Allowing His Holiness to Unfold in Motivation
Chapter 2

Good Afternoon
I have shared previously about the role we carry of Purpose and Motivation in The Body Of Christ.
I want to continue along this line of discussion today.
We need to take a prophetic position of edifying the Body of Christ without being caught by the capitalistic administration of this grace.
We do have tough times on the way and there are times when we stop with our assignment of building the wall.
We therefore need the prophets who will motivate us in building the wall.
We have come to the end of days where the members of the Body are growing itchy ears.
Some people have sat for a long time watching people testifying of the goodness of the Lord while they do not share the same testimony.
They therefore develop a desire to hear something new for they reckon that what they hear has not taken them anywhere.
There are seasons of intense unexplainable bottleneck of material progress in our lives.
It is at these times when you don’t know whether you need further motivation or complete migration from your location.
It is during these times that wolves will come nearer to the weaker sheep and pounce.
Motivational material has therefore increased in demand.
There are times when you feel the brother of another religion giving you better motivation than the brother of your own faith.
I had times in my life when I heard Buddhists explaining the New Testament much better than any of my people.
It is in these times that the enemy will strike.
I had times when I felt there are authors who understood my dilemma and need better than any preacher.
It becomes so dark in this season and you truly feel that you would do with a message that will reach a new place deep in your heart.
This is the place where new comforting habits develop until they become a rehab issue.
These depressing times have come as a great cloud in the Body of Christ.
These are the moments when a saint will steal away to a new destination.
And a new taste of waters seem to be refreshing for a while until you are entangled in a bondage of a new doctrine that has its own demons.
We need prophets who will reach out with love to these saints and bring them home under the guidance of the Holy Ghost.
We therefore need to sanctify our waters of motivation and allow the saints to drink from fresh waters of the Word.
New sweet waters can be more intoxicating and therefore no excuse to replace the bitter waters you are now drinking in the wilderness.
Even the Moses of today will lose an opportunity to reach the Holy Land because of the frustration and fail to bring waters as commanded by God.
“Because you did not trust me enough to DEMONSTRATE MY HOLINESS to the people of Israel, you will not lead them into the land I am giving them!” Numbers 20:12.
How many of the preachers will be judged in this way?
The levels of thirst of an Encouraging Word has grown so much to a point that the Shepherds are led into this sin which Moses committed.
There are many prophets who ended going down the motivational speaking route because of its good income and failed their original mandate.
They noticed that their congregations are beginning to dwindle and they had to improvise in order to keep them in their churches.
While we are blessed with deliverance prophets; God has Destiny Prophets who will bring the Spirit of Wisdom and Counsel to the Body of Christ.
If this is the experience you have as a Pastor or a member of the congregation; please receive an opportunity of edification without being bitten by the hyenas of this world.
We are taking this conference of Purpose and Motivation to see how can we restore Pure and Holy Motivation back to our churches.
God is saying you Moses: You have not trusted Me enough to allow my Holiness to unfold as you gave this nation the waters of refreshing.




