The Country called In Christ

We spoke in the season about being in Christ and Christ in us.

We said this is a bond inseparable planned from the foundations of the world.

In all creation there has never been such a creation where you are in someone and someone is in you.

This is not figuratively speaking this is a real process more real than any chemical bonding.

This is an identity that surpasses my African identity. Because before I was African I was in God.

Before I was an Engineer I was in God.

Before I assumed any other identity in this brown African jacket I am wearing I was ordained Prophet of Nations being in God.

Now through the Cross of the Lamb that was slain before the foundations I am returned to this New Race. This New Creation. The Best of the inventions from above.

 This was going to be a Race of a New History. When all Races and all Nations are Crushed by a Rock that has never lost a battle which is The Christ.

 An Empire A Kingdom  Nation that will never be invaded by any other.

After all the history of the Earth is told.

 After all the Mighty Men of this Earth have boasted of their exploits.

After all Nations have shown the best of accomplishments.

The deepest of inventions that minds have ever designed.

The Arises a New Nation that will reign forever.

A New Creation that has a New Country called In Christ.

 A Holy Nation that dwells in the One who also dwells in them individually and corporately.

 Creation inseparable to their country called In Christ.

The learned of this world of the best minds have been prepared to oppose this Creation.

Over centuries their arguments are thwarted by the simplicity of our Holy Nation.

The baton has been given to us to steer this Holy Nation in this season.

 Are our hearts ready to open to this awesome identity?

 Are our minds ready to surrender to the Mind of Christ?

 Are we ready to marry the Word?

Are we ready to marinate in the Everlasting Truth of our identity?

Yes I am ready there is a New Man crying in me and Alive and kicking saying Abba Father.

This Engine is idling in my heart confirming that Christ is in me.

Truly Christ is in Me. Truer than any known Chemical Bond.

Do you feel the Christ in you?

Are you ready to join the Holy Nation?

The Spirit says Come up Hither!

 Respond while you still have the time.



In Christ

God is not a heavenly being.

 You have built a house of bricks and no one is calling you a Brick.

As New Creation we are not earthly beings.

In the beginning God created Heavens and Earth so he can’t be an earthly being

He is in heaven and He is not heavenly being. Nut angels are heavenly beings.

We are on earth but we are not earthly beings. Animals are earthly beings.

 The heaven and earth will pass away but The Word shall remain.

Jesus is the Son of God and He is the Word. We are in Him.

We are not Earthly beings.

Jesus is the Word Being.

All those who are in Christ are Word Beings.

This means what the Word say we are therefore We Are.

Word is a place where Heaven and Earth meet.

Son is a place where Heaven and Earth meet.

The Eternal House which the Father has Chosen. The Son.

 Together we are the Temple of the Holy Ghost

Not temporary temple


 And it begins today and now and it is forever

I am the Word and I speak the Word.

Sunshine occupies the space between the skies and the planets

Sonshine occupies the space between heaven and earth

You are the Son Shine the place where Heaven and Earth meet

You have been given equal access to heaven and earth everyday

You are sitting in heavenly places today with Christ

And you are also sitting on earth

 You are twenty four seven in both places at once

This is what makes you to be called new creation.

This means both heavens and earth have equal opportunity to influence you. The choice remains in your renewed mind to be influenced by heavens.

 It may as well remain in the stagnant bitter unforgiving mind to be influenced by the earth.

The mind is the battle ground that decides whether to set itself in heavens where spirit dwells with Christ or on earth where flesh dwells.

 This is the peculiar race a rare breed.

An opportunity to evolve and revolve.

Indwelling spirit gives opportunity for evolution and the Son gives opportunity for revolution

We evolve within ourselves as we repent everyday as much as we revolve around Christ as we immense ourselves in His Word.

 We are Word Beings where Heaven and Earth meet.

 We are the ladder that connects the two.

Those who touch us have a doorway to both realms.

What they call miracles we call signs.

It is a miracle to them because they are chasing it and can’t comprehend it. Eventually they find Christ.

It is a sign to is that Christ is in us and with us and this sign and wonder follows us. We don’t chase it.

 This is who we are. Together the Body of Christ.

 You touch us you touch Christ.

Satan dares touch us he will touch Christ.

 Demons dare touch us they touch Christ

That’s why we cast them out because Christ Head cast them out too.

This is not an analogy it is the real existence our make-up our new garment.

