The Gospel of John Session 14

 ⁠⁠⁠John 1:12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: 13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. 14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.
This is the 14th Session of The Gospel from John on Sonship. In 14 verses we have come out with 14 sessions. We have labored this much with the New Believer in our mind. This conference brings a challenge to our Schools of Sonship.
Previously this School had concerned itself with those who are in Ministry and Matured believers. But we have seen that as we are busy with these groups there is a lot of damage that is happening daily to New Believers that are added to the Kingdom.
Verse 13 begins with the three words; WHICH WERE BORN. Satan knows that those who are translated to this Kingdom ARE BORN! This is a very important emphasis on remembering. From a long time ago Satan has always left us to celebrate the BIRTH while he ensures that YOU ARE BORN INTO ORPHAN ATMOSPHERE. 
When someone is BORN this means that there is a Father in the house. This statement may shock many today and we can say with certainty that: WE CAN BE BORN AND WE DON’T NEED A FATHER! This has become a norm today but we have forgotten the architect of that reality. 
Which was the son of Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God.
My subtopic in this session is titled: WHICH WERE BORN. Adam was born and verse 38 in Luke 3 says The Father is God! Now that’s the cause for war! Before Jesus was born of God it was Adam who was Born of God.
 Let’s again look at John 1: 13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. I want to submit to you that Adam was born under the conditions of John 1:13 and therefore he was Satan’s target. First and foremost: HE WAS BORN, therefore, has a Father and Satan had to make him Fatherless! 
For all those who are born in this realm; Satan’s primary goal is to make them Fatherless both physically and in spirit! Let me complicate it further; Satan wants you to be Fatherless Physically; Spiritually and in Spirit! Physically; to a Natural Father. Spiritually; to a Spiritual Father. In Spirit; to the Father of spirits Father God. Someone may say Spiritually has to refer to Father God; which will then make Him my Spiritual Father! Well, is sounds good but God is not spiritual He is Spirit! To be spiritual is to follow the spirit. He does not follow Spirit He is Spirit.
 Satan has always endeavored to make the absence of the Father in all the three levels to be as natural as breathing oxygen. If it is up to Satan; Nations must be founded outside father relationship. There are two nations in the bible that were founded that way and Satan successfully used these two nations as instruments of opposition to God’s will. 
These nations are the Moabites and the Ammonites. 
Genesis 19:36 Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father. 37 And the firstborn bare a son, and called his name Moab: the same is the father of the Moabites unto this day. 38 And the younger, she also bare a son, and called his name Ben–ammi: the same is the father of the children of Ammon unto this day. 
We shall explore in the next session what really happened in the formation of these two nations. We have outlined today the principal aim of Satan to nations. This was our 14th Session in our online conference: The Gospel of John and Sonship.
Vanto Vanto

Message to Break Every Chain Conference 2015 hosted by International Dream Team, Temple Texas

Beloved Daughter Evangelist Cecilia Blane Darden

I have a letter I want to write to you for this conference.
You are my mouthpiece as daughter and son to my household.
It is a message of lifting of burdens and the breaking of yokes.

We have had many revolutions to break free from our chains but our freedom has never lasted.

This is because we missed the message of Jesus of breaking chains and EVERY CHAIN FOREVER.
Now Revolutions do not bring lasting freedom because they are brought by heroes.
They remove the burden of the oppressor only to introduce their burdens.
Relationships bring lasting freedom because they are brought by fathers who give birth to sons for continuity.

Isaiah shows us in chapter 9 verse 4 that God will break chains from the nation.
In verse 6 He shows that a Son will be given for this breaking of chains.
This means that fathers and not heroes will break chains by bringing sons.
In Chapter 10 verse 27 Isaiah brings the power behind the Son which is called Anointing as the yoke and chain breaker.

Anointing in heroes like Samson will not break the chains for they do not honor the source which is their fathers the Manoahs.
Romans 8 verse 11 says for as many as are led by the Spirit (yoke breaking Anointing) they are the sons of God.
The Anointing is the Holy Spirit that keeps the bond of oneness between the Father and Son.
Freedom is not in revolution and jail-breaking. Freedom is not in the hands of powerful slaves.
Freedom is with Sons who have the Grace to Relate called the Holy Spirit (Chain Breaking Anointing).

Tell your people who are my people to learn to Relate and they shall be free.
Our freedom and chain breaking in Africa is short lived because the scar of 500years of slavery has left us with inability to relate.

This is the reason Dad Apostle Ricci Hausley was sent to become my father and father to many sons in Africa: To restore the Relationship Grace called Sonship.


The Passover and Covenant Fathers Part 4

We have been celebrating a slaves passover for too long. Its time we begin to celebrate a sons passover. When slaves celebrate far too many people get hurt but when sons celebrate life is multiplied.
As much as God killed the first born sons of Egypt He will kill those who have no respect for this work before they reach their promise land. God kills a slave who remains a slave even after passover just as He killed the other son. This means everytime we celebrate passover as slaves we strengthen our slave position and we finish the passover with a stronger slave position than ever! We need to review the spirit that we allow to pour over us each passover if we continue celebrating this day unworthily.
Paul says that is why many of you are weak and sick for they partake unworthily on the Holy Communion. This is what he meant! 1 Cor 11: 27-30, “27 Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. 28 But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup. 29 For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. 30 For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep.” Celebrating the Passover unworthily is the same as celebrating the Communion unworthily. You die before you reach Canaan. The Lord will never allow slaves to own a piece of land in Canaan.
We said earlier Passover is for delivering a slave into a son and circumcision is to make the son ready to own a land. That is why Joshua had to circumcize the soldiers before they fought for the land. Joshua 5:2-12,
“2 At that time the Lord said unto Joshua, Make thee sharp knives, and circumcise again the children of Israel the second time. 3 And Joshua made him sharp knives, and circumcised the children of Israel at the hill of the foreskins. 4 And this is the cause why Joshua did circumcise: All the people that came out of Egypt, that were males, even all the men of war, died in the wilderness by the way, after they came out of Egypt. 5 Now all the people that came out were circumcised: but all the people that were born in the wilderness by the way as they came forth out of Egypt, them they had not circumcised. 6 For the children of Israel walked forty years in the wilderness, till all the people that were men of war, which came out of Egypt, were consumed, because they obeyed not the voice of the Lord: unto whom the Lord sware that he would not shew them the land, which the Lord sware unto their fathers that he would give us, a land that floweth with milk and honey. 7 And their children, whom he raised up in their stead, them Joshua circumcised: for they were uncircumcised, because they had not circumcised them by the way. 8 And it came to pass, when they had done circumcising all the people, that they abode in their places in the camp, till they were whole. 9 And the Lord said unto Joshua, This day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from off you. Wherefore the name of the place is called Gilgal unto this day. 10 And the children of Israel encamped in Gilgal, and kept the passover on the fourteenth day of the month at even in the plains of Jericho. 11 And they did eat of the old corn of the land on the morrow after the passover, unleavened cakes, and parched corn in the selfsame day. 12 And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land; neither had the children of Israel manna any more; but they did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year.”
The Lord said to Joshua he must make sharp knives and circumcise again the children of Israel for the second time. Remember they were preparing to celebrate passover. This is 40 years since they celebrated their first passover. But they have been celebrating the past 40 passovers unworthily. They did them without being circumcised. For this reason they died without the land. It took them 40 passover celebrations before they understood what really happened that night in Egypt.
The Lord said to Joshua he must make sharp knives and circumcise again the children of Israel for the second time. There are believers who have celebrated 40 years of wilderness passover and they need circumcision the second time. Passover was not designed to be a wilderness celebration. It was designed to be a Canaan Land celebration. For as long as we continue to celebrate passover as slaves it shall continue as wilderness celebration.
Do not think that miracles are a sign that you are sons. Some miracles are just manna miracles they continue even among the disobedient uncircumcised group of believers. These people continued receiving a miracle of manna for 40 years even though they continued celebrating passover unworthily and even dying in the wilderness. This time around they were ready to be circumcised and they ceased to receive the manna miracle that day. They ate the fruit of the land in the same year!
Joshua 5:12, “And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land; neither had the children of Israel manna any more; but they did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year.” When passover is revealed to you; you shall enter in a season of Canaan miracles and Wilderness miracles will cease. If I celebrate passover as a slave minded the Wilderness Manna Miracle shall continue. I will never see my land. We have celebrated Wilderness Manna Miracle of western donors in Africa though we went out of our Egypt long time ago. Yet we have not received our economy though we live in the land. We celebrated 19 years of freedom in South Africa but it has just been a Wilderness Miracle of Manna of government grants with no Canaan experience. Some miracles must cease for others to begin.
Very few eyes will see this revelation. Very few ears will hear this mystery. May the Passover Reality become visible in Africa. May the fathers bring flint knives and prepare sons who will take over the land. Then we shall not celebrate Passover unworthily again. I hope somebody has received a breakthrough today. Shalom.

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Passover and Covenant Fathers – Part 3 The Deliverance of our Houses.

Exodus 12:26-27, “26 And it shall come to pass, when your children shall say unto you, What mean ye by this service? 27 That ye shall say, It is the sacrifice of the Lord’s passover, who passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses. And the people bowed the head and worshipped.”

Today we are going to deal in depth with verse 27. Let’s read verse 27 together. Verse 27, “That ye shall say, It is the sacrifice of the Lord’s passover, who passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses. And the people bowed the head and worshipped.” This is our focus point today. The Holy Spirit will reveal some pearls of wisdom in this verse and someone will get deliverance.

The fathers are supposed to say to their children “It is the sacrifice of a passover!” But that’s not good enough for these children! “….who passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he smote the Egyptians” Well the story is building up very well. But why would the Lord do that to the poor Egyptians? “…….and delivered our houses.” Let us hear this part once again: “………..and delivered our houses.” Why did he kill the Egyptians? “………..and delivered our houses.” Why was there a PASSOVER? “……….and delivered our houses.” Why did the first borns of Egypt die? “……..and delivered our houses.”

The Lord has caused a passover in order to deliver our houses. “…….and delivered our houses. It looks like the houses of Israel needed deliverance. Slavery is an attack to our houses. When we are slaves our houses are no more! Passover is about delivering our houses. But a slave mind will never understand this secret. Satan’s main target is our houses. Any and every demon has been assigned to bring bondage to our houses. When our houses are in bondage they are not our houses. A house of a slave is not a house? The master owns a slave and everything a slave has. A slave owns nothing. Therefore he has NO HOUSE! Did you hear that?

These people had NO HOUSES! Which houses were delivered? They had no property otherwise they are not slaves! So what is a house? Which house needed to be delivered and then be left in Egypt? He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is about to say. She who has an ear let her hear what the Spirit is about to say. Let’s go to a dictionary and find out what is a house:

House 1

“Definition: A structure intended or used as a habitation or shelter for animals of any kind; but especially, a building or edifice for the habitation of man; a dwelling place, a mansion.” Did God mean this house? A structure? If it was a structure did they take it along to Canaan?

House 2

“Definition: Household affairs; domestic concerns; particularly in the phrase to keep house. See below.” Did God want to deliver household affairs? Which affairs and concerns could those be? Were those concerns that big that somebody’s child had to die?

House 3

“Definition: Those who dwell in the same house; a household.” Which of these 3 houses needed deliverance? If the Devil were to attack you which house would he target? A structure; a concern or he who dwells in the house? I submit to you today that when God speaks of the house He speaks of a Household which is those who dwell in the house. I submit to you again that a house will carry the name of the father. The House of Abraham; the house of David; the House of Vanto hehehe! Here in South Africa we have nine provinces. My father Vanto Senior is in the Eastern Cape. He has a son in the North West Province another in Western Cape and another in Gauteng. We all form The House of Vanto.

When Satan want to attack the House of Vanto he will attack us even if I run to Texas! Unless I take my position of deliverance I will forever experience the family curses wherever I go. This is the house that Satan was after. The House of Abraham which had a team of 12 fathers that formed 12 tribes and these tribes had clans and these clans had families. These are the houses we speak of here. May the Passover deliver your house tonight in the Name of Jesus. Every spirit that has been assigned to keep your house in slavery tonight I speak the blood of Jesus against it. May you be free to every demonic household oppression today in Jesus Name!


Passover and Covenant Fathers – Part 2

On the 18th of March 2013 this was second session in the day and part 2 of the conference. Little did I know that a book was in the making, I invite those who has an appointment with this book to keep reading. God Bless.

“Exodus 12:26-27, “26 And it shall come to pass, when your children shall say unto you, What mean ye by this service? 27 That ye shall say, It is the sacrifice of the Lord’s passover, who passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses. And the people bowed the head and worshipped.” We heard yesterday the meaning of “this service” as addressed in verse 26. By now we know what happened that night of the passover. The children of Israel closed themselves in their houses while the Destroyer was killing all the first borns of Egypt.

Today we are going to address in depth the following statement in the verse that follows: Verse 27, “That ye shall say, It is the sacrifice of the Lord’s passover, who passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses. And the people bowed the head and worshipped.” This verse is loaded with a very big activity. This is the verse that Fathers are given as the first duty to address to their sons. This is what God said earlier: Verse 24, “And ye shall observe this thing for an ordinance to thee and to thy sons for ever.” Verse 24 says the Fathers who were slaves will observe this thing as an ordinance to their sons. Therefore this is the first responsibility of fathers in establishing sonship. They had to do this to repair the 430 year old damage of the covenant that was given to Abraham.

Remember that slavery was the attack by satan towards the covenant given to Abraham. He figured out that if they can be slaves for 430 years they will find it difficult to hold that covenant. What was the covenant? Genesis 17:4, “As for me, behold, my covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations.” The first contents of this covenant is “to become Father of Many Nations”. Now this is not just a nice title. Fathering many nations is an assignment.
I want you to tell yourself and everybody that Fathering is an assignment. It is a calling. Now for him to father this nations he had to do something. And this was not to sleep with Sarah and disappear thereafter like we do today. He had to circumcise Isaac. Circumcision is a performance of a sacrifice by a father on his son. Verse 27, “That ye shall say, It is the sacrifice of the Lord’s passover” This sacrifice was returning a sacrifice that Abraham was instructed to do as the first assignment of fathering many nations.

Gen 17:10-11, “10 This is my covenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee; Every man child among you shall be circumcised. 11 And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be a token of the covenant betwixt me and you.” To Abraham he said: Just do one thing for me. CIRCUMCISE THEM!!! That was all! To establish this team of successful fathers who are going to raise kings. They were not assembled to raise slaves but kings. He said to Abraham” Kings shall come out of thee” Gen 17:6. We are called to raise Kings and nothing else!

Now the Fathers assigned were supposed to CIRCUMCISE them. But after this damage of 430yrs they had to do two things. MAKE A PASSOVER SACRIFICE AND CIRCUMCISE THEM!!! This passover sacrifice was a remedy to slavery so as to return fully to sonship. Circumcision was to enable them to keep the land that God gave them.

These two things I mentioned above are key. I promised you that we will talk about verse 27, “That ye shall say, It is the sacrifice of the Lord’s passover, who passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses.” I will not share this here in part 2 I will share it in part 3. For today just know that Fathers were given Circumcision as token of Covenant that they need to perform to their sons. This was to prepare them to be Double Portion owners of the Promised Land as Sons. But after the slavery damage the Fathers had a double responsibility.

First to KEEP THE PASSOVER as remedy for the slave mind to return to sonship. Second: CIRCUMCISE THE SONS as instructed to Abraham for this restored son to OWN THE LAND. Shalom.

The Best Businesses inthe World

I do not like to be the bearer of these realities. I desire to be a prophet who will leave a smile in the face of the whole world.