During this weekend I returned back to encouraging saints concerning their destiny in Christ.
I have noticed that saints are very discouraged in the path of salvation.
Mostly their discouragement connects with their lack of purpose for living.
I could not help but notice that the best sellers are also in this area of purpose and destiny.
People are so much ready to be encouraged and motivated to reach their destiny.
They are even ready to pay any money in order to buy a book or book a seat for some motivation.
Well I must confess that at some stage I bought almost all books in this area from authors of all religions.
I took from the oldest read by my age of Dale Carnegie; Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale and many others who are still alive today.
I also noticed that most of the best known teachers of the word opted to go down this way and soon began to appeal to religious groupings of all walks of life.
As I said earlier people are so demotivated in these days.
The reason is that the food is getting lesser and the people are becoming more and more.
The money as well is moving quicker from many hands and is held by fewer and fewer hands.
With the rise of technology people are loosing more jobs; that can be attributed more to greed than to technology.
It is becoming more difficult to look for a job; business money or food.
Not only are people buying water nowadays but they buy oxygen as well. They even buy breathing methods.
People today buy security and peace of quiet places.
Noisy restaurants has cheaper food therefore the quieter the restaurant the more expensive the food becomes.
Reaching all these things come with a lot of stress and christians are not immune to these realities.
Looking at this niche our pastors ended more as motivational speakers and entertainers so as to fill this need.
Church was no longer about what God needs for His children but it was about what the church customer needed.
They became need based churches than Word Based churches.
The demand grew to the point that the motivation language had to fit people beyond the Christian religion therefore the pastor/author had to tone the language down so as to accommodate other religions as well.
In the end we lost the message of the Gospel because of rising sales as well as the demand of the greater community.
This does not however take away the genuine need of edification and motivation of the saints.
How shall we return to the place where we motivate and edify one another without this huge motivation industry that has overlapped the church?
We have people who have bought all the books about destiny but they have not yet reached their destiny.
People buy more motivation books but in the end they commit suicide.
Is the motivational vocation still as pure as God desired it to become?
Has this need for motivation not ended up promoting saints with itchy ears?
Is it possible to reclaim the ground of motivation so as to rebuild the walls of our cities like in the days of Nehemia; Zerubabel; Hagar and Zecharia?
I believe there is a place of motivation and edification in the Body of Christ.
I believe there are Prophets who are still heeding to the call of Edifying the Body of Christ.
Let us look at the next installment in how we can redeem this assignment.
Purpose and Motivation in the Body of Christ shall be the title.

The One Son Principle Chapter 5

Good morning.
Bless the Name of The Lord. He is worthy of all praise.
The flesh can’t praise Him at all for the flesh is forever looking for praise to feed on.
Today we are continuing with our 5th chapter of the One Son Principle.
As I began this book I mentioned the desires that I have about my life in sonship.
I said these are not lessons taught but they are observations I saw from my spiritual father Apostle Hausley.
I concluded that he is applying what I call One Son Principle.
From this I have outlined three desires:
1. To love and interact with all my sons as though they are all One Son.
2. To love each son as though it’s the only one son I am left with.
3. To carry the cross and instruction from my dad as though I am his only son but to allow crowning and reporting of the work to be accredited to all sons.
Well I have already started interacting with my sons as though they are one son.
I have sons spread over the length and breadth of South Africa and Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Atlanta and Texas.
Since I wrote these three chapters I examined my interaction with them and I saw it improve.
Others are in ministry while others are doing secular work.
I use these terms as we have learnt to use traditionally, but as I grow in sonship I know that my sons are all in ministry.
So they will each send photos wherever they are whether at work or church.
They began doing this and I was able to share day to day experience with them at a deeper level.
Wherever they are they are my eyes and therefore through them I travel through all those offices and workplaces.
We are all doing this and we are growing in this One Son Principle.
One son sent me a picture where he was travelling with his senior pastor who appointed him assistant pastor.
He was coming from radio reach out and they were going to another church.
I asked him to send me the photo of his senior pastor and send my love and blessing to him.
As I saw the photo of the senior pastor I sensed the love going up in my heart.o
A few years ago I would have felt a spirit of jealousy and competition growing in my heart.
But today I know that I need to love that man of God as my son loves him.
I also sent a message thanking him for trusting my son with such a position.
As a father it is my duty to ensure that all my sons are mentored in every city where they are.
It is also my duty to ensure that they are connecting to the grace carriers as well as the Body of Christ in their city.
If I don’t do this then I am no good father.
My son here in the house is in grade 5 and I need to make sure that he is connected to his grade 5 teacher.
My son is graced with art and I can’t draw, but I must make sure that he connects to the artistic grace.
Do I need to compete with these instructors and feel threatened that they will take my son?
Not at all!
After all all sons are of God and we as spiritual fathers are watching their souls as instructed by God.
1. To love and interact with all my sons as though they are One Son.
2. To love each son as though its the only son I am left with.
I am learning to apply these two lessons and I trust God that we all grow with my sons in these areas.
I have purposed that we shall not proceed to the fourth principle until we begin practicing the principles we have here in front of us.
I have watched dad’s facebook page and I hope many have seen it.
He always share pictures of his sons as well as their ministries.
He is not absorbed in advertising his ministry and the schools he has.
Sometimes he will share an event in the remotest part of Africa when he is in the heart of Philadelphia.
But I will not forget this one thing: on the 17 August on Sunday it was the 7th Month that my Bishop and Beloved Mentor Caleb Makhanda left this realm.
Every 17th I have memories of this man of God. Though I never shared this with Dad, he shared my Bishop’s Pic exactly on the 17th!
What father in these days would bother sharing a picture of a mentor of his son whom he never met?
Unless this father is in the heart of his son and his son is in the heart of his father?
We have fathers today who still carry the orphan spirit who will not find a sleep when they see you taking fellowship picture with your mentor.
This is how I also desire to fulfil the first two principles in the lifestyle of The One Son Principle.
I believe all my sons are learning from this instalment for we need to master our divine relationships.

