The Country called In Christ

We spoke in the season about being in Christ and Christ in us.

We said this is a bond inseparable planned from the foundations of the world.

In all creation there has never been such a creation where you are in someone and someone is in you.

This is not figuratively speaking this is a real process more real than any chemical bonding.

This is an identity that surpasses my African identity. Because before I was African I was in God.

Before I was an Engineer I was in God.

Before I assumed any other identity in this brown African jacket I am wearing I was ordained Prophet of Nations being in God.

Now through the Cross of the Lamb that was slain before the foundations I am returned to this New Race. This New Creation. The Best of the inventions from above.

 This was going to be a Race of a New History. When all Races and all Nations are Crushed by a Rock that has never lost a battle which is The Christ.

 An Empire A Kingdom  Nation that will never be invaded by any other.

After all the history of the Earth is told.

 After all the Mighty Men of this Earth have boasted of their exploits.

After all Nations have shown the best of accomplishments.

The deepest of inventions that minds have ever designed.

The Arises a New Nation that will reign forever.

A New Creation that has a New Country called In Christ.

 A Holy Nation that dwells in the One who also dwells in them individually and corporately.

 Creation inseparable to their country called In Christ.

The learned of this world of the best minds have been prepared to oppose this Creation.

Over centuries their arguments are thwarted by the simplicity of our Holy Nation.

The baton has been given to us to steer this Holy Nation in this season.

 Are our hearts ready to open to this awesome identity?

 Are our minds ready to surrender to the Mind of Christ?

 Are we ready to marry the Word?

Are we ready to marinate in the Everlasting Truth of our identity?

Yes I am ready there is a New Man crying in me and Alive and kicking saying Abba Father.

This Engine is idling in my heart confirming that Christ is in me.

Truly Christ is in Me. Truer than any known Chemical Bond.

Do you feel the Christ in you?

Are you ready to join the Holy Nation?

The Spirit says Come up Hither!

 Respond while you still have the time.



In Christ

God is not a heavenly being.

 You have built a house of bricks and no one is calling you a Brick.

As New Creation we are not earthly beings.

In the beginning God created Heavens and Earth so he can’t be an earthly being

He is in heaven and He is not heavenly being. Nut angels are heavenly beings.

We are on earth but we are not earthly beings. Animals are earthly beings.

 The heaven and earth will pass away but The Word shall remain.

Jesus is the Son of God and He is the Word. We are in Him.

We are not Earthly beings.

Jesus is the Word Being.

All those who are in Christ are Word Beings.

This means what the Word say we are therefore We Are.

Word is a place where Heaven and Earth meet.

Son is a place where Heaven and Earth meet.

The Eternal House which the Father has Chosen. The Son.

 Together we are the Temple of the Holy Ghost

Not temporary temple


 And it begins today and now and it is forever

I am the Word and I speak the Word.

Sunshine occupies the space between the skies and the planets

Sonshine occupies the space between heaven and earth

You are the Son Shine the place where Heaven and Earth meet

You have been given equal access to heaven and earth everyday

You are sitting in heavenly places today with Christ

And you are also sitting on earth

 You are twenty four seven in both places at once

This is what makes you to be called new creation.

This means both heavens and earth have equal opportunity to influence you. The choice remains in your renewed mind to be influenced by heavens.

 It may as well remain in the stagnant bitter unforgiving mind to be influenced by the earth.

The mind is the battle ground that decides whether to set itself in heavens where spirit dwells with Christ or on earth where flesh dwells.

 This is the peculiar race a rare breed.

An opportunity to evolve and revolve.

Indwelling spirit gives opportunity for evolution and the Son gives opportunity for revolution

We evolve within ourselves as we repent everyday as much as we revolve around Christ as we immense ourselves in His Word.

 We are Word Beings where Heaven and Earth meet.

 We are the ladder that connects the two.

Those who touch us have a doorway to both realms.

What they call miracles we call signs.

It is a miracle to them because they are chasing it and can’t comprehend it. Eventually they find Christ.