I have written so many things that I hear and have obeyed. I have for a long time resisted to write what I hear this year because it surely makes certain circles angry. The problem is if I refuse to take out these messages they continue to become a burden in me.

There has never been a time in history that fathers are losing sons at this rate. Mothers are losing daughters in unprecedented proportions. It takes a prophetic spirit of Elijah to pick it up in the atmosphere whenever a father loses a son.

Whether it is a Hindu father losing a Hindu son. Whether it is a Jewish father losing a Jewish son. Whether it is a muslim father losing a Muslim son; the Spirit of Elijah will always experience the same pain.

Whether it is a Drug addict losing a son or any one who does not have the same beliefs with me; the Spirit of the Prophet will experience the pain.


Now I am Christian; this does nor give me license to wipe out families of other beliefs. I am African and I do not get an excuse to formulate a drug or a weapon that will wipe out families in other continents.

I can not have a Biblical Reason why must I justify the involvement of my country in separating families in other countries. This brings me to the Transatlantic Slavery. 500 years ago our brothers and sisters colluded with explorers not in selling gold that was booming in Africa. Many families lost their fathers and sons. This business was so profitable so much that when these countries were stopped they continued selling people to the pirates.

Today the best business is WAR. There are International Prophets who are employed to predict wars. They have every Biblical reasons why wars must continue. Where is the Spirit of Elijah? Why must we celebrate the loss of families at this high rate?

The second best business is DRUGS. We know in Africa what drugs have done to our families. We are losing fathers and sons everyday. Whether it be the “Legal” drug industry (Pharmaceuticals) or black market.

We have been prophecying about the Middle East which “must always be in war”. Now our children are going out from all our countries to go join the war in numbers (ISIL). More European and American children are now going to join this carnage.

As prophets we have to rethink our theology that celebrates hatred against other religions. We put it in air conditioned auditoriums in beautiful slides showing why other children must lose their fathers.

In closing; if I am tasked with bringing fathers and sons together, I cannot at the same breath be so hungry to see other nations and families losing their sons and daughters simply because the business of WAR must continue.

This is my Passover Message to all families of the earth. I pray you all be gathered to your fathers and sons as God has instituted.


Dead Bodies Need No Healing – Prelude to Passover

The following was my message on monday night. The scribe just brought back this summary for posting. Bless you:

I am sowing my seed in the waters.
This means the seed will grow where God decides.
These are Resurrection Messages.
Satan has killed and destroyed your image.
Jesus is Resurrecting everything.
They are not healing messages.
Dead things need no healing.
They need resurrection.
Dead means: Book Closed.
Dead means: No More Discussion about this issue.
Jesus says: I Am the Resurrection! John 11:25
Which means: The Book shall be opened again.
Seals shall be broken. Rev 5:2
The story shall be told again.
Your story shall rise again.
Your life shall return again.

We have stories that we can’t talk about.
Things we said of them: This I am taking to my grave.
We can’t even bring them to prayer anymore.
They are DEAD! We say.
The Name JESUS is above the name DEAD!
Resurrection is above Death!
Take not light the waters that are flowing down this river today.
I do not know how much is the greatest bill for the highest operation in the hospitals.
But no one has been billed yet for raising a Dead Body.
If you are Dead you owe no one.
Therefore no one wants to discuss money issues with you.
Even those of raising you up.
It is in this time the Angels cry and ask: Who is worth to open this Book.
Who is worthy to Resurrect This Life!
Who is Worthy to Let This History Run again! Rev 5:2

The Obituary has been read; meaning the last story about you has been spoken.
The Resurrection is ready to meet you tonight.
Dead Relationships.
Dead Finances.
Dead Properties.
Dead Ministries.
Of these we shall once more talk about them.
And in this discussion your case is not left behind.
On the third day your issues shall rise again.
On Wednesday your case shall live again.
Pray about it from today.
Fast about it from today.


Sermon on 23 March 2015 preparing sons for Passover.

The Battles of the Apostolic/Prophetic Community Part 1

The Battles of the Apostolic/Prophetic Community.

We have not correctly defined what we call battle for us as a Prophetic/Apostolic Community. We are still giving interpretation to battle as we viewed it as Pentecostal and Charismatic community. For this reason we lose many in our communities because they either came prematurely or they chose to look at battles through the eye of the past season.

We lose some during battle because they are located in a wrong tribe. 1 Chronicles 12 shows the abilities of soldiers from each tribe in Israel. Not only did a tribe have a special ability in battle but it also had a special blessing. Battle time defines tribes as well as their abilities and blessings. It was during battle when Balaam tried to curse the Israel but failed because of their camping pattern. Everyone was in his/her father’s house.

Now somebody will get help here; battles help you to define your tribe. Battles help you to better understand your tribe if you are in your tribe. We are not only from a pentecostal community but we are from a pentecostal dispensation and season. Today we need to see Pentecostal communities continue as long as they acknowledge that they live in a Prophetic/apostolic season. Some of the Pentecostal community came to share time with us so as to better understand the season upon all of us (apostolic season) and then return to their pentecostal communities.

Now battles and persecutions have the same effect. Battles either unify us as a tribe and nation of they scatter us. At times during battle we either fortify a city or we migrate to correct fortified locations. Battles like famine have the same effect; if you are still alive you are either more unified after the battle or scattered. But others through a planned strategy they migrate. At times in prolonged battles children and women as well as the elderly are advice to migrate so as to preserve a remnant of a nation.

These realities apply even in this day and age in the spiritual battles as well. From our household we can also get help to better understand ourselves in the battles and persecutions that happen in february/march every year. (Refer to our past lessons on the previous statement)

I have laid down a background as well as introduction to our topic of the Battles in the Apostolic/Prophetic Community. I trust that this will help us going forward in this subject. Let us take it further in the next installment.


Value of covenant relationships in 2015

I desire that you win this year.
There is only one kind of win, that the heaven’s desires for this year be met through you.
While i respect your desires for this year please allow me not to trust them.

Today they are your desires but years later when you look in retrospect you agree that they were false desires.
Allow me also to take you out of the free will ticket that we use when we want you to join our churches.

Until last month I believed in the gospel of free will until I heard the prayer of Jesus.
Matthew 26:39 My Father, if it be possible,let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.”
John 12:49 For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.
John 8:29 And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.
Therefore your will is not to be trusted if this year has to be won.

It is to the level where you are ready to lose your will that we will see your maturity level.

It is only babies in the Lord who will go around flaunting their free wills giving testimony what they received through them.
As you grow in faith you learn to surrender your agenda before the Father and follow His.
God’s will for you this year will take you to higher places than those of your will.
I am not saying this in a capitalistic sense but from the measuring yardstick of heavens.
Therefore please allow me to return to my opening statement, and this time I hope you hear me better as I say: I desire that you win this year.
As much as gifts and abilities are necessary for profit, but relationships will define the sustain ability of your success.
We live in hard times, persecutions have increased and relationships are key to maintain victory in the midst of persecutions.
Very few are ready to become sons of a persecuted apostle like Paul in prison, but many would like to be a son to Joseph when Pharaoh makes him Prime Minister.
This is a year of persecutions yet with great victories. Evil has risen and grace has overtaken that evil.
The kind of wars countries fight are very unusual. Super powers are not to be trusted and so are smaller countries.

Leadership void is so obvious and spiritual fathers to countries have disappeared.
Greed has become father to many countries and the response to this is a very barbaric and unconventional war method.
This is a panoramic reflection of the kind of wars that are in the churches as well as in businesses today.
These are persecution times and we need very solid relationships.

My relationship with my dad has come under attack as well, his heart is turned towards me but there are many excuses from my side that look so genuine but are distancing me from him since the year begun. Persecutions have become a distraction but thank God I can at least notice that.
No one is immune, the kind of attacks we have keep us busy from relationships that matter.
In principle we know what we should be doing but in practice we are drifting away.

I have however seen the value of being surrounded by good coaches and mentors around my life and that I have taken from the foundation of the relationship with dad. His heart has constantly been turned towards me.
He has been a relational Apostle and Prophet for years and we are just at the beginning of this revelation.
When trials come it is much easier to fall into our orphan spirit which is “my way”; “my will” mode.
This is the reason many of our marriages break because when it is tough “my agenda” returns!

“It’s my life and my future!” I will not gamble and put it in someone’s hands, so you say. But the vows spoke something different.
In principle we know the right thing but persecutions will come to test the relationships.
What is the solution?
Covenants, go and review your covenants in your relationships.
This year stay away from the “no strings attached” – relationships. They might bring a quick buck but so is the betrayal behind them.

Covenant relationships, that is why my dad has his heart turned toward me at all times.
He has been in this game long enough. Even the prodigal son’s father never turned his heart away from his son.
He never pursued him lest he confuse him more, but his heart has always been on him.
There are people whose heart is always on you yet you do not see them as vital circle of influence around you.

You chase businessmen and pastors who will help you with a quick buck and a quick miracle.
You chase lovers who will help you with a quick fix of the moment but in persecution time you are left alone and you remember those whose heart is turned towards you.

Go and review all the covenants around you and remember, the relationship with your father is the cornerstone of all the covenants you form. I speak this to you as much as I remind myself.

What is a New Year to you.

Isaiah 43:19 Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness….

Lamentations 3:22-23 The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Thy faithfulness.

Happy New year to you my dear friend. Well Vanto you are late; you need to say “Happy Belated….”

Maybe I am Chinese you may never know. They celebrate their New Year for fifteen days with detailed program for each day! This means they never stop saying Happy New Year!

How do you celebrate your New Year? How long do celebrate your year? How do you handle the Newness of the Year. Well it is not only the Year that is New; a lot of things are new.

Once you enter a New Gate of Time you encounter New Things inside there. How you celebrate your New Year will define how you pick up the new things ahead.

“Behold I make a New Thing!” Old eyes cannot see New Things. Newness is the Resurrection Power. God will never create New Things where there is no human being. He says He will turn a Wilderness and a Desert into a habitable place with rivers and paths because his sons and daughters have come to dwell.

You are the carrier of newness. Eternity is newness without ceasing. Jesus was and is Newness. Newness will rise on the third day even when you kill it. The Love of God never cease in Newness. His Mercies are New every morning. His Faithfulness is great.

The ingredients of newness are therefore 1. Love. 2. Mercies. 3. Faithfulness.

Never cease to celebrate the Newness of your New Year.

It is still a Happy New Year even the whole January. Healing is Newness. Deliverance is Newness. Resurrection is Newness.

Have the eyes that will see Newness everyday. New opportunities. New Ideas. Innovation and inventions. Creator means producer of new things. You are co creator and it means you carry newness all the time.

Newness will begin as Seed thought. Newness may begin small but grow into a big thing. Rebellious and unrepentant heart will not see newness. Unrepentant and unforgiving heart will not see newness.

Do something new. If you took three spoons of sugar take two. If you prayer 10 mins pray for 20 mins. If you read a chapter in the bible read two chapters.

Do something new and you will be gathering newness around you. Let Jesus be your Newness. He is the Ancient of Days. He carries a wine that you always drink anew. With years this wine of His Word is maturing and renewed.

Happy New Year.

The Joab (Spiritual Father) generation – Word withdrawn Part 3

I will be continuing soon on the prophetic pronunciations for 2015.
More and more is getting revealed with much clarity.
I prefer to write these words before I forget them.

Two kinds of anointings are needed next year.
1. The Joab anointing.
2. The Cushi anointing.
Let’s begin with the Joab anointing.
The name Joab (יוֹאָב) is derived from Yahweh (יהוה), the name of the God of Israel, and the Hebrew word ‘av’ (אָב), meaning ‘father’. It therefore means ‘Yahweh [is] father’.
The meaning of the name Joab is Yahweh is Father.
The coming year is for the Cush anointing which shall only be released by the Joab anointing.
Joab is a symbol of a Spiritual Father in Israel who is fighting the King’s Battles.
He is the Commander of the King’s Armies.

In his right he is a giant and a hero. A Nephew of King David.
He knows that the death of Absalom is a death of a cousin.
Joab is Relational; he understands when Relationships will have to bypass Traditional Protocol.
It takes a Joab spirit to understand that this was not an enemy but THE NEXT GENERATION.
The Ahimaaz spirit rejoices on the death of an opposition like any religious fanatic.
Spiritual fathers know that this time the death is in the family.
Christians will have to rethink their approach in the next year because this death is “ONE OF OUR OWN”.
Jews will have to rethink their next move because this time “THE NEPHEW HAS KILLED HIS COUSIN”.
Muslims will have to rethink their next move because “A BROTHER KILLED A BROTHER”.

It is no longer us against THEM but it is WE against us.
Christians are persecuting Christians. Jews are persecuting Jews. Muslims are persecuting Muslims.
When they want to reconcile they point the enemy outside.
The Husband is fighting the Wife and when he wants reconciliation he points the neighbours as the cause.
We live in the days of biggest enmity between churches.

We have anointed Absaloms who are rightfully the heirs and future kings but because of their rebellion they are killed by their own.
Joab knew that this battle is within and the NEXT GENERATION is at stake.
He stood at the anointing of a spiritual father and did a MINISTRY OF REFERRAL.

God is requiring the leadership to have the Joab anointing and even if you are in a deliverance ministry you will be led to REFFER the sick to the CUSHI who also has a deliverance ministry.

Last week I was led to refer a great man of God whom I highly respect to a Ministry I believed has a capable Apostolic Spiritual Father for submitting under.
This week I referred a woman of God for deliverance to the same ministry.
I felt in my spirit they are carrying the Cushi spirit for the coming season.
When you carry the Joab spirit you have a burden for the next generation.

The Joab spirit does not celebrate the death of the Absalom generation but will instead refer to the Cushi generation to take over.
The Ahimaaz spirit encourages the death of the Absalom generation and will print propaganda that reveals the evil of the Absalom generation and why he must die.
This is the spirit of self righteous religious fanatics that will tell us why others must die.
The Joab spirit is about saving of the next generation besides the denominational and religious differences.
If you feel that you have a correct doctrine do not share it with Ahimaaz; or he will find a good excuse of the death of all who oppose the doctrine.
If there is a new doctrine to share give it to the Joabs, the spiritual fathers and they will give Cushi who is graced to share it without celebrating the death of the Absalom generation.

THE KING’S SON IS DEAD. It is a very unique situation.
You will need to refer the matter to the unknown Cushis and they will know what to do.
I have spent time in this installment showing you the importance of the Spiritual Father to carry us to the next season.
It is an unusual season.

Countries have killed their own. Churches have destroyed their own.
Politicians have betrayed their own.
Economies have sabotaged their own.
We live in a season where death is inevitable and the Ahimaaz who is resourced is trying to tell us why the killing must continue.
I hope this message is adding flesh to all the previous Prophetic Pronunciations concerning the next year.

Grace and Peace to you all.

Message From Church to Church – Word Withdrawn Part 2

I thought the prophetic pronunciations for 2015 were done in my previous letter titled Word Withdrawn.
The is growing instruction and revelation of the truth behind this message.

There is a warning to countries and churches to tarry in the next year.
This warning is also to ministers of the Word.
To some the Word is withdrawn as judgment but to others it is withdrawn as instruction to tarry.
Many are running on the momentum of the previous revelation and miraculous acts.

The Lord says for the coming year “Tarry here until I return”.
Though your resources say the opposite but the Word of the Lord says “Slow down!”
Moses had to stop Israel in the plains of Moab to give them the Law for the second time.

2 Samuel 18:20 And Joab said unto him, Thou shalt not bear tidings this day: but thou shalt bear tidings another day: but this day thou shalt bear no tidings, BECAUSE THE KING’S SON IS DEAD.