Accessing The Christ Chapter 2 – Introduction Continued

We all have one calling and that calling is Son.
There is only one place for us to dwell and the place is called IN CHRIST.
We have a responsibility in our Apostolic and Prophetic duty to point everyone to this place called IN CHRIST.
This place will not always be in OUR MINISTRY.
This place will not always be in OUR CHURCH.
But the capitalistic model which has grown over years in our churches chooses to point everyone to OUR CHURCH.
The place called IN CHRIST is not good for Church Business the better one to tell people about is IN OUR CHURCH.
We have not entertained the topic of IN CHRIST because it does not do well for our Church Business Model.
We have an Apostolic responsibility to point everyone to The Body of Christ.
This is the work of the five fold ministry according to Ephe 4:12.
It is our duty to become a vehicle towards 1. Unity of Faith. 2. Knowledge of the Son and 3. Growing unto the Perfect Man. 4. The measure of the stature of fullness of Christ (Ephe 4: 13).
All these are found only in one place and that place is IN CHRIST.
When we point others about the place called IN CHRIST we might have to forsake our church salesman language.
Today the hunger of bringing people to this place called IN CHRIST has come to an end.
We go out to win souls in order to bring up the number of tithers in our churches.
We line up people to testify in a way that is no more different that a network marketing testimony of a product.
We no longer testify but we advertise.
We no longer win souls but its a marketing exercise aiming at closing a deal.
That is why people have all the benefits of the place called OUR CHURCH but not those of the place called IN CHRIST.
It is important for people to know the benefits of being IN CHRIST other than the benefits of being IN OUR CHURCH.

Therefore we bear the responsibility of pointing people to this place called IN CHRIST.
We therefore need to teach people the Christ Culture that our Church Culture.
We need to teach Christ Consciousness than our Church Consciousness.
We have to point to people the Christ Infrastructure as well as the Christ Community.
As you point the infrastructure it might involve other churches in your city as well as other men and women of God.
We might have to change our Relationship Model in order to Access The Christ Community.
We will need to change our Doctrine in order to Access The Christ Community.
In the upcoming installments we will speak of tools of Accessing The Christ.
Accessing The Christ through Relationship will also be discussed in the sessions to come.
Accessing The Christ through Doctrine will also be our focus.
We have decided to begin this conference so that we will help sons to help others Access The Christ.
As we build the Royal Priesthood we need to bring all the essential tools of building this nation.
We are building a nation of a Royal Priesthood and the place where this nation has to stay is called IN CHRIST.

