Message to Break Every Chain Conference 2015 hosted by International Dream Team, Temple Texas

Beloved Daughter Evangelist Cecilia Blane Darden

I have a letter I want to write to you for this conference.
You are my mouthpiece as daughter and son to my household.
It is a message of lifting of burdens and the breaking of yokes.

We have had many revolutions to break free from our chains but our freedom has never lasted.

This is because we missed the message of Jesus of breaking chains and EVERY CHAIN FOREVER.
Now Revolutions do not bring lasting freedom because they are brought by heroes.
They remove the burden of the oppressor only to introduce their burdens.
Relationships bring lasting freedom because they are brought by fathers who give birth to sons for continuity.

Isaiah shows us in chapter 9 verse 4 that God will break chains from the nation.
In verse 6 He shows that a Son will be given for this breaking of chains.
This means that fathers and not heroes will break chains by bringing sons.
In Chapter 10 verse 27 Isaiah brings the power behind the Son which is called Anointing as the yoke and chain breaker.

Anointing in heroes like Samson will not break the chains for they do not honor the source which is their fathers the Manoahs.
Romans 8 verse 11 says for as many as are led by the Spirit (yoke breaking Anointing) they are the sons of God.
The Anointing is the Holy Spirit that keeps the bond of oneness between the Father and Son.
Freedom is not in revolution and jail-breaking. Freedom is not in the hands of powerful slaves.
Freedom is with Sons who have the Grace to Relate called the Holy Spirit (Chain Breaking Anointing).

Tell your people who are my people to learn to Relate and they shall be free.
Our freedom and chain breaking in Africa is short lived because the scar of 500years of slavery has left us with inability to relate.

This is the reason Dad Apostle Ricci Hausley was sent to become my father and father to many sons in Africa: To restore the Relationship Grace called Sonship.