It is a sign to is that Christ is in us and with us and this sign and wonder follows us. We don’t chase it.

 This is who we are. Together the Body of Christ.

 You touch us you touch Christ.

Satan dares touch us he will touch Christ.

 Demons dare touch us they touch Christ

That’s why we cast them out because Christ Head cast them out too.

This is not an analogy it is the real existence our make-up our new garment.

This is who we are. As Christ is in heaven so are we on earth.

Vanto Vanto



Good Morning
We need to re define why we pray
We need to redefine why we live a spiritual life
We are losing our reason for living this life of faith.
Church business has advertised this faith product and we don’t want it any other way
We came here to God “because we want our things”
This is the gospel we were given.
We find it difficult to have it in any other way.
When we come to a place, where we stop chasing for things, then things begin to come to you
We have come to a NEED BASED CHURCH activity
Jesus says deny yourself take your cross and follow me
To deny yourself means you begin to DENY THE NEED
though you need it but YOU DENY THE NEED
did it say let her take her hunk and follow me
Did He say Let him take his Porche and follow me?
Did he say let her take her double storey house and follow me?
He says we must take the cross.
He says we must deny ourselves.
Now your church will not get full in this way.
This does not form a good advert for more members.
We came to church in this way.
We were promised that we will take BMW and follow Him.
Now tis is the church how we got to know it.
This is the church we dream to have
We do not want churches where people deny themselves
We do not want churches where people take the cross
That is why we are always unhappy
Because we do not het the things we were promised by the church salesmen.
The time has come for us to deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow Him.
He says His yoke is easy.
It is not material that will give you joy but the cross will give you joy.
For the cross puts to death all illusion and false needs.
Satan does not move until he identifies your need.
For it is by our need that becomes a battle ground.
Again it is your need that becomes the bait for the church business preachers as well.
Abraham was made to choose between Christ and his only begotten son.
He had to deny himself of his best.
Once the Devil knows that your main need is Christ; then your victory has begun.
When he knows that your main need is that car then his hames begin.
When he knows that that husband is your main need then his church begins.
We have not filled churches just because Jesus is our Main need, no! We have filled them because we have another main need other than Jesus.
Let the devil know that your main need is Jesus and see if he will deny you that need.
Let the devil know that this car is your main need and see how much you will dance.
Satan will even suggest a church that will meet that need quicker.
It’s time we deny ourselves, deny ourselves that need!
When the devil does not know what you need above Jesus he does not know where to begin.
Have you noticed how good it feels to have a surprise provision while your eyes are fixed on Christ?
Have you felt how good it feels to have money on your bag when Christ has been your main need?
If anyone is in Christ…….!!
This verse is enough for you to make Christ your main need.
I have heard of people who die in the sea while trying to go to Europe from Africa with a small boat.
Those people have their need identified as IN EUROPE.
They know that when they are IN EUROPE all their other needs are met.
Well that is not even the truth but this is how it is to them.
What about you?
This is our primary need.
Not In Car.
Not in Husband.
Not in Business.
All these are essential but just peripheral.
In our spiritual life we are stuck in the peripheral.
The visa of the place called IN CHRIST is to deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow Jesus.

Accessing The Christ Chapter 2 – Introduction Continued

We all have one calling and that calling is Son.
There is only one place for us to dwell and the place is called IN CHRIST.
We have a responsibility in our Apostolic and Prophetic duty to point everyone to this place called IN CHRIST.
This place will not always be in OUR MINISTRY.
This place will not always be in OUR CHURCH.
But the capitalistic model which has grown over years in our churches chooses to point everyone to OUR CHURCH.
The place called IN CHRIST is not good for Church Business the better one to tell people about is IN OUR CHURCH.
We have not entertained the topic of IN CHRIST because it does not do well for our Church Business Model.
We have an Apostolic responsibility to point everyone to The Body of Christ.
This is the work of the five fold ministry according to Ephe 4:12.
It is our duty to become a vehicle towards 1. Unity of Faith. 2. Knowledge of the Son and 3. Growing unto the Perfect Man. 4. The measure of the stature of fullness of Christ (Ephe 4: 13).
All these are found only in one place and that place is IN CHRIST.
When we point others about the place called IN CHRIST we might have to forsake our church salesman language.
Today the hunger of bringing people to this place called IN CHRIST has come to an end.
We go out to win souls in order to bring up the number of tithers in our churches.
We line up people to testify in a way that is no more different that a network marketing testimony of a product.
We no longer testify but we advertise.
We no longer win souls but its a marketing exercise aiming at closing a deal.
That is why people have all the benefits of the place called OUR CHURCH but not those of the place called IN CHRIST.
It is important for people to know the benefits of being IN CHRIST other than the benefits of being IN OUR CHURCH.