This is the prophetic message I am tasked to give to the messengers of the Gospel which is good news.
This might be a humiliating instruction but this time God has given Cushi the grace to take the message.
The reason why it is the turn of Cushi is: BECAUSE THE KING’S SON IS DEAD.
So Ahimaaz though you have seen what has happened; you ARE NOT GRACED TO EXPLAIN WHAT YOU JUST SAW.
Though you have heard the prophecy YOU ARE NOT GRACED TO RUN WITH IT.

Some of the Apostles might be having huge ministries but this time you will be asked to begin from scratch.
Some of you who have big names like one of Ahimaaz you shall be required to surrender your Church Buildings and Television Studios to Cushi.
We live in the days when THE KING’S SON IS DEAD and it will require Cushi to take over.

When we break down the word Ahimaaz we get Ahi; meaning Brother Of….
This means Ahimaaz was connected to Great Networks.
His business card was in high places.
2Samuel 18:27 And the watchman said, Me thinketh the running of the foremost is like the running of Ahimaaz the son of Zadok. And the King said, He is a good man, and cometh with good tidings.
Even Kings knew that Ahimaaz is the bearer of the Gospel.
The ones close to the King even knew how Ahimaaz ran “Like the running of Ahimaaz”.
Maybe your Brand of Gospel Channel is now established.
Your slogan is known throughout the world.
You might be the son of the High Priest tipped to take over when he dies.
But the Word sent through Joab says: You shall not carry the news this time around BECAUSE THE KING’S SON IS DEAD.

The second part of Ahimaaz is Maaz which in Arabic means Enraged.
With various extra meanings Ahimaaz is Brother of Quick Temper; Brother of Power; Brother of The Council.
All these names speak of Greatness that is fully resourced and Budgeted for.
Many Ministries that have been known as Brother of Power will have to step aside in this coming assignment.
Brother of Power Ministries are Brother of Big Brother.
There are many Ministries that have positioned themselves as Brother of the Untouchables.
They are Brother of Council.
These ministries are the first to receive a word from the Intelligence and Allied Powers.
They are Privileged Ministries who know the future of the Cushi’s of this world.

The Prophetic Message from Joab who has spent a long time with the King says: Step aside.
I would like to advise you to do the Honorable thing before the King Himself tells you to STEP ASIDE.
1Samuel 18:30 And the King said unto him, Turn aside and stand here. And he turned aside and stood still.
Do not allow pride to take you this far. There is a Cushi near you. This Cushi is a Prophet and Apostle who is not caught in the flamboyance of the ministries today. This Cushi is graced to carry a message BECAUSE THE KING’S SON IS DEAD.
Save your Ministry and let him carry the revelation.
I will share with you in the next installment the meaning of : THE KING’S SON IS DEAD.

The battle of Religious fanatics

All religious fanatics are the same. I am Christian and I fear Christian fanatics just as I fear those of any religion.

The first thing they do is to warn you about religious fanatics of other religions. As they do this they spread hatred and develop a good excuse for what they plan to do.

All religious fanatics have no respect for life. They are lovable as long as they talk about other people. The true colors show up when they kill their own.

As a Christian growing in South Africa I have a first hand experience of what religious fanaticism can do to its own. We became victims from our own Christian Brothers and we had a very painful lesson from both sides.

As a Christian growing in Africa I continue to see Christian brothers looting our minerals for decades now. Through Christian African diaspora brothers I have seen how their fellow brothers treated them as slaves.

The most dangerous thing is that they did this with passion and quoting the scriptures that give them the right to do so.
The second common things about religious fanatics is to do inhumane things to their brothers justifying them with scripture.

Now the next level is for them to show us the evil of other fanatics in other religions. But we have not forgotten the evil they did to us. They want to continue feeding their fanaticism and they now want us to join them.

Well I chose to face my own brothers of my religion. Why don’t you do the same and face yours in your religion?

We close this year in the highest battle of religious fanatics and we are all drawn to it. As we go to 2015 may we humbly learn that God is not bribed by any form of fanaticism. We need to remember that His Name is Love and His other Name is Father. This means there is nothing pleasing to Him when you hate His own children and killing them. All He requires of you is to obey His Commandments.

Happy New Year to you all.

The Word Withdrawn

I want to close the year with some Prophetic Pronunciations.
I will use the book of Amos chapter 8 to convey the message of the Lord.
In the first verse Amos has a vision of a fruit basket.
In the last two verses we see beautiful girls and handsome boys looking for the Word.
We are not told how long it takes to journey from verse one until we see the last verses manifest.

We open the chapter with a very prosperous Israel that is reflected with a fruit basket.
This is a sign of productivity and fruitfulness of a nation in all areas of life.
I am reminded of Roman Empire and Catholic Church.
I am reminded of the British Empire and Anglican Church.
I am also reminded of USA today and Church.
This is the fruit basket that we have seen over centuries.
However in the end the chapter closes with the absence of The Word.

Well we do not need to be historians to remember that Rome began as an Empire that carries the Word and built several Cathedrals.
It’s downfall was preceded by the absence of the Word.
We remember how the British Empire rose in the Reformation Period with Anglican Church as its ambassador around the World.
We need not be historians or prophets to know that they first lost The Word and then their Superpower Position.
Well today we have USA and the Evangelical Church.
For it to lose the Superpower position shall be no different: It shall first lose the Word,

Why do I make these bold pronunciations?
History teaches us how nations lost their top spots.
All this is well explained in Amos chapter 8.
This does not only apply to Nations.
This applies to Mega Churches around the World.
This applies to Business Empires.
This applies to Gifted Men and Women in the calling.
This applies to all Church Movements from Pentecostal; Charismatic and so on.
I have seen Ministries that look life a Fruit Basket that Prophet Amos saw at the beginning of the Chapter.
They had numbers in membership as well as in money.
They had great grace in miracles.
The funny thing is that it does not lose numbers and money.
It neither loses the miracles that happen day after day.
But they lose the Word and they are not even aware of it!

God says to Israel: I can see you are fully resourced.
Your diary is even full you have planned ahead where to buy the poor with silver and the needy with a pair of shoes (Amos 8:4).
But I want you to know of what will become of you as a Nation and you shall not even see it coming.
The first thing we see in verse 8 is the reaction of the ground to the upcoming events.
There will be shaking and swelling in the ground.
It will shake and become so loose as if it is a river.
Rising up like the Nile River.
This means that Stability shall cease to hold the land together.
We all know that the land is held together by The Word of God.

Verse 9 says at non time darkness shall visit the land.
The Light of the Sun is a symbol of The Word.
And when the Churches will be in their noon time of the knowledge of the Word; they shall lose the Word.
The Noon time is when Churches are writing their own bibles and commentaries.
The Noon time of churches is when they have Best Selling books.
The Noon time of Churches is when they teach us Eschatology and events of the End Times.
The Noon Time is when Churches justify the Wars from the Bible.

God is warning them in verse 4.
He says no matter how prosperous you have become; make sure that the voice of the poor does not arrive in my ears crying because of you.
It does not matter whether they are the poor in Israel or in the Gentile world; they may not be of your religion.
But if you mess up with the poor and needy you are messing up with Me!
They may not have a voice to be heard in your institution.
You may have sufficient money to silence them.
But just don’t make their voice to arrive in my throne because of your mismanagement of My Silver and Gold!
Whe this happen I will not throw down fire like I did with Sodom and Gomorrah!
I shall not bring Floods like I did with Noah’s time.
I shall do the worst thing ever!
Even the earth will tremble at the thought of that.
Even the Sun will run away at the Noon Time and leave its post!
I shall withdraw THE WORD!!!

You may have used the Word to oppress the poor!
You may have used the Word to continue with corruption.
Your resources shall not control the Word!
Now I prophesy to nations and Mega Establishments.
To Business Empires and Political Dynasties.
The Word shall be withdrawn from you!
It does not matter how many Bibles you distribute!
It does not matter how many you write.
It does not matter how many Bible Schools you have.
You mess up with the needy and poor?
You have touched Me!

You shall not see it coming.
You will still be printing more Bibles.
But the Word shall be withdrawn.
You will still be flowing in miracles and prophecying; but the Word shall be Withdrawn.
You don’t want to see this happening in your life.
The Word creates all things even those which make you to be puffed to the point of oppressing the poor and needy.
11. Behold the days are coming says the Lord God
When I will send a famine in the land,
Not a famine of bread, nor thirst for water,
But [a famine] for hearing the Words of the Lord.
That’s the Amplified Bible.

You may have many Prophetic Schools and many prophets and apostles.
You will still see plenty bread and water around.
But the Word shall be withdrawn.
The presence of Bread and Water and Fruitbasket will not be used again as a measure of My Presence, says the Spirit of Grace
But the Word shall Witness My Presence.
This is the standard from 2015 and onwards.
May you use it in your Nation; your Church and Family.
The Lord bless you as we come into the New Year.
The Year of The Word.
This is what it shall be in our circles of fellowship and households.

From Jerusalem to Damascus

“Paul was converted going to. #Damascus. Acts 15:23 Speaks of a special relationship between Apostles in Jerusalem and Syria. We are Christian Gentiles today because of our Christian#Syrian Gentiles forefathers. That remnant is still there this day. Pray for Syria. Goodwill epistles shall flow between #Jerusalem and #Damascus again. #Apostles and #prophets (Acts 15:32) shall finish it. They began it.”

Above is my fb status today.

One thing very difficult about Prophetic Scribes is to touch the untouchables.

It seems as if one must be highly resourced to even begin talk about Middle East.

My experience of what South Africa was in the past does not give me sleep for every family in the Syria and Iraq that is not able to explain to their children what is happening.

I keep on hearing the message “If you turn a deaf ear and do not pray for these ones; you shall be next tomorrow.

Anyone who has survived geonocides and wars cannot just take the wars in Middle East as another Television Entertainment Movie.

The Holy Spirit reminds me today that Damascus is a place close to the heart of God as it was in the days of Paul’s conversion so shall it be today.

This was the first relationship between Apostles and Gentiles in such a close manner. If Paul was alive today; he would still have the same heart concerning Damascus Brothers and Sisters as he did then.

Apostles and Prophets therefore will continue with the same vein of reaching out to Damascus than sending franchised prophetic words of gloom.

James says the Tabernacle of David will rise only when we remember that there is also Edom and others outside the twelve tribes of Israel. This was spoken by Amos (9:11-15) as in Acts 15:16.

How do we even begin to look for the Return of the Tabernacle of David in exclusion of this 12th verse of Amos 9: “That they may possess the remnant of Edom….” Contrary to the Capitalistic interpretation of this verse; Apostle James hears a different note; which is of The Israel of God (Church) reaching out to Gentiles (not excluding Damascus).

Pray for Peace in Damascus. Pray for peace in Middle East. Apostolic letters will flow once more between Jerusalem and Damascus.


God taking Santa head on? Part 3

“Our Christmas story was packaged for us from Hollywood and delivered as a pizza to our pulpits and we served it to our congregants while it was still hot. Yet when you review it; 90 percent of what we say has not been mentioned in the Bible.

We have a responsibility to keep the story of Birth of Jesus Holy.

Why do we preach on the Christmas day a story that we are told by the World and not read the Bible before us?

We tell a story which the business has packaged and made copyright we are to keep it the way it is.

This story is the only best selling false bible story in the whole world which its profits do not go to church.

To the degree that this story has become polluted without the saints worrying about correcting it; is the reflection of how far we have gone with losing the Gospel message.”

This was my facebook message today on Christmas morning.

Have you ever thought how Jews and Muslims would react had Santa infiltrated their religion?

What is the reason Santa had it so easy to infiltrate such a vital part of our Gospel and be allowed to be its Ambassador?

Imagine any of the Holy Days of Jews or Muslims given an extra mythical and highly commercial character like our Santa to represent it.

Well Jews and Muslims keep their scriptures holy. The other thing is that they love their doctrine and do not compromise about it. That is why there are not many versions of their scriptures.

One more thing; Jews and Muslims are more literate in their scriptures far more than we are in ours. That is why we have allowed Hollywood to be an extra Bible Version which is widely used far more than any version.

People who love the Word and read the Bible will know very early that there is something very sinister about the message of the gospel according to Hollywood Santa.

I want to share with you the seriousness of the message of the Birth of Christ as I close this installment.

Luke 2:10-11King James Version (KJV)

10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

Now why do you think it is called Good News by the angel? This is the Gospel we need to preach:
1. The Birth of Christ
2. The Crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ
3. The Coming of Christ

Now one third of this Gospel has been given to the Shepherds who watch Flock by night. The Birth of Christ.

Maybe you have become too famous to preach a pure doctrine concerning the Birth of Christ; but this is an apostolic and prophetic responsibility to protect this truth.

How come did we ask Santa and Hollywood to take over from here?

If the message of the previous coming of Christ (His Birth) has been so much commercialized and distorted; what makes you think His Second Coming will not be equally fictionalized and commercialized?

What is your responsibility in keeping this message pure? Don’t you think others have become even more distanced from the gospel because of the good job of your friend Santa?

Where is the money that Santa makes in these sermons you allowed him to preach concerning The Birth of Christ?

I repent from the ignorance I carried all these years concerning Christmas. I repent from the damage I have caused from allowing this culture to continue as it has done. I return from the posh palaces of Herod and Jerusalem of my ministry. I humbly return to Bethlehem the House of Bread and the Temple of the Seed. I become a Shepherd hidden by the countryside of Bethlehem so that I will receive the pure message of His Birth once again.


God taking Santa on? Part 2

Micah 5:2  But thou, Beth-lehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting.

The above strategy is how the Santa who stayed in Jerusalem was exposed. Yes you heard me well.

I believe we are coming to an age where our gods shall be taken head on. When they are taken on they shall be exposed that they never liked children in the first place but are out to destroy their destinies.

Meaning & History
From the Greek name ‘Ηρωιδης (Heroides), which probably means “song of the hero” from ‘ηρως (heros) “hero, warrior” combined with ωιδης (oides) “song, ode”. This was the name of several rulers of Judea during the period when it was part of the Roman Empire. This includes Herod the Great, the king who ordered the slaughter of the children in the New Testament.

Well Herod is a Doll that every child wanted to have. A song of a hero – that’s one meaning. The spirit behind the name is no different to the name Santa today. This kind of Hero of the media and people is only exposed its true colors when the True King is born.

Matthew 2:2-3King James Version (KJV)

2 Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.

3 When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.

Herod was the media man, the darling of the masses and this include children. But when Jesus touched the earth the true colors of Herod were shown.

I bet you the day Father Santa becomes troubled the whole Popular Church Clergy and many parents will be troubled together with him. This will not last of course until he reveals his true colors and kill the children.

Santa whom we popularly call Father Christmas will first lose the word Christmas as Second name and become just Father Santa.

This popular god of Hollywood who has successfully fictionalized the Birth of Christ into insignificance will yet reveal his true colors and what he has been doing to our children.

When he is taken on he shall transfigure and return to his true image. I write these issues to challenge your thinking over this matter and I believe God for a migration in the lives of all Shepherds as they shall move away from the Herod who is posing as Father Santa today.


God taking Santa head on?

This message is not for everybody; I know that when you see it is truly for you.

This is about Christmas and how you have been spending it all these years. Maybe for some you will hear me when you do not have any more ability or resources for some to put a Christmas tree in your house.

I was listening today to a Christian group from the war torn Iraq. One says: I never had such a bad Christmas where we could not afford a Christmas Tree! This man is at least in Church! And Jesus is surely in their midst when they call; but when the Tree is not present “there is no Christmas!”

I hope you have heard many say this. They are telling the revelation that their Altar and their god of Christmas is not there! Go figure.

