Wilderness Experience

Below is an edited record of the Wilderness Experience. At the publishing of this first session I have already nine sessions written on this subject.

As you will see below; it was what you would call jamming session among instrument players. No song yet but just thinking aloud to create synchronicity. But as a scribe I have learned to flow with this kind of journaling until the visitation drops a subject from the Holy Ghost. Let’s go into the session:

Good morning
The Lord bless you all.
His Mercies everlasting cover you
Be strengthened in the journey of life.
Be encouraged n His Presence.
May the Waters of Life continue to refresh you
Return home as the Compass of His Word is forever before you. Let your eyes look once more at the Life Giving Mirror of the Word May His Wisdom be as sweet as honey to your souls again.
May your knees be strengthened once more in this Mountain.
Climb it with new expectations again.

Newness is your portion and inheritance.
Behold I do a new thing.
Shall you not see it?
Our eyes have stopped seeing A New Thing!
They are fixed on the mundane routine of boring day to day life.

A New Thing has been decreed upon you in Jesus Name.
Behold it.
In His Word.
It shall not rise out there,
Look within your heart.
Not in your thought
Your thoughts have migrated from within to the surroundings you dwell in daily. They have been poisoned by what you chose to see.
Remove them this day from the scorpions and snakes of the wilderness. Look up to the saving Cross once again.

There is a Perfect Solution that was created even before your problem could have a name.
There is a place that exist between Heavens and Earth designed only for your access. The Cross with The Lamb hanging there in your place. There remains a Crime Scene with Blood Trails of The One murdered in your place. This Blood is given as a Coat for Covering (atonement) your naked soul. For this is the covering from the Womb provided for the Newly Born.

For in Eden you put down the Garment of Glory and chose fig leaves. Fig Leaves!

The following are the five stages in different ages provided for your cover: 1. Glory (before the fall)
2. Fig leaves (after fall)
3. Skin of Lamb (provided by God for Adam and Eve)
4. Blood on Cross (Birth Garment)
5. Glory (sonship garment)

These are the garments that we have worn in the history as mankind. We need to open the investigation file of the Cross.
Re open it.
That is what we do every Good Friday.
But we need to do it daily.
We need to Behold the Lamb.
We need to Behold A New Thing.



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