The battle of Religious fanatics

All religious fanatics are the same. I am Christian and I fear Christian fanatics just as I fear those of any religion.

The first thing they do is to warn you about religious fanatics of other religions. As they do this they spread hatred and develop a good excuse for what they plan to do.

All religious fanatics have no respect for life. They are lovable as long as they talk about other people. The true colors show up when they kill their own.

As a Christian growing in South Africa I have a first hand experience of what religious fanaticism can do to its own. We became victims from our own Christian Brothers and we had a very painful lesson from both sides.

As a Christian growing in Africa I continue to see Christian brothers looting our minerals for decades now. Through Christian African diaspora brothers I have seen how their fellow brothers treated them as slaves.

The most dangerous thing is that they did this with passion and quoting the scriptures that give them the right to do so.
The second common things about religious fanatics is to do inhumane things to their brothers justifying them with scripture.

Now the next level is for them to show us the evil of other fanatics in other religions. But we have not forgotten the evil they did to us. They want to continue feeding their fanaticism and they now want us to join them.

Well I chose to face my own brothers of my religion. Why don’t you do the same and face yours in your religion?

We close this year in the highest battle of religious fanatics and we are all drawn to it. As we go to 2015 may we humbly learn that God is not bribed by any form of fanaticism. We need to remember that His Name is Love and His other Name is Father. This means there is nothing pleasing to Him when you hate His own children and killing them. All He requires of you is to obey His Commandments.

Happy New Year to you all.


From Jerusalem to Damascus

“Paul was converted going to. #Damascus. Acts 15:23 Speaks of a special relationship between Apostles in Jerusalem and Syria. We are Christian Gentiles today because of our Christian#Syrian Gentiles forefathers. That remnant is still there this day. Pray for Syria. Goodwill epistles shall flow between #Jerusalem and #Damascus again. #Apostles and #prophets (Acts 15:32) shall finish it. They began it.”

Above is my fb status today.

One thing very difficult about Prophetic Scribes is to touch the untouchables.

It seems as if one must be highly resourced to even begin talk about Middle East.

My experience of what South Africa was in the past does not give me sleep for every family in the Syria and Iraq that is not able to explain to their children what is happening.

I keep on hearing the message “If you turn a deaf ear and do not pray for these ones; you shall be next tomorrow.

Anyone who has survived geonocides and wars cannot just take the wars in Middle East as another Television Entertainment Movie.

The Holy Spirit reminds me today that Damascus is a place close to the heart of God as it was in the days of Paul’s conversion so shall it be today.

This was the first relationship between Apostles and Gentiles in such a close manner. If Paul was alive today; he would still have the same heart concerning Damascus Brothers and Sisters as he did then.

Apostles and Prophets therefore will continue with the same vein of reaching out to Damascus than sending franchised prophetic words of gloom.

James says the Tabernacle of David will rise only when we remember that there is also Edom and others outside the twelve tribes of Israel. This was spoken by Amos (9:11-15) as in Acts 15:16.

How do we even begin to look for the Return of the Tabernacle of David in exclusion of this 12th verse of Amos 9: “That they may possess the remnant of Edom….” Contrary to the Capitalistic interpretation of this verse; Apostle James hears a different note; which is of The Israel of God (Church) reaching out to Gentiles (not excluding Damascus).

Pray for Peace in Damascus. Pray for peace in Middle East. Apostolic letters will flow once more between Jerusalem and Damascus.