This is who we are. As Christ is in heaven so are we on earth.

Vanto Vanto

Value of covenant relationships in 2015

I desire that you win this year.
There is only one kind of win, that the heaven’s desires for this year be met through you.
While i respect your desires for this year please allow me not to trust them.

Today they are your desires but years later when you look in retrospect you agree that they were false desires.
Allow me also to take you out of the free will ticket that we use when we want you to join our churches.

Until last month I believed in the gospel of free will until I heard the prayer of Jesus.
Matthew 26:39 My Father, if it be possible,let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.”
John 12:49 For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.
John 8:29 And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.
Therefore your will is not to be trusted if this year has to be won.

It is to the level where you are ready to lose your will that we will see your maturity level.

It is only babies in the Lord who will go around flaunting their free wills giving testimony what they received through them.
As you grow in faith you learn to surrender your agenda before the Father and follow His.
God’s will for you this year will take you to higher places than those of your will.
I am not saying this in a capitalistic sense but from the measuring yardstick of heavens.
Therefore please allow me to return to my opening statement, and this time I hope you hear me better as I say: I desire that you win this year.
As much as gifts and abilities are necessary for profit, but relationships will define the sustain ability of your success.
We live in hard times, persecutions have increased and relationships are key to maintain victory in the midst of persecutions.
Very few are ready to become sons of a persecuted apostle like Paul in prison, but many would like to be a son to Joseph when Pharaoh makes him Prime Minister.
This is a year of persecutions yet with great victories. Evil has risen and grace has overtaken that evil.
The kind of wars countries fight are very unusual. Super powers are not to be trusted and so are smaller countries.

Leadership void is so obvious and spiritual fathers to countries have disappeared.
Greed has become father to many countries and the response to this is a very barbaric and unconventional war method.
This is a panoramic reflection of the kind of wars that are in the churches as well as in businesses today.
These are persecution times and we need very solid relationships.

My relationship with my dad has come under attack as well, his heart is turned towards me but there are many excuses from my side that look so genuine but are distancing me from him since the year begun. Persecutions have become a distraction but thank God I can at least notice that.
No one is immune, the kind of attacks we have keep us busy from relationships that matter.
In principle we know what we should be doing but in practice we are drifting away.

I have however seen the value of being surrounded by good coaches and mentors around my life and that I have taken from the foundation of the relationship with dad. His heart has constantly been turned towards me.
He has been a relational Apostle and Prophet for years and we are just at the beginning of this revelation.
When trials come it is much easier to fall into our orphan spirit which is “my way”; “my will” mode.
This is the reason many of our marriages break because when it is tough “my agenda” returns!

“It’s my life and my future!” I will not gamble and put it in someone’s hands, so you say. But the vows spoke something different.
In principle we know the right thing but persecutions will come to test the relationships.
What is the solution?
Covenants, go and review your covenants in your relationships.
This year stay away from the “no strings attached” – relationships. They might bring a quick buck but so is the betrayal behind them.

Covenant relationships, that is why my dad has his heart turned toward me at all times.
He has been in this game long enough. Even the prodigal son’s father never turned his heart away from his son.
He never pursued him lest he confuse him more, but his heart has always been on him.
There are people whose heart is always on you yet you do not see them as vital circle of influence around you.

You chase businessmen and pastors who will help you with a quick buck and a quick miracle.
You chase lovers who will help you with a quick fix of the moment but in persecution time you are left alone and you remember those whose heart is turned towards you.

Go and review all the covenants around you and remember, the relationship with your father is the cornerstone of all the covenants you form. I speak this to you as much as I remind myself.

The Word Part 1

Prophet Vanto Vanto

He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.
Luke 8:10He said, “The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, “‘though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand.’
Mat 13:11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.
Isaiah 29:11 For you this whole vision is nothing but words sealed in a scroll. And if you give the scroll to someone who can read, and say, “Read this, please,” they will answer, “I can’t; it is sealed.”Matthew 13:10The disciples came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?”
In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God. All things were made through the Word. Nothing was made without the Word.
In the beginning Word spoke and no one opposed. Word said: Light Be! And Light was. No darkness opposed the Light. Word said to the Earth: Life Be! And Life was. No death opposed.
The summary of all creation is on two Words.
1. Light
2. Life
Six days of Creation were ruled by Light and Life. There was no opposition. This Word had no opposition.

