This is my official invitation to you to attend our Sonship Conference which runs twice a year in April and October.

In the past this was an outreach to prospective sons to our Virtual Ministry. In the following year it became a gathering of the New Earth Sons Virtual Assembly. But now it has become a School hosting even sons of other Assemblies.

We do not recruit to sonship bt we heed the call of the Holy Spirit to bring Sons that they meet their fathers. We make sons ready to meet their Spiritual Fathers wherever the Lord chooses.

We also teach fathers how to host their sons from the new sons to the existing sons. We are not experts in the subject though we are fathered and mentored by experts in this teaching.

Therefore we do not invite you for an information gathering session. We neither invite you so as to turn you an expert in the subject; but we facilitate the relationship that the Holy Ghost will form during or after the conference.

We welcome even those who have been part of these gatherings in the past so as to refresh their commitment to their households.

To register kindly inbox me on facebook or on twitter. You may also write to God bless.

Vanto Vanto


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