To those who really love God; there will come a time when you will be made not to afford buying the tree because one of God’s Name is Jealous. Exodus 34:14 For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord whose Name is Jealous, is a jealous God.

Luke 2:8 And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. 9. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them……
The Lord will take you down to a level where you become Shepherd watching Flock by night! Does that ring a bell?
You will be reduced to an invisible Pastor and only then an angel shall appear to you and share with you the True Story about the Birth of Christ!

Some Ministries shall be reduced to this level for the angel to appear. Why?
Matthew 2:3 When the King had heard these things, he was troubled and all Jerusalem with him!
Why all Jerusalem? These are the Mega Churches of the day. These are the big TV ministries of the day. Do not hear me wrong I am a product of Mega Churches and TV Ministries as well and I thank God for them.

The Question is why are the Churches comfortable in their own Jerusalem to a point of missing the Birth of the King? They are not willing to go to the insignificant Bethlehem of their Ministry and they are not willing to be reduced to the Pastors who watch Flock by night!

Well we are back to those times. Jesus is saying “I will come and tell the Story of My Birth Myself through The Messengers of My choice.

The time is coming when Jesus will send His Angel once more to His Shepherds who are ready to go down to Bethlehem.

I will close this installment with this verse: Luke 2:15 And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord has made known unto us.

I prophesy to you this day; you shall be in the company of the true shepherds who are humbled by God who will say: Let’s go to the insignificant Bethlehem; the youngest of Judea. When you go down there you become a Shepherd that watch Flock by night. Your armor bearers and all flamboyance will have to remain in Jerusalem with King Herod. The story of the Birth of Jesus will be required of you even if it will mean that you be stripped of all Jerusalem Ministry Resource and Herod Ministry Network.

Come Down to Bethlehem or the Lord will bring you down here. That day you will see no Christmas Tree and that shall be a sign unto you that you have Come Down to Jesus.


Word Whom we crucified

The following are status reports which I posted on facebook. They all speak about The Word and how we approach Him.

Mark11: 18 And the scribes and chief priests heard it, and sought how they might destroy him: for they feared him, because all the people was astonished at his doctrine.

The biggest curse is to lose taste buds for God’s Word.

If the Word of God could get in your life the power that you gave to radio and television we would be far. First thing you enter in your car you switch the radio on. First thing in your house you switch the tv on. When you have visitors you do not allow your children to speak while you are discussing but television is allowed even to bring breaking news in the middle of your discussions. Your spouse does not have the access to speak to you that many times. Would your visitors be happy when the Word of God come as breaking news in the middle of the conversation? And all this is normal to you? Let the Word return in its rightful place.

The biggest haters of the Word are not outside but they are in Church. They crucify the Word daily, instead of crucify the flesh daily. They have come to church to disrespect and mock the Word. It was much better they were not even “saved” in the first place. Since they have come the Word has become more disrespected and dumbed down. These people love the laying of hands more than the Word. They love the miracles, ore than the Word. The highest of all graces is to hear the Word and the biggest of all miracles is to love the Word. We need Grace to see Life and Light from the Word.

In the past we used to see Word haters in other places except church. Word haters are on the rise in church today. They have come in numbers to mock and crucify the Word right in the temple and even in the altar. In the past the Word was crucified outside the city of Jerusalem. Today the Priests on the altar have come to crucify the Word, to make a mockery of the Word. How do they do that? They are released before time to come teach even before their hearts are circumcised. They are not conforming to the Word but they are making the Word to conform to their own needs.

The other Word haters have come to the temple to make their social gatherings, so cheap has the Word become such that a pair will feed on their little gossip while the Word is taught. Why are Christians hating their scriptures more than other religions? In the midst of the highest church attendances and highest miracles recorded we live in the time when Christians have become the most illiterate in their scriptures. This volcano is about to explode! The Lord will never be mocked. We are about to reap what we are sowing. Some nations and churches have already begun.

The Word of God from the Holy Bible has been crucified on the World Stage and abused to promote the biggest money making schemes the world has ever seen:
1. Slavery
2. Racism
3. War

It is unfortunate that Africa has been on receiving end of all these schemes that continue to this day. This has been done to undermine the authority of the Word of God. Intellectuals and authors have been posted to write endless books in justifying these schemes. These include dumping waste of the world in Africa and other affected places.

We have not done any better as the African people, we have taken the same Word and developed the greatest institutions ever in Christianity and continued harming one another using the Word and money spinning not left behind. This is at the peril of our people. This is done to undermine the authority of the Word of God. But in these days the Word is returning as the flood of Noah to correct all these wrongs. The Word is returning as eyes of fire to collapse these who have abused the Word. Whatever has happened in the past the Word has come back to Speak for Himself through a remnant of our faithful fathers who have never been part to these practices.

The Word is rising through Light and Life to take His place in the hearts of mankind. Great is our God the Lord Almighty.

The Lord bless you. That’s all for today.

Word Part 2 – They knew Him not

I desire to do Word Conference.
I however need to make sure that it is unlike any Conference I have done before.
This will be a Conference of what we are Doing and Living.
It shall be a conference that reflects on our lifestyle.
From Deep within a pump has been opened.
I am doing the best I can to keep it within me.
I am in deep negotiations with the Spirit that it be closed for now.

JHN1.10-11 He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not.
He was in the world. The world was made by Him. And the World knew Him Not!!!
The world knew Jesus for He was the son of Joseph. But the world did not know The Word!

The Spirit does not make mistakes in the scriptures.
This chapter speaks about the Word and many have preached and taught about Jesus who is not known.
This is the Word whom we are talking about here.
This is The Word that the world has never known.
Satan does not have a problem about people knowing Jesus.
Satan will accompany you when you go to accept Jesus, but Satan will build a mountain between you and the Word.

No wonder many of you say they have accepted Jesus but they DO NOT KNOW THE WORD!!!
There are many Bible Schools that teach about Jesus of Nazareth but THEY DO NOT KNOW THE WORD.
No wonder you will listen to current news and documentaries for three hours but you can’t stand 45 minutes of THE WORD.
Some of you know the Periodic Table by heart, you take academic studies serious. You study throughout the night.
This is the kind of stamina you have. You have that degree because you have studied. But can I put the Word for 30mins before you please?

You are chasing every knowledge that put the food on the table, but you just heard a few minutes ago that The World was made through the Word!
You did not hear it!
There is a substance in you which is not just ignorant of the Word but it HATES the Word.
There is a nature in you that puts more effort in making sure that you crucify the Word.
In fact more people have been recruited to come to church to BLOCK THE WORD!!
Those who are the Word haters are now filling the churches.
They cant wait for the Word to come to them but they have come to kill the fire of the Word right in the pulpit.
Christians are more of Word haters than atheists out there.

I have heard the finest teachings of the Word from Buddhists than from Christians of late.
In fact Christians use the Word to steal and to lie and to rob!!!
During this time John is talking about the most learned Jews who knew the Law of Moses. They did not have a problem with Jesus the son of Joseph they just had a problem with the Word that comes from His mouth.
This is what they crucified! The Word!
The people who hate the Word the most are praying people, the fast, they sing they give but all this out of religion.
Religious people hate the Word.

The authentic Word brings judgment to the systems of this World.
That is why prophets were killed, they tried to kill the Word.
The Word comes with fire and burn all that which is not of God in the religious system.
Pastors hate one another because of the Word.
They want each other dead because the religious system in them wants the Word dead.
I say this because in me there is also that which does hate the Word.
I have to crucify this thing daily because if I do not; this thing want to crucify the Word!

Paul had this thing in him too, in fact every one who is saved has this thing.
ROM7.18 For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not. For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me. For I delight in the law of God after the inward man: But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.
Romans 7:18-23

Here is the culprit exposed!
The flesh is the law in my members that is warring against the Law of my Mind.
There is a religious spirit waiting at the gate of my ears to crucify the Word!
Paul says For I delight in the law after the inward man!
Her is the disciple of Jesus, The Inward Man. The Apostle and Prophet of God, the Inward Man.
Well that’s where he is INWARD!!!
Before the Word enters, the Outward man has 400 television channels waiting to crucify the Word!

Isaiah 29:11 For you this whole vision is nothing but words sealed in a scroll. And if you give the scroll to someone who can read, and say, “Read this, please,” they will answer, “I can’t; it is sealed.”Matthew 13:10The disciples came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?”
Luke 8:10He said, “The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, “‘though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand.’
ISA6.9 And he said, Go, and tell this people, Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed. Then said I, Lord, how long? And he answered, Until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate,

The crucifier of the Word is waiting within me.
The part that gets offended when the Word speaks, the Flesh, the law within my members at war with the Law of my Mind.
Crucify the flesh daily or the flesh will crucify the Word daily.

JHN1.10-11 He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not.
He was in the world. The world was made by Him. And the World knew Him Not!!!
The world knew Jesus for He was the son of Joseph. But the world did not know The Word!
The Word Part 2 – The World knew Him not.

There is more to Christianity than we offer.

There is a false standard that has developed over decades on what church is all about.

These standards were imported from the capitalistic model as it measures progress in business and social life. Hollywood has been successfully used as a standard bearer of lifestyle throughout the world. Cable networks on current news have cemented that virtual reality to be imported to our daily life.

We imported these standards to church activities and mixed them with manifestation of miracles there and there. We saw people falling when we pray for them and we saw more money in the offering basket. Then we thought God is validating our activities.

We took God’s presence and privatized it in our local churches and presented a case why people must join our churches. No different from Christmas adverts in the mall or political campaigns. We imported these systems and even improved on them.

When intelligent Atheists and people of other religions confront us on this culture of mixture we dismissed them as people attacking “The Kingdom”. We had governments embedded on us to go attack other nations and successfully incorporated their actions to biblical end times prophecies.

“Either you are with us or you are against us”. This message has been used by Powerful Governments with very respectable spiritual fathers in Evangelical circles. Beyond this we go back to our corners and will not question these practices.

We have indirectly created “the enemy” and we rallied people around the world to pray for us against this “enemy”. Have we become this dumb?

Is this all we can offer as Christians? God is more than all what we have offered to date.

Just a Saturday morning thought.

The Word Part 1

Prophet Vanto Vanto

He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.
Luke 8:10He said, “The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, “‘though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand.’
Mat 13:11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.
Isaiah 29:11 For you this whole vision is nothing but words sealed in a scroll. And if you give the scroll to someone who can read, and say, “Read this, please,” they will answer, “I can’t; it is sealed.”Matthew 13:10The disciples came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?”
In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God. All things were made through the Word. Nothing was made without the Word.
In the beginning Word spoke and no one opposed. Word said: Light Be! And Light was. No darkness opposed the Light. Word said to the Earth: Life Be! And Life was. No death opposed.
The summary of all creation is on two Words.
1. Light
2. Life
Six days of Creation were ruled by Light and Life. There was no opposition. This Word had no opposition.

And the World knew Him not. Word became flesh. His own (Jews) did not receive Him. Word who was unopposed in the six days. Word who came with Power of Life and Light. This time there was opposition. This time there was unbelief. Same Life. Same Light. Not forcing His way. But coming in Love.
Power came behind Love. Word came as the Principle of Christ in Creation with Power. Word came as Person of Christ in incarnation with Love. Same Life but behind Love and obeying Love. Same Light but behind Love and obeying Love.
This Life and Light gave creation option to choose to accept or to deny this great creative power.Take some time and think about this.
Here is the next story.
The First Coming of the Christ was when He came as The Word to the Six days of Creation.
The Second Coming of The Christ was when He came as t Word in the 3years/3days of Recreation.
In the First Coming He came with the Power of Life and Light. In the Second Coming He came with the Love of Life and Light. In both times He came as the Word. What about His Third Coming?
Mark 14:62 And Jesus said unto him, I AM, and ye shall see the Son of man sitting at the right hand of the power of God and coming in the clouds of the heaven.
Right hand side of POWER!!!!!
First Coming He is The Word. Second Coming He is The Word. Third Coming He is King of Kings!!!!
Today Christ is here as The Word to Recreate or shall we say to bring that which was lost.
This Word is here for us to embrace and welcome with Love. It carries the same Power and Light which it brought on the sixth day to man. It carries the same Power and Light which it carried on the 6*2 which is 12 Apostles.
Adam never opposed the Word as it formed Him and as the Pentecost Spirit was put to him. For He received both Birthing and Pentecost on the same day!!! The Apostles never opposed the Word as it formed them to the Stature of Christ on regeneration and Pentecost. The Prophets never opposed the Word during all the years when they had to Keep the Seed Word of the Woman until Word became flesh. That is why they are the foundations upon which we have all been built.
As the Apostolic community we shall not oppose the Word!!! As we return to the foundations of the sixth day!
No tv story will stop the Word as it comes to build through me! Word carries the same Light and Life and its Power is obeying the Love of the Father to the Son that we are. Adam gave the Word 1000% Obedience as he was formed. The Heavens and the Earth gave the Word 1000% Obedience when they were created. As Apostolic and Prophetic remnant of this day we shall give the Word 1000% to come with the same Power of Light and Life to form and reform us in this day and hour.
As Doctrine is poured upon us we shall continue to observe the Apostles Doctrine, fellowship breaking of bread and prayer. We will allow the Word to rule in this Apostolic and Prophetic community as it ruled to the 12 apostles as well as in Adam during the sixth day of creation.
Circumcision has come to the Holy Nation that we are so that the Word will have its way in our hearts and lips unopposed. No one will steal it from our hearts, no one will stop us from proclaiming it. The unstoppable Word of Light and Life will continue to be unstoppable even in our day! This Word is still full of Grace and Truth even today to carry the same Glory to another Glory! This is the reason we have made it our Culture to study Doctrine of the Word. We continue to give it the same impetus and momentum to flow through our hearts and lips. We shall not dry up our streams and rivers shall continue to overflow. We shall not be mixed and become bitter waters we will continue as Pure Word the Doctrine of the Apostles!
We are the Word that has become flesh today. We are the sons that creation has waited that we manifest. We are not Philosophy that becomes flesh. We are not Democracy that becomes flesh. We are not desires that become flesh. We are not greed that become flesh. We are His Word that has become flesh!
We are the embodiment of His Word, those who see us and the Body of Christ have seen the Father!

The Middle Of Things – For those who are in great battle, here is your word

The following is a message to my sons on the 18th June 2014

Amen blessings to all of you. I hope all is well with you. By the grace of God my tablet has returned today. This would not be possible if it was not for this house. I acknowledge the desire you all have in your hearts to see the Virtual Ministry continue. I know of the battles you encounter as you embrace this desire. Believe you me every battle you face because of helping this ministry I understand. Almost everyone inside this office has been persecuted for the desire to help this ministry. Others are going through that persecution as we speak. It is the response to this battle that matters. I am with you in prayer.

I know you and I know your heart. The battles against my ministry are very real. They can be humiliating. They can be embarrassing. Satan wants to see you belittled. Sometimes he wants you to lose a voice even in this very house. I have watched you being scratched and bruised by Satan. You fell and you rose. Because of this I want to give you a weapon today.
Psalm 24:1 is my gift to you this day. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world and all its inhabitants. This is my gift to you this morning. Exodus 13:2 says :Sanctify every life that comes first out of the womb. All the firstborn of your sons and cattle are mine (paraphrased).

Now God is the Alpha and the Omega. But your Bank owns the piece of earth in your area. The earth is the Lord’s. But who is running the
earth? You feel that the Firstborn of Babylon are running the earth and not of Israel. The World and all its inhabitants.
Look at that verse again 24:1a THE EARTH
then 24:1b begins with THE WORLD.
The Financial World rules the earth. You rule the World of Music and run the earth. You rule the World of Drugs and run the earth. In the Middle of Things Babylon runs the earth.
But God is the Alpha and the Omega.
In the Middle of things that drug kingpin runs your street. But God is the Alpha and the Omega.
In the Middle of things your neighbor has the better house and car. But God is the Alpha and Omega.
In the Middle of things they have all the money. But God is the Alpha and Omega.

