Holy Me vs Holy Nation


There is a populist version of Christianity that is rampant in this day and age.

It is the version of The Holy Me. And this is the enemy of the Holy Nation.

People are attracted to the Holy Me personality. Because everyone wants to be Holy Me.

This disease makes it difficult to be in the midst of those who are building The Holy Nation.

You see it takes a day to package The Holy Me but it takes years of patience and live to build the Holy Nation.

The Holy Me does mot have the eyes to see The Holy Nation.

For a Holy Me to exist the has to be Unholy Others.

Even when you attempt to bring all The Holy Me’s together they can’t build a Holy Nation. They have to spend time proving who is the Most Holy Me among themselves.

For this reason they must spend time digging the dirt of the other.

For them being Holy means being Covered therefore they feed on the Nakedness of others in order to feel more Holy.

The Holy Me is the disguised version of the Orphan Spirit today.

They must out Perform Other Holy Me’s for their Holiness to shine brighter.

This is the populist version of the gospel that has invented Racism and Discrimination over many centuries.

Orphans (orphan spirit) and Slaves make the best population and breeding zone of the Holy Me.

Sons build The Holy Nation.

Sons have eyes to see The Holy Nation.

Every miracle and every testimony recognizes the building of The Holy Nation.

These therefore are not sensational overnight occurrences they are a bigger scheme of things in the Purpose of God.

This is the foundation that brings us to the place of Building Sons so as to realise the Holy Nation.

A nation cannot be built by committees.

A nation cannot be built by organisations.

A nation is built by Sons and Families.

A Holy Nation is built by Spiritual Sons and Spiritual families.

This is our purpose in this gathering. To build a Holy Nation.

If you have grown up all your years in a Christian Nation you will never understand the Holy Nation.

The Christian Nation is made up of the Holy Me’s who are in the business of consuming one another.

The Holy Nation is made up of Spiritual Sons who are in the business of submitting to their Spiritual Fathers.

In order to build a congregation of the Holy Me’s you need to have a daily proof that they are better than others.

This proof you give to them when they have finally seen that you are better than them.

Then as a congregation you must prove that you are a superior congregation than others.

Whatever miracle that will emerge must probe that you perform bigger miracles that other congregations.

Then you first show that you pray more than all of them and then prove that they pray more than all other congregations.

This is a Bubble effect that has visited the Christian circles today.

We live in the Boom seasons of that effect because very soon this system is about to collapse.

This is the reason why there is a rise of Sons who are preparing for the visibility of the Holy Nation.

This is the Church that was born at the Pentecost which Peter eventually saw it as The Holy Nation and not the Christian Nation.

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:

1 Peter 2:9 KJV



Vanto Vanto


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