Chapter 4

Good afternoon.
I desire to continue more concerning the topic of purpose and motivation in the Body of Christ.
This subject I give specifically to you as sons and daughters in the house.
I am no expert in this subject I am also learning.
As prophetic scribe I do my best to listen and write and I am also audience to these writings.
Therefore this means I am also able to take correction when I have heard insufficiently or even wrong at times.
Someone who is reading here may add and teach me as well.
The goal is to build in the Body of Christ.
I speak as a young African father and these are the eyes I use in observing this motivational speaking mission as it unfolds in the African Churches.
We have acknowledged the good work that motivational speaking does to Build the Self.
We need to bring balance to the requirements of our Lord when we are called to Deny ou Self.
We also need to understand when Paul says Self has to Die.
These on the surface seem to be conflicting instructions in one’s life.
On the surface we might look at the word: Self and give a blanket explanation.
It is in these grey areas that we find ourselves attacked.
It is a very painful experience to encounter motivation when you carry an incomplete doctrine and belief.
The era of Motivational Speakers came in the Charismatic Season and our understanding of doctrine was still unfolding.
We did not know whether we need Christian Motivational Speaker or Christian Motivational Speaking Church.
To some extent we are still trapped in those questions today.
Unless we lay down correct doctrine in our churches we will forever have Motivational Speaking Industry being a trend setter in churches.
As a result we will not be able to channel it but it will channel us in our lifestyle as church.
We need to know when we are feeding on a motivational speech that is spiced with some verses and when we feed on the pure Word of the Father which is motivating to our hearts.
We need to know when we have itchy ears that will need scratching from a motivational speaker and when we are seeking counsel from the Father who will send a prophet who will give courage to us to build the wall again.
Maybe we have become addicted to some Motivational Speaking turned gospel and we no longer want to repent and take correction.
You know yourself when you have become a motivational speech junkie and you need some rehab from that drug.
This drug is the most addictive and it is sold almost everywhere.
Church has become the biggest distributor of this motivational speech drug and as we said this drug is highly addictive.
We need Motivation at times but we need to be careful when it has come to replace fathering.
The dangers with Motivation as Business is that “the customer is always right”, therefore you might need to give what the customer wants than what God wants.
In the Body of Christ we do have saints who run big businesses who will need the Christian Motivator and Life Coach who will give Motivation and Strategy in their Business Conferences.
We depend on these businesses to fund the gospel and we need good Christian Life Coaches to guide them.
But I am not sure whether we will need to turn that service into pastoring for increasing the membership with itchy ears.
I have also noticed the response on facebook when I put a motivational Word it is phenomenal and tempting as well.
Once I wear the father cap all those “likes” will disappear.
People are discouraged; life is tough all they need is motivation but not fathering.
Motivation is good for church members but unfortunately it is fathering that will build sons.
1Samuel 30:6 says when David was distressed he encouraged himself in the Lord.
Let me repeat this again; I honor all the authors; motivational speakers and life coaches.
I acknowledge their place in the Body of Christ as a Christian Businessman who need their guidance.
I just feel we have used them wrongly to fill our churches.
They also emerged being more advanced than pastors and they were more appealing.
However the Apostolic Community has come and the Church fathers are now come to bring order in the Household.
We need to keep our motivational speakers and life coaches but enlist them to the relevant places in the Body of Christ.
As I said earlier; when your doctrine is sound you receive motivation from a firm foundation.
What motivation will you give to someone who need deliverance?
What motivation will you give to someone who need to migrate to a correct home.
What motivation will you give to someone who needs repentance?
Do I keep this customer inhouse because he or she is paying?
If that is your son you know that no amount of motivation will make the tooth to feel better unless you take him to the dentist.
We need a father who will know what is good for our health at all times in the family.
We can’t turn all our children into some drug junkie when we need to be building a family.
This is the choice I am faced with as a father.


Purpose and Motivation in The Body of Christ – Satan hijacking the seat of Motivational Industry

Session 3


Good morning to you all.

I desire to continue with my third installment of Purpose and Motivation in the Body of Christ.

Christians in these last days have lost the revelation of what is supposed to motivate the Body of Christ.

