The New Earth Virtual Ministries is an online service originally set up for New Earth Sons Assembly. This is a group of Sons and Daughters that submit under this ministry worldwide through mainly a 24/7 online interaction.

This is an Apostolic Prophetic Ministry founded by Prophet Vanto Vanto a member of the RJH Sons Assembly fathered by Apostle Ricci J Hausley Sr. Prophet Vanto Vanto comes from the Mentoring of the late Bishop Caleb Makhanda who had played a vital role as Prophet in the South African and African Politics.

The combination of his Apostolic and Prophetic roots has resulted in the burden for Africa to have Fathers and Prophets return in every sphere of life. He brings Prophetic Wisdom and Prophetic Counsel to the Church in Africa as it charts its way forward in the rebuilding of Africa. He is known to many as Prophetic Scribe with the Mantle of Ezra the Teacher of the Law and one who brings Order back to the Temple Church in Africa. His Prophetic Grace is mainly revealed in his writings to his sons which later appear as blogs; books and auto-responder emails.


This website is a combination of books as well as articles that are destiny related. If you want to understand your calling and find your purpose this is the highly recommended blog. The articles here are mainly motivational and most of them are notes that eventually form e-books of this ministry.


This is an instruction I received in October 2015; to go and teach about the Ministry and the Anointing of The Scribe. To go activate Scribes around South Africa, then in Africa and the World. I am very excited at the work which I did for a year by God’s grace. This is an ongoing project that encourages Christians to tap into the Scribal Anointing and write books. After this anointing is activated; it takes the Teaching Ministry to levels that have never been experienced before.


This is my newest blog of The City Elders, it is work based where I stay in Rustenburg and it deals with four areas namely; 1. The School of Sonship; 2. The School of City Eldership; 3. The School of Ministry and 4. The School of New Believers. This is where all that is taught online is taught in a physical school in all the areas mentioned above.


This is where Prophet Vanto begins to pour the teachings and influence of his Mentor the late Bishop Caleb Makhanda. He begins to approach the quest for African solutions using the vocabulary of Sonship that was poured by his Spiritual Father Apostle Ricci Hausley. Bishop Makhanda served his country as Ambassador to various countries in Africa and in Europe. Upon his returned he poured his burden for Africa to many of his protégées but has spent his last year mostly with Prophet Vanto as they together formulated a plan of action. This blog is dedicated to his works and thoughts as well as Sonship as solution to our continent. Though Bishop Makhanda never met Apostle Ricci; he approved of all the Sonship revelation which he poured on Prophet Vanto.


This blog is echoing the thoughts put in the book called The Passover and Covenant Fathers. The book is a result of an online conference of Passover 2013 and is yet to be edited as Passover 2014 has also been finished. This blog reflects every year on Passover and the important ingredients that have been left out in our churches.


The Relationship Conference is an ongoing teaching to the New Earth Sons Assembly. It is also a preparation for a book to be published soon. Some mind blowing and soul humbling truths are presented here. Relationships are revealed from the Apostolic Heart and sonship is reviewed with respect to relationships.

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This was the very first blog of the ministry and almost a fore runner to the Though there are no more new posts in this blog but it contains inspiring thoughts of a growing prophetic scribe.

8. is a summary of all blogs and websites. This is where you will find all the ministry of Prophet Vanto and the links to all his works.



  1. Papa we praise God,these relationship teachings are bringing us to restoration even to our family whom we need to forgive

  2. Shalom, Very nicely said.( But My will is for many to leave the church buildings for many are using control ways to munitpulate and hurt my people Sayith the Lord of Hosts)Small groups.. Can you speak this????

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