Holy Nation

A Holy Nation is built by Spiritual Sons and Spiritual families

After I received teachings of sonship which leads to lasting spiritual families from my spiritual dad Apostle Hausley, I received a special mandate when I was on a visit to my spiritual daughter in Texas, Apostle Cecilia Darden. The message was crystal clear that my mandate is to teach and raise a Holy Nation Project.

For indeed what would be fathers and sons without families? What would be spiritual families without a Nation?

In session one I share that it takes sons to build and to see a Holy Nation. I continue in session 2 and 3 to share that we need to believe in the Son and in His Sonship for us to have the grace of heavenly sonship. This lessons of sons is completed in session 4 where son of man and son of God are taught for us to see how the son of Man will build a Holy Nation.

In chapter 1 and chapter 6 we explain how the “holy me”- cult is an obstacle to the Holy Nation which gives birth to a bigger obstacle to the Holy Nation in chapter 9 which is the Mega Tribe. We end the conference with the biggest obstacle to the Holy Nation which is the myth called Christian Nation. 

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