And the World knew Him not. Word became flesh. His own (Jews) did not receive Him. Word who was unopposed in the six days. Word who came with Power of Life and Light. This time there was opposition. This time there was unbelief. Same Life. Same Light. Not forcing His way. But coming in Love.
Power came behind Love. Word came as the Principle of Christ in Creation with Power. Word came as Person of Christ in incarnation with Love. Same Life but behind Love and obeying Love. Same Light but behind Love and obeying Love.
This Life and Light gave creation option to choose to accept or to deny this great creative power.Take some time and think about this.
Here is the next story.
The First Coming of the Christ was when He came as The Word to the Six days of Creation.
The Second Coming of The Christ was when He came as t Word in the 3years/3days of Recreation.
In the First Coming He came with the Power of Life and Light. In the Second Coming He came with the Love of Life and Light. In both times He came as the Word. What about His Third Coming?
Mark 14:62 And Jesus said unto him, I AM, and ye shall see the Son of man sitting at the right hand of the power of God and coming in the clouds of the heaven.
Right hand side of POWER!!!!!
First Coming He is The Word. Second Coming He is The Word. Third Coming He is King of Kings!!!!
Today Christ is here as The Word to Recreate or shall we say to bring that which was lost.
This Word is here for us to embrace and welcome with Love. It carries the same Power and Light which it brought on the sixth day to man. It carries the same Power and Light which it carried on the 6*2 which is 12 Apostles.
Adam never opposed the Word as it formed Him and as the Pentecost Spirit was put to him. For He received both Birthing and Pentecost on the same day!!! The Apostles never opposed the Word as it formed them to the Stature of Christ on regeneration and Pentecost. The Prophets never opposed the Word during all the years when they had to Keep the Seed Word of the Woman until Word became flesh. That is why they are the foundations upon which we have all been built.
As the Apostolic community we shall not oppose the Word!!! As we return to the foundations of the sixth day!
No tv story will stop the Word as it comes to build through me! Word carries the same Light and Life and its Power is obeying the Love of the Father to the Son that we are. Adam gave the Word 1000% Obedience as he was formed. The Heavens and the Earth gave the Word 1000% Obedience when they were created. As Apostolic and Prophetic remnant of this day we shall give the Word 1000% to come with the same Power of Light and Life to form and reform us in this day and hour.
As Doctrine is poured upon us we shall continue to observe the Apostles Doctrine, fellowship breaking of bread and prayer. We will allow the Word to rule in this Apostolic and Prophetic community as it ruled to the 12 apostles as well as in Adam during the sixth day of creation.
Circumcision has come to the Holy Nation that we are so that the Word will have its way in our hearts and lips unopposed. No one will steal it from our hearts, no one will stop us from proclaiming it. The unstoppable Word of Light and Life will continue to be unstoppable even in our day! This Word is still full of Grace and Truth even today to carry the same Glory to another Glory! This is the reason we have made it our Culture to study Doctrine of the Word. We continue to give it the same impetus and momentum to flow through our hearts and lips. We shall not dry up our streams and rivers shall continue to overflow. We shall not be mixed and become bitter waters we will continue as Pure Word the Doctrine of the Apostles!
We are the Word that has become flesh today. We are the sons that creation has waited that we manifest. We are not Philosophy that becomes flesh. We are not Democracy that becomes flesh. We are not desires that become flesh. We are not greed that become flesh. We are His Word that has become flesh!
We are the embodiment of His Word, those who see us and the Body of Christ have seen the Father!