As a result they have become the least motivated group of people in most of the circles.

There has been a lot of mixture and a lot of borrowed tools of motivation.

At the end what motivates other people to go on in life seems to be poisoning to our understanding of life.

We need motivation and edification.

The days have become stressful days.

There is more betrayal and unfaithfulness like never before.

People have become lovers of themselves.

Relationships have become more complicated and deception is rife.

There is so much that is discouraging as hopes are risen by selfish lying people when they are actually selling vapour and mirage to us.

We have deals that seem to be coming together and they disappear in thin air.

We send our cv’s to very promising places and end up gathering dust in shelves.

Nobody is immune to these realities irrespective of religion and beliefs.

Without being opportunistic to unfolding events we have a large number of respectable pastors committing suicide.

Our prayers are with them and we are mindful of the pain the families are going through in times like these.

Why are we less motivated in spite of all these motivational materials?

Why is the world seemingly more motivated than a born again Christian?

Why are other people mastering the universal principles of creation more than us?

I have seen on Fridays in the office corridors at work and the non believers have more life and motivation than the believers.

Eventually the believers develop an inferiority complex and try to “fit in” to these happy people.

Happiness is contagious it does not matter from which corner it comes from.

We are living in very stressful times.

This means we can only do church activities to a certain point and return home and confront ourselves.

Is the motivation of Christians under attack?

By saying Christians I do not exclude people in general.

But the truth is that the Motivation in the Body of Christ is under attack.

What seems to be motivating to everyone does not motivate to us anymore.

Has satan not hijacked the seat of the motivation industry where we helplessly run to?

If he was able to hijack the entertainment industry what will make him not hijack the Motivation Industry?

Are we not running to satan for motivation in unawares?

Are we not as a people in these last days addicted to motivation as some kind of drug?

My contribution to this installment is that Satan has taken almost every corner of Motivation Industry because he knows you are coming to feed there soon.

There is nothing wrong with motivation just as there is nothing wrong with thirst quenching water.

However the same water can be hijacked by criminals of this world.

He knows that in these last days you are very discouraged and you need motivation.

He sends his demons of discouragement to give you an unusual overdose of discouragement.

He then waits for you in one Motivation Corner because he knows you are surely coming there.

I have great respect for Christian Motivational Speakers and I will not take a swipe on any.

But we need to know that people smoke motivation than any known drug.

So we cannot forever give them motivation even at the time they need correction.

Churches of motivation are running full and churches that bring correction are getting empty.

My message to you is that Satan has occupied the Motivation Throne and is waiting in that corner for you and not for anyone else.

Are you unusually de motivated? Are you unusually discouraged?

Have you become hooked to motivation yet without any improvement?

Satan has hijacked the seat of Motivation Industry.

We need to redeem motivation and bring back the pure waters of motivation to mankind.