Psalm 73 David says why do evil people prosper? He was caught in the Middle of things. Later he says but I went to the sanctuary and God showed me THEIR END!!! He is the Alpha and the Omega.
It does not matter how the Middle of things look like; God Rules as Alpha and Omega. Keep the Head of things and the Tail of Things do not be caught in the Middle of Things. Do not compete with the World in the Middle of things. In the Middle of Things the Courts seem to be ruling your life. But God is the Alpha and Omega. When I go to Him in prayer I hold the Head and Tail of things in prayer. I am not caught by the battle in the Middle of things.

Do not allow anybody to call you to the Battle ground in the Middle of Things. Do not allow anyone to call you to an Argument in the Middle of Things. Do not allow your Boss to enter in your Nerve in the Middle of Things. Do not allow the Jezebel Spirit of your church to mess you up in the Middle of Things. Do not respond to a false Accusation and gossip about you in the Middle of Things.
We are the Church of the First Born the First. We are not the church of the Middle but of the First! They curse God but He is patient! He knows the end! He runs the world IN HIS OWN WAY! We therefore run the world with Him IN HIS OWN WAY! Do not be caught up in the Middle of Things.

Come with the Lord in The Day of the Lord! There is the Day of The Lord for every situation! He comes down as The Lord God Strong and Mighty in Battle. He has never lost a battle nor any war! When He shows up all gates BOW! He came in 2008 and all the Banks of the World Bowed!!!! He passed in Wall Street in 2008 and the World of Finance Bowed before Him and the World went into Recession!!!! The Lord will PASS in your Situation today!!! I decree the End and the Omega to your situation today. I call forth an End to the Middle of Things in your life today in Jesus Name. Read Psalm 24 the entire chapter. When you arrive in the End of the Chapter know that it is THE END!!! I declare the Omega of New Things. I declare the Alpha of New Things. The Omega to the Middle of Things.

Shalom 6/18/2014

Second Letter to Apostle Peter

Dear Apostle Peter

Grace and Peace to you Apostle. This is a follow up letter to my letter dated 19 October 2014 which is at in the section called: 21st Century Epistles to the Bible Apostles.

I asked you in detail of all the events that happened prior the healing of the lame man at the gate called Beautiful. Today I desire to ask you about your sermon on that day after that miraculous healing.

The King James Version continues in verse 7 of chapter 3: “And when Peter saw it, he answered unto the people….”
I have also taken time to read in another translation called Message and it reads: When Peter saw he had a congregation, he addressed the people…”

My understanding here is that the Holy Spirit created an opportunity for you to Witness about Jesus Christ; the name which you mentioned when you heal this person.

However in this opportunity a congregation was formed for that moment of your testimony. Apostle I trust you know today how these congregations are formed. You did not even look back after that sermon but hey today if two Apostles were standing there in your place we would want to know to which Apostle will the saved people from your sermon belong.

Let me kindly remind you as well Apostle that had we been preaching we would make sure this sermon is recorded and books are written on it for good royalties to follow for a long time.

What really strikes me about your sermon is that you went straight into talking about Jesus Christ. You did not talk about this healed man in fact you only referred to him and the miracle as “this”! Let me make sure that I quote you correctly: Ye men of Israel, why marvel ye at this? (Acts 3:12b).

At this! Apostle? Is that all? Do you know how many tv recordings we would have done to what you call “this”? This miracle alone would have gone to the top Christian television stations. We would have created interview programs that would have been repeated at least once a week for the whole year. With this one miracle we have the ability today to gather great revenue.

Dear Apostle we would have sent this on Twitter on Facebook and many other social media outlets. We would put forward the Apostle’s name and his church and secured invitations for future invites. Do we do this to the glory of the Father? Do we give Jesus more coverage or our Church Names and Celebrated Men of Grace? I will leave that for you to answer.

Apostle this sermon as well as the miracle you performed that day has been told for the past 2000 years but at no other century has it collected money like our century the 21st Century. I do not have guarantees whether that money has served the purpose you had on that day.

In a nutshell there are more companies; churches and individuals who cashed on this story than you would have imagined. If you collected royalties on this story like we do today you would have certainly become a Billionaire.

Well we know that you lived at the most civilized time though not so much technology as we had. I also notice that money commanded great power at that time as it does now and you would not have been ignorant of those matters.

Before you answer me I would like to leave you with these questions.

1. If you were living in our days would you have had time to go and pray along with Apostle John? Don’t you think your schedule would be to tight for such a daily routine you both shared in the temple?

2. Looking at the amount of grace you carried by then would you not consider to have your Mega Church and what would its name be called?

3.I have read most of your epistles and I never heard you speak about the great miracles you did or the ones you saw Jesus did; instead you spent time on Doctrine, why did you choose to do that?

4. Looking at how you preached your sermons in the past, what would you add on them to keep the large numbers in todays Mega Church? (I say this with due respect; nowadays members would not stay and be entertained enough with your purely Doctrinal yet Evangelistic sermons).

5. Would you support Israel like we do today? I ask this because it is the first time I hear an apostle confront men of Israel like you did there. In verse 12 you confront them with the words: Ye men of Israel! And you continue until verse 21. Would you have supported the programs of Israel and all they do in their present state?

In closing I would like to let you know that I hold in high regard every Apostle who is involved in the work of the Kingdom. I honor them and I love them very much. I do this because of my love for them and also believe that through the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures answers will be provided to all of us. I also ask these questions because I have seen some Apostles on the rise who are doing things like you did.

I believe that we are in very exciting days of the Kingdom Assignment where your voice and character in your Apostolic Duties should speak louder to us today.


21st Century letter to Apostle Peter

Dear Apostle Peter

Grace and Peace to you, I decided to write to you concerning the report we heard quoted in the 3rd Chapter of the Acts which you and the other Apostles did. I would first like to congratulate you to allow the miraculous Acts which were performed through your ministries be put in one book. In my present 21st century mind I really cant comprehend that twelve Apostles allow such great acts be written and printed for the whole world for so many centuries without royalties given to a single member of the families that remained.

Today it will take a court battle to allow two apostles with the grace you hold to allow their exploits be shared in one book without the battle of royalties. Well thats not the reason why I write this letter. The third verse of this account states that you and Apostle John were going to the temple to pray. Apostle I would like to state that in our time this alone is newsworthy, to see an Apostle who walked on water going together with an Apostle who saw the Revelations of Jesus. Today we do not have Apostles who have time to walk together and let alone to go and pray. We have Apostles who are lone rangers and who are driven with the best cars in and walk with a big team of body guards and armour bearers. I do appreciate the double honor given to those who labor in the Word but I will leave today’s observation to you.

In the fourth verse you said: Look at us! Referring to the lame man. Apostle Peter! You could have said: “Look at me!” Then the camera would zoom to you and the lame man. That was amazing that you saw yourself as One with John. I pray we have more Apostles who will say like you: Look at us!

Now my dear Apostle you spoiled the whole show in verse 4 by declaring with authority: “Silver and Gold have I none!” Did your wife leave that lying low? On International television! You reveal that your family budget is that low? What about the ministry you lead? How do the members of your church feel when others are taunting them: Your Apostle does not have money! I even notice that you did not say Gold and Silver, no you said Silver and Gold! I must say I really respect how money does not define you.

Apostle these four verses of this third chapter have a lot happening in them that is in sharp contrast with what is happening today. The seventh to the eleventh verse relates the account on how this man got healed. It is noteworthy that you call upon the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, well today we say: IF I AM A PROPHET OF GOD RISE UP AND WALK! Now that’s good for branding. Apostle I will give you time to enlighten me on these matters. I will write to you the second letter to find more about the sermon you preached thereafter.



Deut 30:6 And  the LORD thy God will circumcise thine heart, and the heart of thy seed, to love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, that thou mayest live.
Title of today’s message: The Substance and the Shadow of circumcision.

Deuteronomy 10:16King James Version (KJV)
16 Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart, and be no more stiffnecked.
Circumcision is designed for two goals: one to love God and two is to love His Word. We shall prove this in the coming verses.
Circumcision is the family mark from the family of Abraham and all descendants who will keep the covenant of loving the Father and His Word from generation to generation until Jesus shows up.
Circumcision is the Father’s first duty in the next generation.
When the Father arrives on the boy on the eighth day; knife makes the introductions between them.
When the knife has introduced the two to one another then a prophetic family name is given to the son.
This is the procedure of introducing a son to the family and his assignments to this family are locked in his name.

Moses has twice mentioned the Substance of Circumcision : the Heart.
Abraham and the Fathers of Israel have performed circumcision on the flesh of reproductive organ which is the Shadow.
When the Fathers of Israel were circumcising the Shadow which is the foreskin God the Father of spirits (hearts) was circumcising the Substance which is the heart.
This is what Moses explained in Deuteronomy chapter 10 and chapter 30.
The Substance was already there in Heaven: The Body of Christ that we are and the Shadow was on earth which is the Physical Body and the foreskin.
The natural Israel were introduced into the culture of the Body of Christ which was waiting to manifest in the last days.
This Body is made of Sons and not Church members.
This was a Body that was circumcised by Father God in their hearts.
Which means they were a repentant sons.
If you read these two chapters in Deuteronomy Moses is calling Israel to repentance.
He is saying they must not be stiff-necked people.
Now the part of stiff-neck; I will allow Dad to teach about it. It is very interesting and I want to give the explanation to him as he does it best.
Circumcised sons are Repentant Sons.
This is the heart of my message today.

At what rate are members repentant as compared to sons?
Repentant sons are sons who are ever ready to receive a Software Upgrade from their fathers with fast changing seasons.
The success of the IT companies depend on how fast they grab the knowledge of upgrades that come from time to time in the industry.
When a son is given an Upgrade instruction it does not even take 5 minutes.
When a member is instructed to repent he/she does not see it as upgrade opportunity and will hop from one church to another and only repent when he is terminally sick maybe after 10 years.
A member will only repent when you say a car or a house is on the way or healing is on the way.
A son repent to prepare for the next generation and not for selfish reasons.
The kind of battles we fight today are upgraded everyday by the enemy and only an upgraded sons will lead armies to the battle.
There are some battles that only sons can win and not members.

Members need only motivational messages but sons know that repentance is an opportunity of upgrade.
In the time of church business only a motivational book can be a best seller not a book to sons.
I did not expect to come to this angle so soon; I thought we will first read Deuteronomy 10 and 30 thoroughly before we come here.
There is no way that you will run away from your eighth day a day of repentance and a day of circumcision.
We have seen in Joshua 5 that grown up men who ran away from their eighth day had to face it in the river of Sonship the river of Repentance the Jordan river.
Eight is a number of new beginnings and it takes repentance to meet newness.
We have embraced this season of Father and Son not to secure our market base in church but because of repentance.
Wait until next year and you will see sugar coated messages of Sonship on television which have to assure members that they are sons in some way.
The time is coming when circumcision and sonship will be some Hollywood and Disneyland toy. When that time comes be sure you know the heart of God about sonship and circumcision.

Circumcision is a tool for loving the Father and His Word.
There is a Word we can’t consume unless we are Repentant.
Repentance and circumcision is an opportunity for Software Upgrade.
Many want to repent only when they are promised Lifestyle Upgrade.
This is not a popular session and I pray we will go through this circumcision topic as God graces us.
Thank you let’s meet in the next session and continue about circumcision.


Chapter 4

Good afternoon.
I desire to continue more concerning the topic of purpose and motivation in the Body of Christ.
This subject I give specifically to you as sons and daughters in the house.
I am no expert in this subject I am also learning.
As prophetic scribe I do my best to listen and write and I am also audience to these writings.
Therefore this means I am also able to take correction when I have heard insufficiently or even wrong at times.
Someone who is reading here may add and teach me as well.
The goal is to build in the Body of Christ.
I speak as a young African father and these are the eyes I use in observing this motivational speaking mission as it unfolds in the African Churches.
We have acknowledged the good work that motivational speaking does to Build the Self.
We need to bring balance to the requirements of our Lord when we are called to Deny ou Self.
We also need to understand when Paul says Self has to Die.
These on the surface seem to be conflicting instructions in one’s life.
On the surface we might look at the word: Self and give a blanket explanation.
It is in these grey areas that we find ourselves attacked.
It is a very painful experience to encounter motivation when you carry an incomplete doctrine and belief.
The era of Motivational Speakers came in the Charismatic Season and our understanding of doctrine was still unfolding.
We did not know whether we need Christian Motivational Speaker or Christian Motivational Speaking Church.
To some extent we are still trapped in those questions today.
Unless we lay down correct doctrine in our churches we will forever have Motivational Speaking Industry being a trend setter in churches.
As a result we will not be able to channel it but it will channel us in our lifestyle as church.
We need to know when we are feeding on a motivational speech that is spiced with some verses and when we feed on the pure Word of the Father which is motivating to our hearts.
We need to know when we have itchy ears that will need scratching from a motivational speaker and when we are seeking counsel from the Father who will send a prophet who will give courage to us to build the wall again.
Maybe we have become addicted to some Motivational Speaking turned gospel and we no longer want to repent and take correction.
You know yourself when you have become a motivational speech junkie and you need some rehab from that drug.
This drug is the most addictive and it is sold almost everywhere.
Church has become the biggest distributor of this motivational speech drug and as we said this drug is highly addictive.
We need Motivation at times but we need to be careful when it has come to replace fathering.
The dangers with Motivation as Business is that “the customer is always right”, therefore you might need to give what the customer wants than what God wants.
In the Body of Christ we do have saints who run big businesses who will need the Christian Motivator and Life Coach who will give Motivation and Strategy in their Business Conferences.
We depend on these businesses to fund the gospel and we need good Christian Life Coaches to guide them.
But I am not sure whether we will need to turn that service into pastoring for increasing the membership with itchy ears.
I have also noticed the response on facebook when I put a motivational Word it is phenomenal and tempting as well.
Once I wear the father cap all those “likes” will disappear.
People are discouraged; life is tough all they need is motivation but not fathering.
Motivation is good for church members but unfortunately it is fathering that will build sons.
1Samuel 30:6 says when David was distressed he encouraged himself in the Lord.
Let me repeat this again; I honor all the authors; motivational speakers and life coaches.
I acknowledge their place in the Body of Christ as a Christian Businessman who need their guidance.
I just feel we have used them wrongly to fill our churches.
They also emerged being more advanced than pastors and they were more appealing.
However the Apostolic Community has come and the Church fathers are now come to bring order in the Household.
We need to keep our motivational speakers and life coaches but enlist them to the relevant places in the Body of Christ.
As I said earlier; when your doctrine is sound you receive motivation from a firm foundation.
What motivation will you give to someone who need deliverance?
What motivation will you give to someone who need to migrate to a correct home.
What motivation will you give to someone who needs repentance?
Do I keep this customer inhouse because he or she is paying?
If that is your son you know that no amount of motivation will make the tooth to feel better unless you take him to the dentist.
We need a father who will know what is good for our health at all times in the family.
We can’t turn all our children into some drug junkie when we need to be building a family.
This is the choice I am faced with as a father.

Purpose and Motivation in The Body of Christ – Satan hijacking the seat of Motivational Industry

Session 3


Good morning to you all.

I desire to continue with my third installment of Purpose and Motivation in the Body of Christ.

Christians in these last days have lost the revelation of what is supposed to motivate the Body of Christ.

As a result they have become the least motivated group of people in most of the circles.

There has been a lot of mixture and a lot of borrowed tools of motivation.

