Word Whom we crucified

The following are status reports which I posted on facebook. They all speak about The Word and how we approach Him.

Mark11: 18 And the scribes and chief priests heard it, and sought how they might destroy him: for they feared him, because all the people was astonished at his doctrine.

The biggest curse is to lose taste buds for God’s Word.

If the Word of God could get in your life the power that you gave to radio and television we would be far. First thing you enter in your car you switch the radio on. First thing in your house you switch the tv on. When you have visitors you do not allow your children to speak while you are discussing but television is allowed even to bring breaking news in the middle of your discussions. Your spouse does not have the access to speak to you that many times. Would your visitors be happy when the Word of God come as breaking news in the middle of the conversation? And all this is normal to you? Let the Word return in its rightful place.

The biggest haters of the Word are not outside but they are in Church. They crucify the Word daily, instead of crucify the flesh daily. They have come to church to disrespect and mock the Word. It was much better they were not even “saved” in the first place. Since they have come the Word has become more disrespected and dumbed down. These people love the laying of hands more than the Word. They love the miracles, ore than the Word. The highest of all graces is to hear the Word and the biggest of all miracles is to love the Word. We need Grace to see Life and Light from the Word.

In the past we used to see Word haters in other places except church. Word haters are on the rise in church today. They have come in numbers to mock and crucify the Word right in the temple and even in the altar. In the past the Word was crucified outside the city of Jerusalem. Today the Priests on the altar have come to crucify the Word, to make a mockery of the Word. How do they do that? They are released before time to come teach even before their hearts are circumcised. They are not conforming to the Word but they are making the Word to conform to their own needs.

The other Word haters have come to the temple to make their social gatherings, so cheap has the Word become such that a pair will feed on their little gossip while the Word is taught. Why are Christians hating their scriptures more than other religions? In the midst of the highest church attendances and highest miracles recorded we live in the time when Christians have become the most illiterate in their scriptures. This volcano is about to explode! The Lord will never be mocked. We are about to reap what we are sowing. Some nations and churches have already begun.

The Word of God from the Holy Bible has been crucified on the World Stage and abused to promote the biggest money making schemes the world has ever seen:
1. Slavery
2. Racism
3. War

It is unfortunate that Africa has been on receiving end of all these schemes that continue to this day. This has been done to undermine the authority of the Word of God. Intellectuals and authors have been posted to write endless books in justifying these schemes. These include dumping waste of the world in Africa and other affected places.

We have not done any better as the African people, we have taken the same Word and developed the greatest institutions ever in Christianity and continued harming one another using the Word and money spinning not left behind. This is at the peril of our people. This is done to undermine the authority of the Word of God. But in these days the Word is returning as the flood of Noah to correct all these wrongs. The Word is returning as eyes of fire to collapse these who have abused the Word. Whatever has happened in the past the Word has come back to Speak for Himself through a remnant of our faithful fathers who have never been part to these practices.

The Word is rising through Light and Life to take His place in the hearts of mankind. Great is our God the Lord Almighty.

The Lord bless you. That’s all for today.


There is more to Christianity than we offer.

There is a false standard that has developed over decades on what church is all about.

These standards were imported from the capitalistic model as it measures progress in business and social life. Hollywood has been successfully used as a standard bearer of lifestyle throughout the world. Cable networks on current news have cemented that virtual reality to be imported to our daily life.

We imported these standards to church activities and mixed them with manifestation of miracles there and there. We saw people falling when we pray for them and we saw more money in the offering basket. Then we thought God is validating our activities.

We took God’s presence and privatized it in our local churches and presented a case why people must join our churches. No different from Christmas adverts in the mall or political campaigns. We imported these systems and even improved on them.

When intelligent Atheists and people of other religions confront us on this culture of mixture we dismissed them as people attacking “The Kingdom”. We had governments embedded on us to go attack other nations and successfully incorporated their actions to biblical end times prophecies.

“Either you are with us or you are against us”. This message has been used by Powerful Governments with very respectable spiritual fathers in Evangelical circles. Beyond this we go back to our corners and will not question these practices.

We have indirectly created “the enemy” and we rallied people around the world to pray for us against this “enemy”. Have we become this dumb?

Is this all we can offer as Christians? God is more than all what we have offered to date.

Just a Saturday morning thought.