Sonship Conference 2015 – Session 1 – Introducing Jesus

Welcome to Sonship Conference. Let’s pray.

Father we are here to learn more about the Father that you are to us.
We have seen how Jesus came as your Son here on earth. We want to be like Jesus is to You. We have also seen how Jesus became Son of Man to Joseph. We want to be like Jesus was to Joseph.

Give us the Josephs who will father us to be like Jesus. We have seen the Lordship of Jesus. But Satan did not test the Lordship he tested the Sonship. He did not say: If you are Lord; he said: If you are the Son. By this we know that it i§ our Sonship that is tested and not our Dominion.

That is why we came to this conference today. It is not the miracles from the gifts that are tested it is the Sonship from our character that is tested.

You said to the great miracle workers: Depart for I do not know you. They said: we displayed your Lordship by doing miracles. You said to them: you failed to display my Sonship by failing to be relational and you have not fed Me. You displayed your gifts but failed in character.”

Lord we are tested in character everyday. We are tested in sonship everyday. Speak to us in this conference and let us become better on the last day of this conference. Amen and Amen.

We are all gathered here today about Jesus.
We are here about The Life of Jesus.
The story about Jesus has been told in many ways. However 99 percent of this story is about His Lordship and. sometimes His Childhood. Many businesses have sold more toys telling us about His Childhood.
Many churches have made a lot of gains telling about His Lordship. There is a story that Jesus came to tell us in the earth.

He did not come to tell us about His Lordship. He came to tell us about His Sonship. Now this story is not told because you don’t get money to tell this side of Jesus. Instead we pay the price to tell about the Sonship of Jesus.

For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son. God does not give us Lord but he gives us His Son.
A child is born; a Son is given; said Prophet Isaiah.
Though on the Cross they wrote King but the Son was crucified. The Son rose again.

“I am the Son” this was the message He came to give us.
But no one was able to receive that story. We believed in the Lord but we have failed to believe in the Son.
We thought it is better when we preach about the Lord and the Child because that is what we understood better. In this conference we have come to look at Jesus The Son.
We shall continue in the next installment.
God bless and welcome to the Conference.

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