At the end what motivates other people to go on in life seems to be poisoning to our understanding of life.

We need motivation and edification.

The days have become stressful days.

There is more betrayal and unfaithfulness like never before.

People have become lovers of themselves.

Relationships have become more complicated and deception is rife.

There is so much that is discouraging as hopes are risen by selfish lying people when they are actually selling vapour and mirage to us.

We have deals that seem to be coming together and they disappear in thin air.

We send our cv’s to very promising places and end up gathering dust in shelves.

Nobody is immune to these realities irrespective of religion and beliefs.

Without being opportunistic to unfolding events we have a large number of respectable pastors committing suicide.

Our prayers are with them and we are mindful of the pain the families are going through in times like these.

Why are we less motivated in spite of all these motivational materials?

Why is the world seemingly more motivated than a born again Christian?

Why are other people mastering the universal principles of creation more than us?

I have seen on Fridays in the office corridors at work and the non believers have more life and motivation than the believers.

Eventually the believers develop an inferiority complex and try to “fit in” to these happy people.

Happiness is contagious it does not matter from which corner it comes from.

We are living in very stressful times.

This means we can only do church activities to a certain point and return home and confront ourselves.

Is the motivation of Christians under attack?

By saying Christians I do not exclude people in general.

But the truth is that the Motivation in the Body of Christ is under attack.

What seems to be motivating to everyone does not motivate to us anymore.

Has satan not hijacked the seat of the motivation industry where we helplessly run to?

If he was able to hijack the entertainment industry what will make him not hijack the Motivation Industry?

Are we not running to satan for motivation in unawares?

Are we not as a people in these last days addicted to motivation as some kind of drug?

My contribution to this installment is that Satan has taken almost every corner of Motivation Industry because he knows you are coming to feed there soon.

There is nothing wrong with motivation just as there is nothing wrong with thirst quenching water.

However the same water can be hijacked by criminals of this world.

He knows that in these last days you are very discouraged and you need motivation.

He sends his demons of discouragement to give you an unusual overdose of discouragement.

He then waits for you in one Motivation Corner because he knows you are surely coming there.

I have great respect for Christian Motivational Speakers and I will not take a swipe on any.

But we need to know that people smoke motivation than any known drug.

So we cannot forever give them motivation even at the time they need correction.

Churches of motivation are running full and churches that bring correction are getting empty.

My message to you is that Satan has occupied the Motivation Throne and is waiting in that corner for you and not for anyone else.

Are you unusually de motivated? Are you unusually discouraged?

Have you become hooked to motivation yet without any improvement?

Satan has hijacked the seat of Motivation Industry.

We need to redeem motivation and bring back the pure waters of motivation to mankind.


Vanto Vanto
New Earth Virtual Ministries


Allowing His Holiness to Unfold in Motivation
Chapter 2

Good Afternoon
I have shared previously about the role we carry of Purpose and Motivation in The Body Of Christ.
I want to continue along this line of discussion today.
We need to take a prophetic position of edifying the Body of Christ without being caught by the capitalistic administration of this grace.
We do have tough times on the way and there are times when we stop with our assignment of building the wall.
We therefore need the prophets who will motivate us in building the wall.
We have come to the end of days where the members of the Body are growing itchy ears.
Some people have sat for a long time watching people testifying of the goodness of the Lord while they do not share the same testimony.
They therefore develop a desire to hear something new for they reckon that what they hear has not taken them anywhere.
There are seasons of intense unexplainable bottleneck of material progress in our lives.
It is at these times when you don’t know whether you need further motivation or complete migration from your location.
It is during these times that wolves will come nearer to the weaker sheep and pounce.
Motivational material has therefore increased in demand.
There are times when you feel the brother of another religion giving you better motivation than the brother of your own faith.
I had times in my life when I heard Buddhists explaining the New Testament much better than any of my people.
It is in these times that the enemy will strike.
I had times when I felt there are authors who understood my dilemma and need better than any preacher.
It becomes so dark in this season and you truly feel that you would do with a message that will reach a new place deep in your heart.
This is the place where new comforting habits develop until they become a rehab issue.
These depressing times have come as a great cloud in the Body of Christ.
These are the moments when a saint will steal away to a new destination.
And a new taste of waters seem to be refreshing for a while until you are entangled in a bondage of a new doctrine that has its own demons.
We need prophets who will reach out with love to these saints and bring them home under the guidance of the Holy Ghost.
We therefore need to sanctify our waters of motivation and allow the saints to drink from fresh waters of the Word.
New sweet waters can be more intoxicating and therefore no excuse to replace the bitter waters you are now drinking in the wilderness.
Even the Moses of today will lose an opportunity to reach the Holy Land because of the frustration and fail to bring waters as commanded by God.
“Because you did not trust me enough to DEMONSTRATE MY HOLINESS to the people of Israel, you will not lead them into the land I am giving them!” Numbers 20:12.
How many of the preachers will be judged in this way?
The levels of thirst of an Encouraging Word has grown so much to a point that the Shepherds are led into this sin which Moses committed.
There are many prophets who ended going down the motivational speaking route because of its good income and failed their original mandate.
They noticed that their congregations are beginning to dwindle and they had to improvise in order to keep them in their churches.
While we are blessed with deliverance prophets; God has Destiny Prophets who will bring the Spirit of Wisdom and Counsel to the Body of Christ.
If this is the experience you have as a Pastor or a member of the congregation; please receive an opportunity of edification without being bitten by the hyenas of this world.
We are taking this conference of Purpose and Motivation to see how can we restore Pure and Holy Motivation back to our churches.
God is saying you Moses: You have not trusted Me enough to allow my Holiness to unfold as you gave this nation the waters of refreshing.



During this weekend I returned back to encouraging saints concerning their destiny in Christ.
I have noticed that saints are very discouraged in the path of salvation.
Mostly their discouragement connects with their lack of purpose for living.
I could not help but notice that the best sellers are also in this area of purpose and destiny.
People are so much ready to be encouraged and motivated to reach their destiny.
They are even ready to pay any money in order to buy a book or book a seat for some motivation.
Well I must confess that at some stage I bought almost all books in this area from authors of all religions.
I took from the oldest read by my age of Dale Carnegie; Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale and many others who are still alive today.
I also noticed that most of the best known teachers of the word opted to go down this way and soon began to appeal to religious groupings of all walks of life.
As I said earlier people are so demotivated in these days.
The reason is that the food is getting lesser and the people are becoming more and more.
The money as well is moving quicker from many hands and is held by fewer and fewer hands.
With the rise of technology people are loosing more jobs; that can be attributed more to greed than to technology.
It is becoming more difficult to look for a job; business money or food.
Not only are people buying water nowadays but they buy oxygen as well. They even buy breathing methods.
People today buy security and peace of quiet places.
Noisy restaurants has cheaper food therefore the quieter the restaurant the more expensive the food becomes.
Reaching all these things come with a lot of stress and christians are not immune to these realities.
Looking at this niche our pastors ended more as motivational speakers and entertainers so as to fill this need.
Church was no longer about what God needs for His children but it was about what the church customer needed.
They became need based churches than Word Based churches.
The demand grew to the point that the motivation language had to fit people beyond the Christian religion therefore the pastor/author had to tone the language down so as to accommodate other religions as well.
In the end we lost the message of the Gospel because of rising sales as well as the demand of the greater community.
This does not however take away the genuine need of edification and motivation of the saints.
How shall we return to the place where we motivate and edify one another without this huge motivation industry that has overlapped the church?
We have people who have bought all the books about destiny but they have not yet reached their destiny.
People buy more motivation books but in the end they commit suicide.
Is the motivational vocation still as pure as God desired it to become?
Has this need for motivation not ended up promoting saints with itchy ears?
Is it possible to reclaim the ground of motivation so as to rebuild the walls of our cities like in the days of Nehemia; Zerubabel; Hagar and Zecharia?
I believe there is a place of motivation and edification in the Body of Christ.
I believe there are Prophets who are still heeding to the call of Edifying the Body of Christ.
Let us look at the next installment in how we can redeem this assignment.
Purpose and Motivation in the Body of Christ shall be the title.

The One Son Principle Chapter 5

Good morning.
Bless the Name of The Lord. He is worthy of all praise.
The flesh can’t praise Him at all for the flesh is forever looking for praise to feed on.
Today we are continuing with our 5th chapter of the One Son Principle.
As I began this book I mentioned the desires that I have about my life in sonship.
I said these are not lessons taught but they are observations I saw from my spiritual father Apostle Hausley.
I concluded that he is applying what I call One Son Principle.
From this I have outlined three desires:
1. To love and interact with all my sons as though they are all One Son.
2. To love each son as though it’s the only one son I am left with.
3. To carry the cross and instruction from my dad as though I am his only son but to allow crowning and reporting of the work to be accredited to all sons.
Well I have already started interacting with my sons as though they are one son.
I have sons spread over the length and breadth of South Africa and Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Atlanta and Texas.
Since I wrote these three chapters I examined my interaction with them and I saw it improve.
Others are in ministry while others are doing secular work.
I use these terms as we have learnt to use traditionally, but as I grow in sonship I know that my sons are all in ministry.
So they will each send photos wherever they are whether at work or church.
They began doing this and I was able to share day to day experience with them at a deeper level.
Wherever they are they are my eyes and therefore through them I travel through all those offices and workplaces.
We are all doing this and we are growing in this One Son Principle.
One son sent me a picture where he was travelling with his senior pastor who appointed him assistant pastor.
He was coming from radio reach out and they were going to another church.
I asked him to send me the photo of his senior pastor and send my love and blessing to him.
As I saw the photo of the senior pastor I sensed the love going up in my heart.o
A few years ago I would have felt a spirit of jealousy and competition growing in my heart.
But today I know that I need to love that man of God as my son loves him.
I also sent a message thanking him for trusting my son with such a position.
As a father it is my duty to ensure that all my sons are mentored in every city where they are.
It is also my duty to ensure that they are connecting to the grace carriers as well as the Body of Christ in their city.
If I don’t do this then I am no good father.
My son here in the house is in grade 5 and I need to make sure that he is connected to his grade 5 teacher.
My son is graced with art and I can’t draw, but I must make sure that he connects to the artistic grace.
Do I need to compete with these instructors and feel threatened that they will take my son?
Not at all!
After all all sons are of God and we as spiritual fathers are watching their souls as instructed by God.
1. To love and interact with all my sons as though they are One Son.
2. To love each son as though its the only son I am left with.
I am learning to apply these two lessons and I trust God that we all grow with my sons in these areas.
I have purposed that we shall not proceed to the fourth principle until we begin practicing the principles we have here in front of us.
I have watched dad’s facebook page and I hope many have seen it.
He always share pictures of his sons as well as their ministries.
He is not absorbed in advertising his ministry and the schools he has.
Sometimes he will share an event in the remotest part of Africa when he is in the heart of Philadelphia.
But I will not forget this one thing: on the 17 August on Sunday it was the 7th Month that my Bishop and Beloved Mentor Caleb Makhanda left this realm.
Every 17th I have memories of this man of God. Though I never shared this with Dad, he shared my Bishop’s Pic exactly on the 17th!
What father in these days would bother sharing a picture of a mentor of his son whom he never met?
Unless this father is in the heart of his son and his son is in the heart of his father?
We have fathers today who still carry the orphan spirit who will not find a sleep when they see you taking fellowship picture with your mentor.
This is how I also desire to fulfil the first two principles in the lifestyle of The One Son Principle.
I believe all my sons are learning from this instalment for we need to master our divine relationships.

Accessing The Christ Chapter 2 – Introduction Continued

We all have one calling and that calling is Son.
There is only one place for us to dwell and the place is called IN CHRIST.
We have a responsibility in our Apostolic and Prophetic duty to point everyone to this place called IN CHRIST.
This place will not always be in OUR MINISTRY.
This place will not always be in OUR CHURCH.
But the capitalistic model which has grown over years in our churches chooses to point everyone to OUR CHURCH.
The place called IN CHRIST is not good for Church Business the better one to tell people about is IN OUR CHURCH.
We have not entertained the topic of IN CHRIST because it does not do well for our Church Business Model.
We have an Apostolic responsibility to point everyone to The Body of Christ.
This is the work of the five fold ministry according to Ephe 4:12.
It is our duty to become a vehicle towards 1. Unity of Faith. 2. Knowledge of the Son and 3. Growing unto the Perfect Man. 4. The measure of the stature of fullness of Christ (Ephe 4: 13).
All these are found only in one place and that place is IN CHRIST.
When we point others about the place called IN CHRIST we might have to forsake our church salesman language.
Today the hunger of bringing people to this place called IN CHRIST has come to an end.
We go out to win souls in order to bring up the number of tithers in our churches.
We line up people to testify in a way that is no more different that a network marketing testimony of a product.
We no longer testify but we advertise.
We no longer win souls but its a marketing exercise aiming at closing a deal.
That is why people have all the benefits of the place called OUR CHURCH but not those of the place called IN CHRIST.
It is important for people to know the benefits of being IN CHRIST other than the benefits of being IN OUR CHURCH.

Therefore we bear the responsibility of pointing people to this place called IN CHRIST.
We therefore need to teach people the Christ Culture that our Church Culture.
We need to teach Christ Consciousness than our Church Consciousness.
We have to point to people the Christ Infrastructure as well as the Christ Community.
As you point the infrastructure it might involve other churches in your city as well as other men and women of God.
We might have to change our Relationship Model in order to Access The Christ Community.
We will need to change our Doctrine in order to Access The Christ Community.
In the upcoming installments we will speak of tools of Accessing The Christ.
Accessing The Christ through Relationship will also be discussed in the sessions to come.
Accessing The Christ through Doctrine will also be our focus.
We have decided to begin this conference so that we will help sons to help others Access The Christ.
As we build the Royal Priesthood we need to bring all the essential tools of building this nation.
We are building a nation of a Royal Priesthood and the place where this nation has to stay is called IN CHRIST.

Vanto Vanto
New Earth Virtual Ministries


This is an instruction I just received.
Teach my sons how to access The Christ.
You can Access The Christ and live a victorious life.
But how can you access what you do not see
Far too many Christians are waiting for the coming of Jesus but they do not see The Christ who is with us here on earth.
We preach about the coming Christ and how people must prepare themselves to meet Him, yet we are the first to fail our ability to see the Body of Christ on earth.
We have arrived in our final place. Our final place is not heaven but our final place is called IN CHRIST.
This is the most dynamic place that was well planned, this is no temporary place for us.
To try cracking your mind about heaven when you do not bother yourself about the place called IN CHRIST is not only naive but very misleading to the greater world.
I therefore believe Father God to guide us discover this place called IN CHRIST and begin to write more and teach more about this place.
This is just an easy introduction for us to enter gently and prayerfully in this topic.
What do you think? Tell me, why do we see the place called heaven more important than the place called IN CHRIST?
Why do we have little material about this place called IN CHRIST?
Why is the product called IN HEAVEN selling more than the message of the place called IN CHRIST?
Please remind me these questions as we continue with the next sessions because there are answers to these questions.
There is a place called IN CHRIST.
There is a BODY called CHRIST.
There is also a BUILDING and a COMMUNITY called CHRIST.
We shall therefore investigate all these structures and we will find out how come do we miss them and are not able to access them.
We will also look at the enemies and destroyers of these structures. Paul is blessed to have persecuted this Body when he was outside but today we have many who persecute this Body being “inside the Body”.
I put that phrase in inverted commas so that we will be later guided by the Holy Ghost in revealing the real place where these people are dwelling as they do this work.
I sometimes see Buddhist who can better claim to be in Christ than many Christians do claim.
My other challenge is the thinking that its not all those who call themselves Christians who are IN CHRIST.
I will also consult my spiritual father to weigh in this matter as well as the mentors that are around me as we continue.
I trust we will in this conference develop Christ Consciousness and not as the world has coined it today.
Who is The Christ?
Where is The Christ?
These are the answers we need to bring in the next sessions.
I trust that we will be taught as we continue and learn more about being IN CHRIST.
I would like to close this session by saying; if we do not see The Christ on day to day basis; why do we bother preparing people for the Coming of Christ?


