Message From Church to Church – Word Withdrawn Part 2

I thought the prophetic pronunciations for 2015 were done in my previous letter titled Word Withdrawn.
The is growing instruction and revelation of the truth behind this message.

There is a warning to countries and churches to tarry in the next year.
This warning is also to ministers of the Word.
To some the Word is withdrawn as judgment but to others it is withdrawn as instruction to tarry.
Many are running on the momentum of the previous revelation and miraculous acts.

The Lord says for the coming year “Tarry here until I return”.
Though your resources say the opposite but the Word of the Lord says “Slow down!”
Moses had to stop Israel in the plains of Moab to give them the Law for the second time.

2 Samuel 18:20 And Joab said unto him, Thou shalt not bear tidings this day: but thou shalt bear tidings another day: but this day thou shalt bear no tidings, BECAUSE THE KING’S SON IS DEAD.

This is the prophetic message I am tasked to give to the messengers of the Gospel which is good news.
This might be a humiliating instruction but this time God has given Cushi the grace to take the message.
The reason why it is the turn of Cushi is: BECAUSE THE KING’S SON IS DEAD.
So Ahimaaz though you have seen what has happened; you ARE NOT GRACED TO EXPLAIN WHAT YOU JUST SAW.
Though you have heard the prophecy YOU ARE NOT GRACED TO RUN WITH IT.

Some of the Apostles might be having huge ministries but this time you will be asked to begin from scratch.
Some of you who have big names like one of Ahimaaz you shall be required to surrender your Church Buildings and Television Studios to Cushi.
We live in the days when THE KING’S SON IS DEAD and it will require Cushi to take over.

When we break down the word Ahimaaz we get Ahi; meaning Brother Of….
This means Ahimaaz was connected to Great Networks.
His business card was in high places.
2Samuel 18:27 And the watchman said, Me thinketh the running of the foremost is like the running of Ahimaaz the son of Zadok. And the King said, He is a good man, and cometh with good tidings.
Even Kings knew that Ahimaaz is the bearer of the Gospel.
The ones close to the King even knew how Ahimaaz ran “Like the running of Ahimaaz”.
Maybe your Brand of Gospel Channel is now established.
Your slogan is known throughout the world.
You might be the son of the High Priest tipped to take over when he dies.
But the Word sent through Joab says: You shall not carry the news this time around BECAUSE THE KING’S SON IS DEAD.

The second part of Ahimaaz is Maaz which in Arabic means Enraged.
With various extra meanings Ahimaaz is Brother of Quick Temper; Brother of Power; Brother of The Council.
All these names speak of Greatness that is fully resourced and Budgeted for.
Many Ministries that have been known as Brother of Power will have to step aside in this coming assignment.
Brother of Power Ministries are Brother of Big Brother.
There are many Ministries that have positioned themselves as Brother of the Untouchables.
They are Brother of Council.
These ministries are the first to receive a word from the Intelligence and Allied Powers.
They are Privileged Ministries who know the future of the Cushi’s of this world.

The Prophetic Message from Joab who has spent a long time with the King says: Step aside.
I would like to advise you to do the Honorable thing before the King Himself tells you to STEP ASIDE.
1Samuel 18:30 And the King said unto him, Turn aside and stand here. And he turned aside and stood still.
Do not allow pride to take you this far. There is a Cushi near you. This Cushi is a Prophet and Apostle who is not caught in the flamboyance of the ministries today. This Cushi is graced to carry a message BECAUSE THE KING’S SON IS DEAD.
Save your Ministry and let him carry the revelation.
I will share with you in the next installment the meaning of : THE KING’S SON IS DEAD.