Watch “Prophetic Scribes East London 21 Oct 2015” on YouTube

Prophetic Scribes East London 21 Oct 2015:

This Wednesday night in East London we have examined how the word of God has been dumbed down over the past 500 years. We have also explored the effect of the absence of the Apostolic and Prophetic Scribes in any given generation.

The Scribal Office is the Kingdom Bureau of Standards. This is where we see the anointing that will lay foundations or reinforce existing foundations. Depending on the need of a church, in some households this anointing may need an apostolic backup while in other places the Scribal anointing may need a prophetic backup.

We live in the days when the Koran is taken more seriously by Muslims than we take the Word of God in the Holy Bible. If you want to return to the Holy Bible as God would desire I invite you to watch this set of videos.

Vanto Vanto


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