Vanto Vanto
New Earth Virtual Ministries

The One Son Chapter 4 – The One Son Principle

Are you ready for the next installment?
Well today I went to my facebook account and there is an “about” page there.
I went there and removed a huge cv that briefly describes who I am and what I am doing.
As a communicator I really do want people to know what I am about and this also runs in my marketing blood.
Because of the revelations that are coming out from the Word I am reviewing who I say I am.
Well I removed all that I have written in there and I took some time to think what I must write.
I remembered when Father said I Am That I Am.
I also remembered when Paul said: No longer I who live but Christ in me.
Well I still desire to introduce myself as God wants but for now I wrote the words of Paul in the latter statement.
Why is my identity under attack?
Well its a good attack because I hear the word saying: There is much more to God than all you have ever been taught and therefore there is much more to who you are.
Why am I reviewing all this?
The answer boils down to : The One Son Principle.
I have googled this topic because I know that at times we receive what has been taught already.
Well I have not seen it so far and I am open to be taught more by mentors and my spiritual dad.
However as I said in the previous teachings; Dad Apostle RJ Hausley has not yet taught this but has practiced it before me.
From that I had three desires that I taught so far:
1. To love and interact with all my sons as though they are all One Son.
2. To love each son as though its the only one son I am left with.
3. To carry the cross and instruction from my dad as though I am his only son but to allow crowning and reporting of the work to be accredited to all of his sons.
Well these three things are my desires and they are three things I hope to grow towards from now onwards.
This introduction of One Son Principle has rocked our whole household.
We have everyone coming to confess and making ways right with me and others.
I have the same task to my dad and brothers as well.
This includes my spiritual brothers and natural ones as well.
This involves my spiritual dad and natural one as well.
I want to acknowledge my Spiritual Dad with the immense work he carries to model a relationship that I should look up to from my Heavenly Father as well as from my natural Father.
Well this installment will be short.
Chapter 3 says: Live as though you are The Only Begotten Son.
Jesus knew that if He does not wake up that day in bed there is NO ONE ELSE who will do His assignment for Him.
Each day He knew that The Father looks up to Him and Only Him.
Will you live in this way from now onwards?
Well how am I going to live as Though I am the Only Son to my Heavenly Father without showing an orphan spirit to my fellow brothers?
We said previously take the Cross Alone but Share the Crown with your brothers.
I want to wake up everyday as though there is none to share the gospel but just me.
I want to wake up as though my Spiritual Father has no other son but me.
I want to wake up one day as though my natural dad only has one son.
At home we are eight and we are all married.
I have noticed every time dad calls for something we all think someone will do it and it ends up not being done.
We even go as far as telling him we have to consult our spouses first.
It all sounds so good but at the end his instructions are not carried out.
But when you are the Only Son you know that your Father expects you to carry out the instruction.
Churches have many members but the Pastors instruction is the last to be carried out.
Probably you carry out the instruction of your boss before you carry out the instruction of your pastor.
It does not matter whether you are six hundred in church; carry out instructions as though you are the only son.
To your Dad or Mentor; carry out instruction as though you are the only one.
If you don’t pray no one will pray.
If you don’t tithe no one will; employed or not.
If you don’t take care of the House of God no one will.
If you don’t take care of your Dad and Pastor no one will.
This is how Jesus did His work here on earth.
No wonder He finished it at Record Time in three years.
He knew that He is the Only Son.
As a father; I want to think about all my sons as One Son.
So you will also need to help me accomplish this.
You have to behave like you are the only son left.
This is the Mantle Accessing Spirit which Elisha had.
He did not go to ask selfishly to be on the Right Hand Side of Jesus like the sons of Zebedee.
But he asked Elijah to make him His Only Son as First Born Son.
This is the meaning of Double Portion inheritance.
It does not mean benefits as many think; it means inheriting responsibility.
Though there were many prophets that saw Elijah as mentor; he saw him as My Father My Father!
As though he was the only son.
The One Son Principle brings down the Anointing!
Jesus did not wait for any other person to be anointed it had to be Him!
He was The Only Begotten Son!
Remember He took the Cross as the Only Son but shared the Crown with many brothers.
Well today I went deeper on my third sonship desire.
I want you to title this message The One Son Principle.
I hope this drills down to you the truths about why you are here next to me in this ministry as sons.
If you were my only son today in this New Earth Ministry; what would you do?
If I was Dad’s only Son in Eagle Nest Family what would I do?

Vanto Vanto
New Earth Virtual Ministries

15. Grace to Relate

This morning my son pulled this lesson out of my old notes I taught them. Then I thought it is maybe for all of us to have. Bless you.

The Grace to Relate.

I have walked the path of faith.
I have heard of the greatest miracles.
I have seen some.
I also have a father who walk in the high grace.
But the Highest of the Graces is Relationship.
Relationship is the Highest Miracle.
I have stayed with prophets that can tell the color of your underwear but leave the same prophet to
solve a relationship problem with a fellow brother they fail.
Though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries; and all knowledge; and though I have
faith so that I remove mountains and have no Love (Relational Grace); I am nothing 1Cor 13:2
We sing this verse but we don’t see through it.
The Grace to Relate – Love is the principal thing.
Love is beyond unity
Love is Oneness.
I know of people who are ready to face 90 000 people and sing the best song but would rather die if you
ask them to sort an issue with a spouse or mom.
To Relate is the hardest of all Graces.
In the path of Relating you meet all kind of species that God needs you to love.
Now people are ready to have a gift to remove devils but they are not ready to have a gift to deal with the
devil that they are.
To relate is to sit face to face with the devil that you have become.
There is a devil in me that wants to define relationship; whom to relate with and whom not to relate with.

The orphan spirit is this part in me that is not able to relate. The son spirit is the part in me that is graced to relate. All relationships originate from the Father and Son Spirit. This is the part in us that makes us to be of the same image and likeness as the Godhead. This is the very part that satan no matter how supernaturally gifted he is. Jesus says His disciples shall be known through the ability to relate. This is found in John 13:35.

Therefore pursue the Love Grace
Pursue the Relationship Grace.
It really amazes me that people want to have the Grace to heal the sick but they don’t want to have the
grace to Love the same.
We need to pursue the graces that were there before satan was a problem.
You do not always have to measure the Grace with Evil.

We are poor because we have failed to relate.
The first Grace you need to kick out poverty is the Grace to Relate.
Curse not the rich Ecc 10:20
This means be good in relating.
The easiest person to hate is a rich person.
The easiest person to hate is someone who is more blessed or successful than you are.
I have made my mind.
All these other Graces will be a bonus to me.
I just need Grace to Love.
I just need Grace to Relate.
I have seen it all. Love always win.
Love always make a way.
And lastly do not measure the Grace against evil.
When the bible said Grace will always abound more than Evil it did not mean Evil is the measure or the
opposite of Grace.
Many people (me included) say Africa has more Graces.
The truth is that it has more Evil.
This Grace we see is just out shining the evil we see.
I don’t want to measure Graces with Evil.
I want the Graces that were there before evil came.
Light or Wisdom was there before Satan came.
Understanding was there before satan came.
Love was there before satan came.
We don’t Love to shame the devil.
We Love because we are Love.

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10. Holy Nation vs Christian Nation Part 2

We are now in the tenth chapter of Part 2 which is Holy Nation.
Yesterday I introduced to you a chapter called: The Holy Nation vs The Mega Tribe.
I opened the book with: The Holy Nation vs The Holy Me.
Then I gave you a chapter: The Holy Nation vs Holy Moses.
All these are layers we need to peel off for the visibility of the Holy Nation.
Only the eyes of Sons will see the Holy Nation.
The Holy Nation is in our midst and it is unstoppable.
The Holy Me; The Holy Moses; The Christian Nation and The Mega Tribe are the layers that hide the Holy Nation.

I encourage you to go read about them in the past lessons and you will understand where we are in this chapter.
The Holy Me is a layer that develops in the eye of the one who has to always see the nakedness of others in order to validate his or her holiness.
This layer is a form of an orphan spirit that rejoices in the digging up of dirt of others.
It comes to prove that all others have less prayers while this holy me has more prayers; more tongues and more miracles than everyone.
This spirit of the Holy Me cannot be sent to build The Holy Nation.
Our example is Moses and his calling.
The Holy Me layer in us has created a gospel of the Holy Moses and Israelite sinners.
We went on to tell people about how Moses spoke face to face with God and how unworthy was the whole nation to speak face to face with God.
With this gospel we elevated the Holy Me into a Holy Moses.
Through all this time we made one man in our midst a Holy Moses and validated his calling as more superior than others.
We even went further to prove that this Holy Moses we have in our congregation is stronger than all the Pastors in other churches.
We did not stop there but we went further to prove that demons fear this Holy Moses more than any of the men of God in our vicinity.
As if something was pushing us we even convinced people that mentioning the name of this Holy Moses in our prayers make demons to run away all the more.
Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.
Acts 3:6 KJV
Peter refused to be the Holy Peter but he called upon the Name of Jesus.
But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
Philippians 2:7‭, ‬9‭-‬11 KJV
Today we have trained our followers to quote the name of their Holy Moses more than they quote Jesus.
Whatever breakthrough they have they endorse the name of their Holy Moses above Jesus.
But we never saw that it was never about the Holy Moses; it was always about the Holy Nation.
And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.
Exodus 19:6 KJV
This was the assignment of Moses: To tell them that they are the Holy Nation and not sent to tell them that he is the Holy Moses.
And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, Thus saith the Lord , Israel is my son, even my firstborn:
Exodus 4:22 KJV
Even to Pharaoh he had to tell him that Israel is His Son not to come and say: Moses is His Son.
Well because we are from the Christian Nation that is ruled by Capitalistic culture; we had to make Holy Moses the main Brand.
I will take from the words of Apostle Hausley and say: what makes the Post Man more important than the Message he brings to you?
Apostle Hausley says: Son you are like a Post Man yours is just to deliver the letter and let their eyes be fixed on the letter and not on you.
(Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.)
Numbers 12:3 KJV
He was very meek and he was not the Brand of the Israelites.
Well not only did we promote this Holy Me into a Holy Moses; we encouraged him to focus on his tribe and make it the Mega Tribe.
We said anyone who is not a Levite is not as important as Levites.
We created a Mega Tribe which will be above all other Tribes.
Our Pastor is a Holy Moses and there is no Pastor like him. He opened the sea and no other Pastor did what he did.
He is a Levite therefore unless you are a Levite you are a nobody.
Unless you are in our “church” our Mega Tribe you do not know what you are missing.
All these can only be products of a Christian Nation and Not the Holy Nation.
Now we have a Holy Me who has been promoted to a Holy Moses and is Pastoring the Mega Tribe!
What was the duty of tribes in Israel?
And ye shall keep the charge of the sanctuary, and the charge of the altar: that there be no wrath any more upon the children of Israel.
Numbers 18:5 KJV
Levi was no Mega Tribe with a Holy Moses. Levi was called to serve all other Tribes in the Holy Nation.
The reason I did this summary of the other 9 chapters is to put all the readers up to speed with what we are all about.
I also repeated these nuggets to help the attendees of the conference to recap what they have learned so far.
Remember our key obstacles to the Holy Nation: The first is the Christian Nation; formed solely to become the Ambassador of Capitalism and not Sonship. Thus we find ourselves carrying the consequences of Capitalism and not of Sonship.
As Capitalism is to the Christian Nation so is Sonship to the Holy Nation. It is a system of distributing the economy.
The second obstacle is the Holy Me. For as long as you see yourself Holier than others you cannot see the Holy Nation.
The third is the Holy Moses who is raised far above all other Pastors as a brand of the congregation to the invisibility of the Holy Nation.
The last is the Mega Tribe made out to outshine all the other Tribes as Levites over Israel. This is where we recruit everyone from their own church to join our church.
When we are involved in all the things I mention above we are still locked in the Christian Nation and Not in the Holy Nation.

9. Holy Nation vs Mega Tribe

Good afternoon. I will begin my lesson for the ninth chapter.
The task at hand is to unveil to you the Holy Nation.
This Nation does not form automatically it needs efforts to build it.
We take a pattern from Moses when sent to deliver the Israelites.
In God’s eyes they were already a fully fledged Holy Nation, but in the natural they had to be built to become that Nation.
The task of Moses was to bring together a group of slaves and build a nation again.

He had to bring them together as tribes each under its own banner.
He had to give each tribe it’s identity and calling within a nation.
There was no tribe that was called to benefit themselves alone as a tribe.
Each tribe had to minister to the whole nation.
I would underline that if I wete you.
Moses was developing tribes that would become of service to the entire nation.
No tribe was given laws of independence and self survival.
Let us take the Tribe of Levi as our example.
And the Lord said unto Aaron, Thou and thy sons and thy father’s house with thee shall bear the iniquity of the sanctuary: and thou and thy sons with thee shall bear the iniquity of your priesthood. And thy brethren also of the tribe of Levi, the tribe of thy father, bring thou with thee, that they may be joined unto thee, and minister unto thee: but thou and thy sons with thee shall minister before the tabernacle of witness. And they shall keep thy charge, and the charge of all the tabernacle: only they shall not come nigh the vessels of the sanctuary and the altar, that neither they, nor ye also, die. And they shall be joined unto thee, and keep the charge of the tabernacle of the congregation, for all the service of the tabernacle: and a stranger shall not come nigh unto you. And ye shall keep the charge of the sanctuary, and the charge of the altar: that there be no wrath any more upon the children of Israel.
Numbers 18:1‭-‬5 KJV
The duties of Levi were to serve for the entire nation of Israel before God. This we see in the fifth verse:
And ye shall keep the charge of the sanctuary, and the charge of the altar: that there be no wrath any more upon the children of Israel.
Numbers 18:5 KJV
No tribe was sent to build its own Empire but every tribe was sent to be of Kingdom service to all the Tribes of Israel.
Let us look at the Tribe of Judah:
And this is the blessing of Judah: and he said, Hear, Lord , the voice of Judah, and bring him unto his people: let his hands be sufficient for him; and be thou an help to him from his enemies.
Deuteronomy 33:7 KJV
Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up? The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.
Genesis 49:9‭-‬10 KJV
Both Moses and Jacob spoke the duties of Judah to Israel. They both confirmed Judah as the Tribe that will provide leadership and Kings to the other tribe ” until Shiloh come”.
Now as Moses developed them as a Nation he gave each Tribe duties of allegiance to the Nation.
Now the sons of Reuben the firstborn of Israel, (for he was the firstborn; but, forasmuch as he defiled his father’s bed, his birthright was given unto the sons of Joseph the son of Israel: and the genealogy is not to be reckoned after the birthright. For Judah prevailed above his brethren, and of him came the chief ruler; but the birthright was Joseph’s:)
1 Chronicles 5:1‭-‬2 KJV
The tribe of Reuben lost its forthright to the Tribe of Ephraim. Though Judah was the Ruler the forthright belonged to the Son of Joseph.
Now this birthright was the right to divide the inheritance of Canaan among all the brothers through Joshua.
There are many verses that proves that each tribe was designed to serve the whole nation.
Moses had to group them as tribes under each banner. This was not to build them to discriminate other Tribes but to serve other Tribes.
The Tribe of Ephraim played one of the roles of the role of the Holy Spirit which is to divide the inheritance among sons.
But Ephraim had to first make sure that they are Sons by circumcising them.
And Joshua made him sharp knives, and circumcised the children of Israel at the hill of the foreskins. And this is the cause why Joshua did circumcise: All the people that came out of Egypt, that were males, even all the men of war, died in the wilderness by the way, after they came out of Egypt.
Joshua 5:3‭-‬4 KJV
It was given to the Levites to bring Israel before God but it was given to Ephraim through Joshua to circumcise them. Making them ready for Economy.
They were never trained to swallow other Tribes and make one big tribe.
They were trained to grow other Tribes to make one big nation.
Does your church as a clan and tribe understand this role? Or are they building an empire of one big tribe at the expense of the nation?
Are your Apostles and Prophets doing the work of Moses; which is to build the Holy Nation; or are they building a Mega Tribe that will swallow the Nation?
Though Moses was a Levite he never led for only Levites to benefit.
Though Joshua was from Ephraim he never shared the economy of Canaan to only benefit the Ephtaimites.
Though David was King of Israel he fought for all the the Nation of Israel not only for Judah.
Are you building the Holy Nation or a Mega Tribe?
Capitalist cultured leaders build Mega Tribe but Sons build The Holy Nation.

