Good Morning
We need to re define why we pray
We need to redefine why we live a spiritual life
We are losing our reason for living this life of faith.
Church business has advertised this faith product and we don’t want it any other way
We came here to God “because we want our things”
This is the gospel we were given.
We find it difficult to have it in any other way.
When we come to a place, where we stop chasing for things, then things begin to come to you
We have come to a NEED BASED CHURCH activity
Jesus says deny yourself take your cross and follow me
To deny yourself means you begin to DENY THE NEED
though you need it but YOU DENY THE NEED
did it say let her take her hunk and follow me
Did He say Let him take his Porche and follow me?
Did he say let her take her double storey house and follow me?
He says we must take the cross.
He says we must deny ourselves.
Now your church will not get full in this way.
This does not form a good advert for more members.
We came to church in this way.
We were promised that we will take BMW and follow Him.
Now tis is the church how we got to know it.
This is the church we dream to have
We do not want churches where people deny themselves
We do not want churches where people take the cross
That is why we are always unhappy
Because we do not het the things we were promised by the church salesmen.
The time has come for us to deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow Him.
He says His yoke is easy.
It is not material that will give you joy but the cross will give you joy.
For the cross puts to death all illusion and false needs.
Satan does not move until he identifies your need.
For it is by our need that becomes a battle ground.
Again it is your need that becomes the bait for the church business preachers as well.
Abraham was made to choose between Christ and his only begotten son.
He had to deny himself of his best.
Once the Devil knows that your main need is Christ; then your victory has begun.
When he knows that your main need is that car then his hames begin.
When he knows that that husband is your main need then his church begins.
We have not filled churches just because Jesus is our Main need, no! We have filled them because we have another main need other than Jesus.
Let the devil know that your main need is Jesus and see if he will deny you that need.
Let the devil know that this car is your main need and see how much you will dance.
Satan will even suggest a church that will meet that need quicker.
It’s time we deny ourselves, deny ourselves that need!
When the devil does not know what you need above Jesus he does not know where to begin.
Have you noticed how good it feels to have a surprise provision while your eyes are fixed on Christ?
Have you felt how good it feels to have money on your bag when Christ has been your main need?
If anyone is in Christ…….!!
This verse is enough for you to make Christ your main need.
I have heard of people who die in the sea while trying to go to Europe from Africa with a small boat.
Those people have their need identified as IN EUROPE.
They know that when they are IN EUROPE all their other needs are met.
Well that is not even the truth but this is how it is to them.
What about you?
This is our primary need.
Not In Car.
Not in Husband.
Not in Business.
All these are essential but just peripheral.
In our spiritual life we are stuck in the peripheral.
The visa of the place called IN CHRIST is to deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow Jesus.


The One Son Principle Chapter 5

Good morning.
Bless the Name of The Lord. He is worthy of all praise.
The flesh can’t praise Him at all for the flesh is forever looking for praise to feed on.
Today we are continuing with our 5th chapter of the One Son Principle.
As I began this book I mentioned the desires that I have about my life in sonship.
I said these are not lessons taught but they are observations I saw from my spiritual father Apostle Hausley.
I concluded that he is applying what I call One Son Principle.
From this I have outlined three desires:
1. To love and interact with all my sons as though they are all One Son.
2. To love each son as though it’s the only one son I am left with.
3. To carry the cross and instruction from my dad as though I am his only son but to allow crowning and reporting of the work to be accredited to all sons.
Well I have already started interacting with my sons as though they are one son.
I have sons spread over the length and breadth of South Africa and Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Atlanta and Texas.
Since I wrote these three chapters I examined my interaction with them and I saw it improve.
Others are in ministry while others are doing secular work.
I use these terms as we have learnt to use traditionally, but as I grow in sonship I know that my sons are all in ministry.
So they will each send photos wherever they are whether at work or church.
They began doing this and I was able to share day to day experience with them at a deeper level.
Wherever they are they are my eyes and therefore through them I travel through all those offices and workplaces.
We are all doing this and we are growing in this One Son Principle.
One son sent me a picture where he was travelling with his senior pastor who appointed him assistant pastor.
He was coming from radio reach out and they were going to another church.
I asked him to send me the photo of his senior pastor and send my love and blessing to him.
As I saw the photo of the senior pastor I sensed the love going up in my heart.o
A few years ago I would have felt a spirit of jealousy and competition growing in my heart.
But today I know that I need to love that man of God as my son loves him.
I also sent a message thanking him for trusting my son with such a position.
As a father it is my duty to ensure that all my sons are mentored in every city where they are.
It is also my duty to ensure that they are connecting to the grace carriers as well as the Body of Christ in their city.
If I don’t do this then I am no good father.
My son here in the house is in grade 5 and I need to make sure that he is connected to his grade 5 teacher.
My son is graced with art and I can’t draw, but I must make sure that he connects to the artistic grace.
Do I need to compete with these instructors and feel threatened that they will take my son?
Not at all!
After all all sons are of God and we as spiritual fathers are watching their souls as instructed by God.
1. To love and interact with all my sons as though they are One Son.
2. To love each son as though its the only son I am left with.
I am learning to apply these two lessons and I trust God that we all grow with my sons in these areas.
I have purposed that we shall not proceed to the fourth principle until we begin practicing the principles we have here in front of us.
I have watched dad’s facebook page and I hope many have seen it.
He always share pictures of his sons as well as their ministries.
He is not absorbed in advertising his ministry and the schools he has.
Sometimes he will share an event in the remotest part of Africa when he is in the heart of Philadelphia.
But I will not forget this one thing: on the 17 August on Sunday it was the 7th Month that my Bishop and Beloved Mentor Caleb Makhanda left this realm.
Every 17th I have memories of this man of God. Though I never shared this with Dad, he shared my Bishop’s Pic exactly on the 17th!
What father in these days would bother sharing a picture of a mentor of his son whom he never met?
Unless this father is in the heart of his son and his son is in the heart of his father?
We have fathers today who still carry the orphan spirit who will not find a sleep when they see you taking fellowship picture with your mentor.
This is how I also desire to fulfil the first two principles in the lifestyle of The One Son Principle.
I believe all my sons are learning from this instalment for we need to master our divine relationships.