Vanto Vanto
New Earth Virtual Ministries


Allowing His Holiness to Unfold in Motivation
Chapter 2

Good Afternoon
I have shared previously about the role we carry of Purpose and Motivation in The Body Of Christ.
I want to continue along this line of discussion today.
We need to take a prophetic position of edifying the Body of Christ without being caught by the capitalistic administration of this grace.
We do have tough times on the way and there are times when we stop with our assignment of building the wall.
We therefore need the prophets who will motivate us in building the wall.
We have come to the end of days where the members of the Body are growing itchy ears.
Some people have sat for a long time watching people testifying of the goodness of the Lord while they do not share the same testimony.
They therefore develop a desire to hear something new for they reckon that what they hear has not taken them anywhere.
There are seasons of intense unexplainable bottleneck of material progress in our lives.
It is at these times when you don’t know whether you need further motivation or complete migration from your location.
It is during these times that wolves will come nearer to the weaker sheep and pounce.
Motivational material has therefore increased in demand.
There are times when you feel the brother of another religion giving you better motivation than the brother of your own faith.
I had times in my life when I heard Buddhists explaining the New Testament much better than any of my people.
It is in these times that the enemy will strike.
I had times when I felt there are authors who understood my dilemma and need better than any preacher.
It becomes so dark in this season and you truly feel that you would do with a message that will reach a new place deep in your heart.
This is the place where new comforting habits develop until they become a rehab issue.
These depressing times have come as a great cloud in the Body of Christ.
These are the moments when a saint will steal away to a new destination.
And a new taste of waters seem to be refreshing for a while until you are entangled in a bondage of a new doctrine that has its own demons.
We need prophets who will reach out with love to these saints and bring them home under the guidance of the Holy Ghost.
We therefore need to sanctify our waters of motivation and allow the saints to drink from fresh waters of the Word.
New sweet waters can be more intoxicating and therefore no excuse to replace the bitter waters you are now drinking in the wilderness.
Even the Moses of today will lose an opportunity to reach the Holy Land because of the frustration and fail to bring waters as commanded by God.
“Because you did not trust me enough to DEMONSTRATE MY HOLINESS to the people of Israel, you will not lead them into the land I am giving them!” Numbers 20:12.
How many of the preachers will be judged in this way?
The levels of thirst of an Encouraging Word has grown so much to a point that the Shepherds are led into this sin which Moses committed.
There are many prophets who ended going down the motivational speaking route because of its good income and failed their original mandate.
They noticed that their congregations are beginning to dwindle and they had to improvise in order to keep them in their churches.
While we are blessed with deliverance prophets; God has Destiny Prophets who will bring the Spirit of Wisdom and Counsel to the Body of Christ.
If this is the experience you have as a Pastor or a member of the congregation; please receive an opportunity of edification without being bitten by the hyenas of this world.
We are taking this conference of Purpose and Motivation to see how can we restore Pure and Holy Motivation back to our churches.
God is saying you Moses: You have not trusted Me enough to allow my Holiness to unfold as you gave this nation the waters of refreshing.



During this weekend I returned back to encouraging saints concerning their destiny in Christ.
I have noticed that saints are very discouraged in the path of salvation.
Mostly their discouragement connects with their lack of purpose for living.
I could not help but notice that the best sellers are also in this area of purpose and destiny.
People are so much ready to be encouraged and motivated to reach their destiny.
They are even ready to pay any money in order to buy a book or book a seat for some motivation.
Well I must confess that at some stage I bought almost all books in this area from authors of all religions.
I took from the oldest read by my age of Dale Carnegie; Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale and many others who are still alive today.
I also noticed that most of the best known teachers of the word opted to go down this way and soon began to appeal to religious groupings of all walks of life.
As I said earlier people are so demotivated in these days.
The reason is that the food is getting lesser and the people are becoming more and more.
The money as well is moving quicker from many hands and is held by fewer and fewer hands.
With the rise of technology people are loosing more jobs; that can be attributed more to greed than to technology.
It is becoming more difficult to look for a job; business money or food.
Not only are people buying water nowadays but they buy oxygen as well. They even buy breathing methods.
People today buy security and peace of quiet places.
Noisy restaurants has cheaper food therefore the quieter the restaurant the more expensive the food becomes.
Reaching all these things come with a lot of stress and christians are not immune to these realities.
Looking at this niche our pastors ended more as motivational speakers and entertainers so as to fill this need.
Church was no longer about what God needs for His children but it was about what the church customer needed.
They became need based churches than Word Based churches.
The demand grew to the point that the motivation language had to fit people beyond the Christian religion therefore the pastor/author had to tone the language down so as to accommodate other religions as well.
In the end we lost the message of the Gospel because of rising sales as well as the demand of the greater community.
This does not however take away the genuine need of edification and motivation of the saints.
How shall we return to the place where we motivate and edify one another without this huge motivation industry that has overlapped the church?
We have people who have bought all the books about destiny but they have not yet reached their destiny.
People buy more motivation books but in the end they commit suicide.
Is the motivational vocation still as pure as God desired it to become?
Has this need for motivation not ended up promoting saints with itchy ears?
Is it possible to reclaim the ground of motivation so as to rebuild the walls of our cities like in the days of Nehemia; Zerubabel; Hagar and Zecharia?
I believe there is a place of motivation and edification in the Body of Christ.
I believe there are Prophets who are still heeding to the call of Edifying the Body of Christ.
Let us look at the next installment in how we can redeem this assignment.
Purpose and Motivation in the Body of Christ shall be the title.