Vanto Vanto
New Earth Virtual Ministries


This is an instruction I just received.
Teach my sons how to access The Christ.
You can Access The Christ and live a victorious life.
But how can you access what you do not see
Far too many Christians are waiting for the coming of Jesus but they do not see The Christ who is with us here on earth.
We preach about the coming Christ and how people must prepare themselves to meet Him, yet we are the first to fail our ability to see the Body of Christ on earth.
We have arrived in our final place. Our final place is not heaven but our final place is called IN CHRIST.
This is the most dynamic place that was well planned, this is no temporary place for us.
To try cracking your mind about heaven when you do not bother yourself about the place called IN CHRIST is not only naive but very misleading to the greater world.
I therefore believe Father God to guide us discover this place called IN CHRIST and begin to write more and teach more about this place.
This is just an easy introduction for us to enter gently and prayerfully in this topic.
What do you think? Tell me, why do we see the place called heaven more important than the place called IN CHRIST?
Why do we have little material about this place called IN CHRIST?
Why is the product called IN HEAVEN selling more than the message of the place called IN CHRIST?
Please remind me these questions as we continue with the next sessions because there are answers to these questions.
There is a place called IN CHRIST.
There is a BODY called CHRIST.
There is also a BUILDING and a COMMUNITY called CHRIST.
We shall therefore investigate all these structures and we will find out how come do we miss them and are not able to access them.
We will also look at the enemies and destroyers of these structures. Paul is blessed to have persecuted this Body when he was outside but today we have many who persecute this Body being “inside the Body”.
I put that phrase in inverted commas so that we will be later guided by the Holy Ghost in revealing the real place where these people are dwelling as they do this work.
I sometimes see Buddhist who can better claim to be in Christ than many Christians do claim.
My other challenge is the thinking that its not all those who call themselves Christians who are IN CHRIST.
I will also consult my spiritual father to weigh in this matter as well as the mentors that are around me as we continue.
I trust we will in this conference develop Christ Consciousness and not as the world has coined it today.
Who is The Christ?
Where is The Christ?
These are the answers we need to bring in the next sessions.
I trust that we will be taught as we continue and learn more about being IN CHRIST.
I would like to close this session by saying; if we do not see The Christ on day to day basis; why do we bother preparing people for the Coming of Christ?


Vanto Vanto
New Earth Virtual Ministries

The One Son Chapter 4 – The One Son Principle

Are you ready for the next installment?
Well today I went to my facebook account and there is an “about” page there.
I went there and removed a huge cv that briefly describes who I am and what I am doing.
As a communicator I really do want people to know what I am about and this also runs in my marketing blood.
Because of the revelations that are coming out from the Word I am reviewing who I say I am.
Well I removed all that I have written in there and I took some time to think what I must write.
I remembered when Father said I Am That I Am.
I also remembered when Paul said: No longer I who live but Christ in me.
Well I still desire to introduce myself as God wants but for now I wrote the words of Paul in the latter statement.
Why is my identity under attack?
Well its a good attack because I hear the word saying: There is much more to God than all you have ever been taught and therefore there is much more to who you are.
Why am I reviewing all this?
The answer boils down to : The One Son Principle.
I have googled this topic because I know that at times we receive what has been taught already.
Well I have not seen it so far and I am open to be taught more by mentors and my spiritual dad.
However as I said in the previous teachings; Dad Apostle RJ Hausley has not yet taught this but has practiced it before me.
From that I had three desires that I taught so far:
1. To love and interact with all my sons as though they are all One Son.
2. To love each son as though its the only one son I am left with.
3. To carry the cross and instruction from my dad as though I am his only son but to allow crowning and reporting of the work to be accredited to all of his sons.
Well these three things are my desires and they are three things I hope to grow towards from now onwards.
This introduction of One Son Principle has rocked our whole household.
We have everyone coming to confess and making ways right with me and others.
I have the same task to my dad and brothers as well.
This includes my spiritual brothers and natural ones as well.
This involves my spiritual dad and natural one as well.
I want to acknowledge my Spiritual Dad with the immense work he carries to model a relationship that I should look up to from my Heavenly Father as well as from my natural Father.
Well this installment will be short.
Chapter 3 says: Live as though you are The Only Begotten Son.
Jesus knew that if He does not wake up that day in bed there is NO ONE ELSE who will do His assignment for Him.
Each day He knew that The Father looks up to Him and Only Him.
Will you live in this way from now onwards?
Well how am I going to live as Though I am the Only Son to my Heavenly Father without showing an orphan spirit to my fellow brothers?
We said previously take the Cross Alone but Share the Crown with your brothers.
I want to wake up everyday as though there is none to share the gospel but just me.
I want to wake up as though my Spiritual Father has no other son but me.
I want to wake up one day as though my natural dad only has one son.
At home we are eight and we are all married.
I have noticed every time dad calls for something we all think someone will do it and it ends up not being done.
We even go as far as telling him we have to consult our spouses first.
It all sounds so good but at the end his instructions are not carried out.
But when you are the Only Son you know that your Father expects you to carry out the instruction.
Churches have many members but the Pastors instruction is the last to be carried out.
Probably you carry out the instruction of your boss before you carry out the instruction of your pastor.
It does not matter whether you are six hundred in church; carry out instructions as though you are the only son.
To your Dad or Mentor; carry out instruction as though you are the only one.
If you don’t pray no one will pray.
If you don’t tithe no one will; employed or not.
If you don’t take care of the House of God no one will.
If you don’t take care of your Dad and Pastor no one will.
This is how Jesus did His work here on earth.
No wonder He finished it at Record Time in three years.
He knew that He is the Only Son.
As a father; I want to think about all my sons as One Son.
So you will also need to help me accomplish this.
You have to behave like you are the only son left.
This is the Mantle Accessing Spirit which Elisha had.
He did not go to ask selfishly to be on the Right Hand Side of Jesus like the sons of Zebedee.
But he asked Elijah to make him His Only Son as First Born Son.
This is the meaning of Double Portion inheritance.
It does not mean benefits as many think; it means inheriting responsibility.
Though there were many prophets that saw Elijah as mentor; he saw him as My Father My Father!
As though he was the only son.
The One Son Principle brings down the Anointing!
Jesus did not wait for any other person to be anointed it had to be Him!
He was The Only Begotten Son!
Remember He took the Cross as the Only Son but shared the Crown with many brothers.
Well today I went deeper on my third sonship desire.
I want you to title this message The One Son Principle.
I hope this drills down to you the truths about why you are here next to me in this ministry as sons.
If you were my only son today in this New Earth Ministry; what would you do?
If I was Dad’s only Son in Eagle Nest Family what would I do?

