who will leave a smile in the face of the whole world.

I have written so many things that I hear and have obeyed. I have for a long time resisted to write what I hear this year because it surely makes certain circles angry. The problem is if I refuse to take out these messages they continue to become a burden in me.

There has never been a time in history that fathers are losing sons at this rate. Mothers are losing daughters in unprecedented proportions. It takes a prophetic spirit of Elijah to pick it up in the atmosphere whenever a father loses a son.

Whether it is a Hindu father losing a Hindu son. Whether it is a Jewish father losing a Jewish son. Whether it is a muslim father losing a Muslim son; the Spirit of Elijah will always experience the same pain.

Whether it is a Drug addict losing a son or any one who does not have the same beliefs with me; the Spirit of the Prophet will experience the pain.


Now I am Christian; this does nor give me license to wipe out families of other beliefs. I am African and I do not get an excuse to formulate a drug or a weapon that will wipe out families in other continents.

I can not have a Biblical Reason why must I justify the involvement of my country in separating families in other countries. This brings me to the Transatlantic Slavery. 500 years ago our brothers and sisters colluded with explorers not in selling gold that was booming in Africa. Many families lost their fathers and sons. This business was so profitable so much that when these countries were stopped they continued selling people to the pirates.

Today the best business is WAR. There are International Prophets who are employed to predict wars. They have every Biblical reasons why wars must continue. Where is the Spirit of Elijah? Why must we celebrate the loss of families at this high rate?

The second best business is DRUGS. We know in Africa what drugs have done to our families. We are losing fathers and sons everyday. Whether it be the “Legal” drug industry (Pharmaceuticals) or black market.

We have been prophecying about the Middle East which “must always be in war”. Now our children are going out from all our countries to go join the war in numbers (ISIL). More European and American children are now going to join this carnage.

As prophets we have to rethink our theology that celebrates hatred against other religions. We put it in air conditioned auditoriums in beautiful slides showing why other children must lose their fathers.

In closing; if I am tasked with bringing fathers and sons together, I cannot at the same breath be so hungry to see other nations and families losing their sons and daughters simply because the business of WAR must continue.

This is my Passover Message to all families of the earth. I pray you all be gathered to your fathers and sons as God has instituted.



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