Vanto Vanto

8. Holy Nation: Christian Nation and Capitalism Part 2

Good afternoon.
Our last three chapters dealt with three characters for a study.
We brought into the picture what we coined Holy Moses and we said God was looking for a Holy Nation that will enter the Holy Land and not the Holy Moses.
Therefore the assignment of Moses was to bring the Slave people into a Holy Nation consciousness.
Some could argue and say Moses failed in his ministry because he was sent to take people to Canaan Land.
I want to argue that thinking and say to you that Moses achieved his calling.
His calling was to build a Nation out of slaves.
The first thing in building a Nation is to write a Constitution of that Nation.
Moses did this and he did it well. He used his Scribal Grace to bring an identity to a slave people and give a Holy Nation Identity.
For no one would be allowed to enter Canaan with an incomplete National Identity.
For if your Identity is Incomplete so is your Destiny.
Therefore Moses gave them Identity of a Holy Nation in the form of a Constitution or Law.
This assignment of Moses is vital for it is still needed today.
Most people regard Moses ministry as 1. Taking them out of Egypt and 2. Taking them to Canaan.
This is a very limited way of approaching the call of Moses.
Even before Moses began to deal with the children of Jacob who turned slaves; there was a way that God thought about them as a people. This we see it in the scripture below:
And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, Thus saith the Lord , Israel is my son, even my firstborn: And I say unto thee, Let my son go, that he may serve me: and if thou refuse to let him go, behold, I will slay thy son, even thy firstborn.
Exodus 4:22‭-‬23 KJV
The message here is that “Israel is My Son!” Not Moses is my Son.
Now this is the message to all those who are called by God.
Even though to everybody’s eyes the Children of Jacob were Slaves God saw them as a complete Son already. The First Born the Holy Nation.
We are called to go and bring back the Son and not the Slave.
As the Holy Nation we are called to reach out to Sons.
We are not called to go and convince them that they are Slaves or Servants and we as the called are Sons.
God is looking for His Sons even if Satan has kept them as Slaves.
Today there are preachers who have turned church into their slave and treat preacher as son.
They proclaim boldly to say “I am your last hope!”
They go further to say :”If it was not for me you would be dead!”
No Holy Nation ambassador can say that!
It is impossible to be a Holy Nation Ambassador and behave that way.
In the Holy Nation we don’t have Capitalism we have Sonship.
Capitalism understand people as classes that are unequal which are to be rewarded and treated in that manner.
For people to see others in this manner they can’t do this in a Holy Nation.
That is why they designed a new nation called Christian Nation.
Christian Nation has been the biggest vehicle of Capitalism in the whole world.
In its capitalist dealings it condoned discrimination.
In its dealings they saw themselves as civilized who are coming to help the uncivilized world.
When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt.
Hosea 11:1 KJV
The Holy Nation principles call Israel a Son even when he looked like a servant and slave in our own eyes.
Moses as a founding father of the Holy Nation was not allowed to say: I Moses came as civilized son and you were uncivilized slaves when I saved you.
But the Christian Nation has written in their books that they came to Africa and found uncivilized heathen and gave them civilization through Christianity.
Well they belonged to a Christian Nation that was a driver of Capitalism and not to Holy Nation that was a driver of Sonship.
Then they designed a story of a Holy Moses and slaves of Israel.
They never told us about The Holy Nation.
The Christian Nation brought a Capitalist culture in all the dealings of the “church”.
They took people in other countries and enslaved them and packed them in ships like sardines.
All the while they took that as a Holy calling to “save” the Slave out of Africa and other places.
This is why they are called a Christian Nation. They were ambassadors of Capitalism and Slavery.
Today I see the African churches who still carry those scars. They design their Holy Moses who comes to help the unholy people.
We have missed the Sonship System which is the Identity; the Economy and the Culture of the Holy Nation.
This they do because they are trapped in the Christian Nation.
They still exploit others and demand that their names be invoked in prayers.
They have branded themselves as though God Himself is paying tithe to them.
When you look at the oppression in their countries you understand why they perceive a calling as Masters who are coming to save slaves.
In this instalment I am reminded to tell you that Moses was sent to God’s Sons who looked like slaves in our eyes.
The King is sending you to go and find His Sons and Crown them. He is not sending you to go and enslave his sons to crown you.

That was the message to Moses and may it remain the message to you.


7. Holy Nation: Christian Nation and Capitalism Part 1

We have just finished a chapter 5 on the Holy Nation vs Christian Nation and we went back to chapter 1 of Holy Nation vs Holy Me.
We did that by bringing it closer to the biblical story and we said Holy Nation vs Holy Moses.
Our main newsflash was that the Gospel was never about Holy Moses it has always been about Holy Nation.
Moses himself reminds the Israelites this main mission with the following words:
And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.
Again Peter shows that it was never about the Holy Peter but it was always about the Holy Nation. He also sums this below:
But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:
The question is How did our gospel slip from Holy Nation to Holy Moses?
How did we reverse again from Holy Nation to Holy Peter?
Why is Holy Moses and Holy Peter today more popular than Holy Nation?
Here is the answer: In order to grow a Nation you need a system of distribution of the economy.
The Holy Nation has a certain class of people.
It is a Nation of Kingly Priests.
It does not say Kings and Priests. It says Kingly Priests.
Royal Priesthood.
These Priests who are also Kings are of the same class.
But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,
You have come to the general assembly and the Church of the First Born.
This Nation which is also Church is made up only of the First Born. It is a Holy Nation of the First Born.
All citizens of this Nation hold the same status as The Son who is the First Born.
By dying for us to share this inheritance we all had to share it as First Born.
There are no Second Born and Last Born in this Nation. It is the Nation of the First Born.
First Born Kingly Priests.
When you have citizens of a Nation which are all First Born Kingly Priests; how do you share their economy among them?
Therefore this Nation cannot use our earthly systems of distributing the economy.
The earthly systems use the Capitalist; Socialist and Communist way to distribute the economy.
This means they conclude that there are classes from slaves to servants to Sons or masters.
The Holy Me and the Holy Moses group have this picture when they “rule” in their gathering.
I said earlier in order to grow as Holy Nation we need a System of Economic Distribution and it cannot be Capitalism or Socialism.
When you use the Capitalist system you will face capitalist problems.
In capitalism we have vocabulary that comes with the package.
First we have Competition.
Today churches have Competition among themselves because they have chosen Capitalism.
This means which congregation has more numbers more money more everything.
In Capitalism we have poaching of customers and employees so as to learn the secrets of the competition.
Congregations today are more about poaching members than winning unsaved souls.
In Capitalism you can also play dirty and dig the dirt of your competition.
Today we have congregations where this Pastor will dig the dirt of the other Pastor so as to win his or her members.
In the Holy Nation we restore the brother we don’t dig the dirt of a brother.
These are only few examples to show that the Holy Nation cannot use Communism or Capitalism to distribute our economy.
Let us look in the next instalment which system we use as Holy Nation.

Vanto Vanto

6. Holy Nation vs Holy Moses

I have given you in the past sixteen chapters that speak about the Son.
By now I have already given you five chapters that speak about the Holy Nation.
Moses had one assignment with the Children of Jacob.
They would not enter Canaan as groups of splinter tribes.
They had to enter Canaan AS A NATION.
It is of no use to take Slaves to Canaan.
It is The Nation that has to enter Canaan.
It is of no use to take Church Splinter Groups to Heaven.
God needs His Holy Nation to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.
For as long as we are divided tribes of congregations we cannot inherit the Full Kingdom Benefits of Heaven.
Just like Moses we need TO MAKE THEM A NATION AGAIN.
We have reduced the story to be about Moses and God.
God wanted to speak to the whole nation FACE TO FACE.
Because He called them to be A NATION OF KINGLY PRIESTS.
The Gospel of a Called Moses is our gospel. God dealt with a Gospel of A CALLED NATION.
When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt.
Hosea 11:1 KJV
The whole Nation is called Son because God’s formula of building His Nation is Sons.
And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.
Exodus 19:6 KJV
This was not about Holy Moses (or Holy Me). It was about Holy Nation.
That which is made Holy is CALLED BY GOD.
Moses was not in the process of making Holy Moses but he was in the process of awakening Holy Nation.
[07/02, 16:27] Vanto Vanto: This day as well we are in the same process.
It is not about the Holy Me it is about the Holy Nation.
But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:
1 Peter 2:9 KJV
What is the calling of this Nation?
That we should SHOW FORTH PRAISES……..
Peter is talking about THE CALLING OF THE NATION BY GOD.
This time is not about baby sitting the calling of the Holy Me. This is the time of blowing a trumpet to awaken The Holy Nation.
These are Kings and Priests and not our slaves.
We are not sent to prove to them our I individual Calling.
We are sent to awaken Kings and Priests to their Calling as a Nation.

Vanto Vanto

5. Holy Nation vs Christian Nation

I have spent time with you on four installments that speaks to the subject of the Holy Nation.
I have spoken to you on the subject of the Holy Me vs the Holy Nation.
We as a people need to transition from the identity of the Holy Me to the Identity of the Holy Nation.
For as long as the Holy Me is promoted in the Ministries we build the Holy Nation’s visibility will delay.
The time has come for the Holy Nation to be visible.
We need to point this Nation and the deeds of this Nation.
The Nation of Islam is visible and their identity and purpose has been made very clear over the years.
The Holy Nations visibility is obscured by a Nation which even the Nation of Islam is at war with.
When the Holy Nation emerges it will not be at war with any other Nation but will swallow the Nations into its mission.
Let us be clear that the Nation of Islam is not at war with the Holy Nation.
The Nation of Islam is at war with the Christian Nation.
The Christian Nation has been visible since the days of Roman Empire and the mission and deeds of the Christian Nation have been very clear.
As an African Christian I am a victim of the Christian Nation and many of the things it stands for.
The first thing which the Christian Nation did was to take lands in Africa and turned Africans into second class citizens of the Christian Nation.
The Christian Nation has divided Nations and promoted wars which have become a great burden in Third World Countries.
This is therefore not the Nation we were sent to Build and this Nation remains the strongest opposition of the Holy Nation.
Many church organizations are still trapped in the agenda of the Christian Nation this includes well meaning church organizations.
The Holy Nation is not made up of organizations but it is made up of Father-Son structured families.
Son in this structure is neither male or female but a spirit of Sonship.
That is why the Christian Nation find it easy to accommodate the revelation of the Christ of the Living God but finds it difficult to accommodate the revelation of Son of the Living God.
The Christ of the Living God is the Power and Economy of the Holy Nation but the Son of the Living God is the Body and Visibility of the Holy Nation.
The Christian Nation’s visibility is government’s and organizations not the Father-Son structure.
The Christian Nation’s visibility is based on colour and country, it is based on title and gifting.
The Christian Nation promotes other countries over other countries and for years it has promoted one race over another.
The Father-Son wineskin is the visibility of the Holy Nation.
The Christian Nation after realizing that they have forsaken the second part of Peter’s Revelation, are doing their best to bring the Father-Son wineskin.
They have been best known with the Master-Slave wineskin where they initially declared other races to be destined to be slaves of other races.
They find themselves now having “father-Master” hybrid which is developing “son-slave” hybrid.
This is to prove that the Christian Nation is incapable of building through Father-Son structure.
For this reason for Holy Nation to be visible the Christian Nation will meet its collapse.
And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.
Matthew 16:16 KJV
We have seen the Christ of the Living God displayed even by the Christian Nation.
The Christian Nation has failed to make visible the Son of the Living God.
I look forward to show you in the next instalment why it is difficult for them to display the Son of the Living God.

Allow me to end this teaching by saying: The Son of the Living God is the Oneness of the Holy Nation and Visibility of the Body of Christ.

Vanto Vanto

4. Holy Nation: Christ without Son

Good afternoon India. Hope your day in His presence was a blessing.
This is chapter 4 of the Holy Nation.
And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.
Matthew 16:16 KJV
We have spoken in the previous session about the revelation which was put on Apostle Peter which causes Jesus Christ to respond by building His Church.
And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Bar–jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.   And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
Matthew 16:17‭-‬18 KJV
Jesus is revealing to all the Apostles and Prophets how He is going to build His Church. He is saying the Mind of God is going to bring Revelation to them and this Revelation shall become foundation or rock upon which He will build His Church.
This foundation has to carry the blueprint of two tracks as seen by Peter.
All the revelations we carry as Apostles; Prophets and Scribes have to be tested and be made to run on the rail of these two tracks:
1. The Christ of the Living God.
2. The Son of the Living God.
1. The Christ is His Economy or His Grace; and the source of this economy has to be the Living God.
2. The Son is His relationship and how He connects to the Father.
It is on the Revelation of His Grace and His Sonship where He will build His Church.
Now i have shown the first group that builds on the grace or gifting which is not from the Living God.
I promised that today i will deal on the second group which builds only on His Grace and which is the correct Grace.
They build on the Christ-hood  of the True Living God and there are signs that follow to prove that it is indeed the correct grace.
The problem with these is that as much as it is the correct revelation of The Christ of the Living God; they do not carry the other half of this revelation WHICH IS THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD.
They carry Gifting (the Christ) without Relationship (the Son). This is the crux of BUILDING THE HOLY NATION.
This is the stage where Apostle Ricci Hausley met me. It took me a long time to understand this missing link.
He always said: Son that is a good gifting/performance but it is not relational.
Which means It is the correct Grace (Christ Economy) but there is no Son (Relationship) it it.
Today in Africa we are left with the competition of how much Grace is in which church and many will flock in that church.
It is not Relational therefore it must have Competition.
The colonial master came to Africa and made sure that no Nation will rise again. Through their Social Engineering Programs they designed Competition and Hatred or Discrimination among Tribes.
They rewrote our own Tribal History which left us as permanent enemies in one nation.
When Tribes are at war The Nation will never be built. We want to prove which tribe is stronger than the other. They wrote a history that tells of one tribe stronger than others and we spend time trying to disapprove that history.
These Tribal wars which are in Africa are a reflection of Tribal wars in our church congregations
For as long as we see one church more graced than the other; we shall not see the Holy Nation. We are Transactional and not Relational.
We chase Power at the expense of Relationship. We therefore miss the identity of the Holy Nation and we are stuck in the Identity of The Christian Nation.
When we only embrace the Christ of the Living God but reject The Son of the Living God we are not a Holy Nation but just a mere Christian Nation.

Is this Accidental or is it a Perfect Trap in our Revelation? We shall see in the next installment.

Vanto Vanto