Chapter 4

Good afternoon.
I desire to continue more concerning the topic of purpose and motivation in the Body of Christ.
This subject I give specifically to you as sons and daughters in the house.
I am no expert in this subject I am also learning.
As prophetic scribe I do my best to listen and write and I am also audience to these writings.
Therefore this means I am also able to take correction when I have heard insufficiently or even wrong at times.
Someone who is reading here may add and teach me as well.
The goal is to build in the Body of Christ.
I speak as a young African father and these are the eyes I use in observing this motivational speaking mission as it unfolds in the African Churches.
We have acknowledged the good work that motivational speaking does to Build the Self.
We need to bring balance to the requirements of our Lord when we are called to Deny ou Self.
We also need to understand when Paul says Self has to Die.
These on the surface seem to be conflicting instructions in one’s life.
On the surface we might look at the word: Self and give a blanket explanation.
It is in these grey areas that we find ourselves attacked.
It is a very painful experience to encounter motivation when you carry an incomplete doctrine and belief.
The era of Motivational Speakers came in the Charismatic Season and our understanding of doctrine was still unfolding.
We did not know whether we need Christian Motivational Speaker or Christian Motivational Speaking Church.
To some extent we are still trapped in those questions today.
Unless we lay down correct doctrine in our churches we will forever have Motivational Speaking Industry being a trend setter in churches.
As a result we will not be able to channel it but it will channel us in our lifestyle as church.
We need to know when we are feeding on a motivational speech that is spiced with some verses and when we feed on the pure Word of the Father which is motivating to our hearts.
We need to know when we have itchy ears that will need scratching from a motivational speaker and when we are seeking counsel from the Father who will send a prophet who will give courage to us to build the wall again.
Maybe we have become addicted to some Motivational Speaking turned gospel and we no longer want to repent and take correction.
You know yourself when you have become a motivational speech junkie and you need some rehab from that drug.
This drug is the most addictive and it is sold almost everywhere.
Church has become the biggest distributor of this motivational speech drug and as we said this drug is highly addictive.
We need Motivation at times but we need to be careful when it has come to replace fathering.
The dangers with Motivation as Business is that “the customer is always right”, therefore you might need to give what the customer wants than what God wants.
In the Body of Christ we do have saints who run big businesses who will need the Christian Motivator and Life Coach who will give Motivation and Strategy in their Business Conferences.
We depend on these businesses to fund the gospel and we need good Christian Life Coaches to guide them.
But I am not sure whether we will need to turn that service into pastoring for increasing the membership with itchy ears.
I have also noticed the response on facebook when I put a motivational Word it is phenomenal and tempting as well.
Once I wear the father cap all those “likes” will disappear.
People are discouraged; life is tough all they need is motivation but not fathering.
Motivation is good for church members but unfortunately it is fathering that will build sons.
1Samuel 30:6 says when David was distressed he encouraged himself in the Lord.
Let me repeat this again; I honor all the authors; motivational speakers and life coaches.
I acknowledge their place in the Body of Christ as a Christian Businessman who need their guidance.
I just feel we have used them wrongly to fill our churches.
They also emerged being more advanced than pastors and they were more appealing.
However the Apostolic Community has come and the Church fathers are now come to bring order in the Household.
We need to keep our motivational speakers and life coaches but enlist them to the relevant places in the Body of Christ.
As I said earlier; when your doctrine is sound you receive motivation from a firm foundation.
What motivation will you give to someone who need deliverance?
What motivation will you give to someone who need to migrate to a correct home.
What motivation will you give to someone who needs repentance?
Do I keep this customer inhouse because he or she is paying?
If that is your son you know that no amount of motivation will make the tooth to feel better unless you take him to the dentist.
We need a father who will know what is good for our health at all times in the family.
We can’t turn all our children into some drug junkie when we need to be building a family.
This is the choice I am faced with as a father.

Purpose and Motivation in The Body of Christ – Satan hijacking the seat of Motivational Industry

Session 3


Good morning to you all.

I desire to continue with my third installment of Purpose and Motivation in the Body of Christ.

Christians in these last days have lost the revelation of what is supposed to motivate the Body of Christ.

As a result they have become the least motivated group of people in most of the circles.

There has been a lot of mixture and a lot of borrowed tools of motivation.

At the end what motivates other people to go on in life seems to be poisoning to our understanding of life.

We need motivation and edification.

The days have become stressful days.

There is more betrayal and unfaithfulness like never before.

People have become lovers of themselves.

Relationships have become more complicated and deception is rife.

There is so much that is discouraging as hopes are risen by selfish lying people when they are actually selling vapour and mirage to us.

We have deals that seem to be coming together and they disappear in thin air.

We send our cv’s to very promising places and end up gathering dust in shelves.

Nobody is immune to these realities irrespective of religion and beliefs.

Without being opportunistic to unfolding events we have a large number of respectable pastors committing suicide.

Our prayers are with them and we are mindful of the pain the families are going through in times like these.

Why are we less motivated in spite of all these motivational materials?

Why is the world seemingly more motivated than a born again Christian?

Why are other people mastering the universal principles of creation more than us?

I have seen on Fridays in the office corridors at work and the non believers have more life and motivation than the believers.

Eventually the believers develop an inferiority complex and try to “fit in” to these happy people.