Therefore we bear the responsibility of pointing people to this place called IN CHRIST.
We therefore need to teach people the Christ Culture that our Church Culture.
We need to teach Christ Consciousness than our Church Consciousness.
We have to point to people the Christ Infrastructure as well as the Christ Community.
As you point the infrastructure it might involve other churches in your city as well as other men and women of God.
We might have to change our Relationship Model in order to Access The Christ Community.
We will need to change our Doctrine in order to Access The Christ Community.
In the upcoming installments we will speak of tools of Accessing The Christ.
Accessing The Christ through Relationship will also be discussed in the sessions to come.
Accessing The Christ through Doctrine will also be our focus.
We have decided to begin this conference so that we will help sons to help others Access The Christ.
As we build the Royal Priesthood we need to bring all the essential tools of building this nation.
We are building a nation of a Royal Priesthood and the place where this nation has to stay is called IN CHRIST.

Vanto Vanto
New Earth Virtual Ministries


This is an instruction I just received.
Teach my sons how to access The Christ.
You can Access The Christ and live a victorious life.
But how can you access what you do not see
Far too many Christians are waiting for the coming of Jesus but they do not see The Christ who is with us here on earth.
We preach about the coming Christ and how people must prepare themselves to meet Him, yet we are the first to fail our ability to see the Body of Christ on earth.
We have arrived in our final place. Our final place is not heaven but our final place is called IN CHRIST.
This is the most dynamic place that was well planned, this is no temporary place for us.
To try cracking your mind about heaven when you do not bother yourself about the place called IN CHRIST is not only naive but very misleading to the greater world.
I therefore believe Father God to guide us discover this place called IN CHRIST and begin to write more and teach more about this place.
This is just an easy introduction for us to enter gently and prayerfully in this topic.
What do you think? Tell me, why do we see the place called heaven more important than the place called IN CHRIST?
Why do we have little material about this place called IN CHRIST?
Why is the product called IN HEAVEN selling more than the message of the place called IN CHRIST?
Please remind me these questions as we continue with the next sessions because there are answers to these questions.
There is a place called IN CHRIST.
There is a BODY called CHRIST.
There is also a BUILDING and a COMMUNITY called CHRIST.
We shall therefore investigate all these structures and we will find out how come do we miss them and are not able to access them.
We will also look at the enemies and destroyers of these structures. Paul is blessed to have persecuted this Body when he was outside but today we have many who persecute this Body being “inside the Body”.
I put that phrase in inverted commas so that we will be later guided by the Holy Ghost in revealing the real place where these people are dwelling as they do this work.
I sometimes see Buddhist who can better claim to be in Christ than many Christians do claim.
My other challenge is the thinking that its not all those who call themselves Christians who are IN CHRIST.
I will also consult my spiritual father to weigh in this matter as well as the mentors that are around me as we continue.
I trust we will in this conference develop Christ Consciousness and not as the world has coined it today.
Who is The Christ?
Where is The Christ?
These are the answers we need to bring in the next sessions.
I trust that we will be taught as we continue and learn more about being IN CHRIST.
I would like to close this session by saying; if we do not see The Christ on day to day basis; why do we bother preparing people for the Coming of Christ?


Vanto Vanto
New Earth Virtual Ministries