Vanto Vanto
New Earth Virtual Ministries


Chapter 3

We are continuing with our lesson The One Son.
I have shared with you two principles I learnt from my Dad Apostle Hausley.
I said these are not the teachings he gave to me but a life style which remains a great mystery.
From this lifestyle I went back to investigate how the Father treated His Son Jesus Christ as well as the present treatment of His Son Christ Jesus.
We know that Jesus Christ meant the Anointed Jesus who was alive in flesh here on earth as The Only Begotten Son of Father God.
However Christ Jesus is the Corporate Son who consist of the Head Jesus in Eternal Realm and The Body The Church here in the Physical Realm on earth.
Christ Jesus is now this Corporate Body that combines the Heavenly and the Earthly combined existence.
This is The Only Begotten Son of the Father God.
Jesus came on earth saying “I the Son” but resurrected to the Right Hand Side as “We The Son!”
He said “I will not leave you as Orphans”
This is in John 14:18.
In John 20:17 NIV Jesus said ” Do not touch me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father. Go instead to MY BROTHERS and tell them that I am ascending to MY FATHER and YOUR FATHER, to my God and your God.

Who would do such a transition from My Father to OUR FATHER?
Who would transcend from I THE SON to WE THE SON?
Only Jesus would do that!
Therefore He came and hanged ALONE on the Cross as the Only Begotten of The Father so as to have us all say WE THE ONLY BEGOTTEN OF THE FATHER!
Right now He is on the Right Hand Side interceding for us in Heaven (Romans 8:34).
This means He is Doing the Job Alone but when He reports to the Father He says “We The Son”
Are you ready to hang on the Cross alone being Sent by the Father so as to save all others?
Are you ready to work as I the Only Son but report the work as We the Only Son?
This brings me to my third desire:

My third desire is to do the work for my spiritual father as though I am the only son he has; but report the work to him as though it has been done BY ALL HIS SONS!
I desire to take the suffering as I THE SON but be crowned as WE THE SON!
This is how you need to serve your spiritual father and this is how you will eventually serve your Father In Heaven.
You can only be the Son of God to the extent you are the Son of Man.
This is what I desire so as to fulfill the One Son Principle.
When I have done this I will be loving my brothers just as my dad has loved them.
This part I will deal with it in the next installment.
For now we have 3 desires in sonship:
1. To love all my sons as One Son.
2. To love each son as though its my Only Son.
3. To obey my father and do the work as though I am his only son but to go report the work to him as though I did it with all my brothers.
These are the 3 principles we find between God The Father and God The Son as the use The One Son Principle.