Happiness is contagious it does not matter from which corner it comes from.

We are living in very stressful times.

This means we can only do church activities to a certain point and return home and confront ourselves.

Is the motivation of Christians under attack?

By saying Christians I do not exclude people in general.

But the truth is that the Motivation in the Body of Christ is under attack.

What seems to be motivating to everyone does not motivate to us anymore.

Has satan not hijacked the seat of the motivation industry where we helplessly run to?

If he was able to hijack the entertainment industry what will make him not hijack the Motivation Industry?

Are we not running to satan for motivation in unawares?

Are we not as a people in these last days addicted to motivation as some kind of drug?

My contribution to this installment is that Satan has taken almost every corner of Motivation Industry because he knows you are coming to feed there soon.

There is nothing wrong with motivation just as there is nothing wrong with thirst quenching water.

However the same water can be hijacked by criminals of this world.

He knows that in these last days you are very discouraged and you need motivation.

He sends his demons of discouragement to give you an unusual overdose of discouragement.

He then waits for you in one Motivation Corner because he knows you are surely coming there.

I have great respect for Christian Motivational Speakers and I will not take a swipe on any.

But we need to know that people smoke motivation than any known drug.

So we cannot forever give them motivation even at the time they need correction.

Churches of motivation are running full and churches that bring correction are getting empty.

My message to you is that Satan has occupied the Motivation Throne and is waiting in that corner for you and not for anyone else.

Are you unusually de motivated? Are you unusually discouraged?

Have you become hooked to motivation yet without any improvement?

Satan has hijacked the seat of Motivation Industry.

We need to redeem motivation and bring back the pure waters of motivation to mankind.


Vanto Vanto
New Earth Virtual Ministries



Good Morning
We need to re define why we pray
We need to redefine why we live a spiritual life
We are losing our reason for living this life of faith.
Church business has advertised this faith product and we don’t want it any other way
We came here to God “because we want our things”
This is the gospel we were given.
We find it difficult to have it in any other way.
When we come to a place, where we stop chasing for things, then things begin to come to you
We have come to a NEED BASED CHURCH activity
Jesus says deny yourself take your cross and follow me
To deny yourself means you begin to DENY THE NEED
though you need it but YOU DENY THE NEED
did it say let her take her hunk and follow me
Did He say Let him take his Porche and follow me?
Did he say let her take her double storey house and follow me?
He says we must take the cross.
He says we must deny ourselves.
Now your church will not get full in this way.
This does not form a good advert for more members.
We came to church in this way.
We were promised that we will take BMW and follow Him.
Now tis is the church how we got to know it.
This is the church we dream to have
We do not want churches where people deny themselves
We do not want churches where people take the cross
That is why we are always unhappy
Because we do not het the things we were promised by the church salesmen.
The time has come for us to deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow Him.
He says His yoke is easy.
It is not material that will give you joy but the cross will give you joy.
For the cross puts to death all illusion and false needs.
Satan does not move until he identifies your need.
For it is by our need that becomes a battle ground.
Again it is your need that becomes the bait for the church business preachers as well.
Abraham was made to choose between Christ and his only begotten son.
He had to deny himself of his best.
Once the Devil knows that your main need is Christ; then your victory has begun.
When he knows that your main need is that car then his hames begin.
When he knows that that husband is your main need then his church begins.
We have not filled churches just because Jesus is our Main need, no! We have filled them because we have another main need other than Jesus.
Let the devil know that your main need is Jesus and see if he will deny you that need.
Let the devil know that this car is your main need and see how much you will dance.
Satan will even suggest a church that will meet that need quicker.
It’s time we deny ourselves, deny ourselves that need!
When the devil does not know what you need above Jesus he does not know where to begin.
Have you noticed how good it feels to have a surprise provision while your eyes are fixed on Christ?
Have you felt how good it feels to have money on your bag when Christ has been your main need?
If anyone is in Christ…….!!
This verse is enough for you to make Christ your main need.
I have heard of people who die in the sea while trying to go to Europe from Africa with a small boat.
Those people have their need identified as IN EUROPE.
They know that when they are IN EUROPE all their other needs are met.
Well that is not even the truth but this is how it is to them.
What about you?
This is our primary need.
Not In Car.
Not in Husband.
Not in Business.
All these are essential but just peripheral.
In our spiritual life we are stuck in the peripheral.
The visa of the place called IN CHRIST is to deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow Jesus.